Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

-- The Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil

If you are old enough to remember it, there was this episode of the Jim and Tammy Baker televangelist show where a reformed metalhead got on stage and played Led Zeppelin records backward to reveal “backmasking” – Satanic messages hidden in your favorite heavy metal songs. The secret message in Stairway to Heaven?

Forward, the line is:

Yes, there are two paths you can go by,
but in the long run
There’s still time to change
the road you’re on

But if you spin the disc backward, you get the devil:

Here’s to my sweet Satan
No other made a path
For it makes me sad
Whose power is Satan.

It would have been laughed at by even the most credulous of Evangelical Christians, except that Led Zeppelin was well known for using “occult” imagery in their artwork and Jimmy Page having bought the mansion of his favorite occultist, Alesteir Crowley. But still, the more serious Christians said, forget looking for hidden messages, just listen to what they say openly!

In Red Scare Pod and the Crypto Nexus, the conversation between author Petty Cartography and commenters Tarzie, Homer, and Chimalpahin reminds me so much of the Evangelical Christian debate over heavy metal in the 80’s. I’d also point out that, to those Evangelical Christians, “Satanism” and “Neo-Nazism” were absolutely linked, as the Nazis were known for their own anti-Christian esoteric occultism.

And Hitler and the Nazis play the same role for these Leftists that Satan and his Demons played for the Evangelicals.

But these Leftists are noticing something quite real about the Petit Bourgeois Dirtbag Leftists at Chapo and Red Scare, but they are missing the real shot here, just like the Evangelicals did about heavy metal.

In an Evangelical Christian church, just like any other human institution, there are hierarchies among the members. Who is at the top of the hierarchy?

Well, who do you think? The tall, attractive, intelligent men, and the beautiful, intelligent women – and having money doesn’t hurt.

But wait, that is not what Christianity is all about, you object! Surely, the hierarchy is about who is closer to God? Who has more faith in Jesus? Who gives more to the poor?

Oh, you sweet summer child.

One thing I learned reading the Christian manosphere blogs of the last decade, there is a whole lot of single men in the “Churchian” culture that believe women should be attracted to their great piety and marry them. But what they find is that even the most pious young Christian woman is attracted to a tall, fit, macho, alpha male jock – and him having money sure doesn’t hurt! This makes those men quite bitter.

It works the same for the women. The completely sincere, pious, young lady, deferent, submissive, maternal – you can tell she is maternal because she teaches Sunday School and babysit’s everyone else’s children – who also happens to be quite chubby, she seethes with bitter envy when the tall, attractive, alpha Christian men swoon not for her piety, but instead the skinny blonde with the pert boobs and the winning smile.

It’s just so unfair. Jesus tells us it is what is on the inside that counts!

Well, reading the comments on that thread, it’s the exact same dynamic. Petty Cartography, Tarzie, Homer, Chimalpahin – they are sincere Socialists. They are extremely pious – they are scandalized that the Chapos and Red Scare still use slurs like “retard!” That is as bad as “the N word!” That’s not socialism! They would never do anything like that.

And the Dirtbaggers, they are so mean!

But, taking their ideology seriously, they point out that the Chapos, Red Scare, Cumtown – they are all petty bourgeois.

I think that Kahina and pals self-assigned managerial and disciplinary role in relation to other leftists owes almost entirely to their class background. Starting with their nanny and housekeeper, they’ve been bossing people around all their lives and so have all of their adult role models. Of course, for the same reasons, self-awareness, humility and just plain being nice is not something their background has predisposed them toward. I know people love the class traitor idea and point to Che and whatnot However, in my experience, the petty booj are awful more easily and often than they are anything else, regardless of what their avowed politics are.

Yeah, now you are getting somewhere. To really red pill yourself, really consider “Che” and rethink exactly what your “movement” has been historically, and connect it to what it is now.

It totally confuses Petty Cartography, too. How could Leftists like Deanna Havas and Dasha Nekrasova openly post pictures of themselves with literal SS flags and mock Hitler mustaches? That would be like an Evangelical Christian admitting to being a “Crypto-Satanist.”

And Anna Khachiyan – she openly admitted it. She said, “Let’s be clear on one thing: I am not and have never been a liberal or a leftist. I’m a cryptofascist, and the ‘crypto’ is being generous.”

