Not only will you believe it, you will hate and attack anyone who expressed the slightest bit of doubt.

your worst episode ever…. Your truther talking points and failure to acknowledge the most basic facts of the 9/11 attack call into quesyion the legitimacy of all your other work i’ve listened to….. Disgraceful LARPy lies and confusion throughout…. — purepalm

‘Tis recycled truther crap that’s been floating around the toilet bowl for the last 20 years; circa mid-2000s before that whole movement when completely batshit. Plus dancing joos. I’ll give Ryan Dawson credit for that one, that’s pretty original. — tomatosan

The money shot in The Devil Wears Prada, the 2006 film starring Meryl Streep