So, the Dirtbag Left. Zionist Imperialists, cryptofascists, admitted fascists, complete with SS flags and Hitler mustaches. Ironic or not, a Socialist engaging in “ironic Nazism” or Platforming Fascists – that’s not True Communism.

In fact, it would be like an Evangelical church led by sinners, crypto-satanists, admitted satanists, complete with ouija boards, Tarot cards, and Black Sabbath records. “Ironic” or not, that is not True Christianity.

Then – what to make up the fact that all of these Dirtbag Left media stars “just happen” to be the children of Military Contractors, Intelligence officials, Democratic party elite media outfits – and in the case of Beldon, an actual, literal Zionist Imperialist?

That are obviously funded by the Bourgeois Capital behind the Democratic party!

Clearly, the Democratic party is a fascist party. Democrats are the real Nazis, and Obama is even more Hitler than Donald Trump. Well, no, Obama was a little bit less Hitler than Donald Trump, which is why they all held their noses and voted for Hillary Clinton – Clinton being less Hitler than Trump, but more Hitler than Obama.

But clearly, the Democratic party is Fascist, it is the modern Nazi party, because AmeriKKKa is clearly a fascist state.

You know, it is almost as if the Dirtbag Left was set up by the Intelligence Community and the Elite Media to compete with the Alt Right by dog-whistling to the Fascist Fly-Overs. That is why they have Platformed Fascists, to bring the Flyover Fascist vote from the Republican Alt Right to the Democratic Dirtbag Left.

They were never real Socialists at all! After all, our Communist Theology has taught us that a true working class Socialist movement can never come from the Bourgeois, Petit or otherwise.

Or, it could be that your entire world-view is actually quite skewed. It could be that there is nothing “Nazi” or “Fascist” about America at all. It could be that Liberalism and Neo-Liberalism are not, in fact, “fascist.” Weren’t we just “owning the fash” by calling the World War II generation “the original Antifa?”

It could be – stay with me here – that Dasha and Havas were not actually “dog-whistling” to the Flyover Fascists, but were in fact, trolling you? That Dasha was not, in fact, engaging in “some kind of extremely sophisticated attempt to grapple with her own intergenerational trauma” with the SS flag, but that it was just “edgy” art?

Like the Evangelical Christians, it seems these working class Antifa Socialists might want to contemplate the wonder line of poetry from Sympathy for the Devil, “what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.”

The Evangelical Christians looked for a Satan having red horns and a devil tail, and these Socialists are looking for a Fascist with a Hitler mustache and an SS flag.

Surely, the Christians must have listened to the heavy metal song, AC/DC’s Highway to Hell and gasped, this is pure Satanism!

Hey, Satan
Pay my dues
Playin' in a rockin' band
Hey, mamma
Look at me
I'm on the way to the promised land!
I'm on the highway to hell!

But when the interviewer asked Angus Young if he worshipped Satan, he replied, “oh course not, me mum would kill me!” The song is about a different kind of devil: Demon Rum, the devil that would take their singer Bon Scott’s life a few months after the song topped the chart.

If only these Socialists could get past their own narrow Trotskyite ideology, and stop their hatred of the white working class they characterize as “fascists” and paint Hitler mustaches on, and understand power under Global Neo-Liberalism in a more sophisticated manner – like the Christians must understand AC/DC Satan in a more sophisticated manner – you could form that worker’s coalition after all.

But you can’t do that when you are spooked by literally half of the working class, and are superstitiously convinced they are “fascists” secretly being controlled by a Hitler stand-in like Donald Trump, afraid to look at your own partisan priors lest a Nazi-Devil looks back.

But of course, they can’t do that. They are so afraid of Hitler-Satan, who lurks in the hearts of Privileged White Working Class everywhere, they will continue playing Chapo Trap House podcasts backwards, looking for the hidden Strasserite messages.

When all you have to do is play them forward to understand exactly what is going on. There are no Nazis. There are no Fascists. There is only the Democratic party, the Left-Wing of Capitalism, constantly scaring you with the Ghost of Hitler, lest you stop hating your fellow working class people just because they don’t share your middle-brow politically correct social justice pieties.

They will never do that, of course, because they are not in this to Smash Capitalism. They are in this to seek status by knowing that Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature – “Asian-American,” please.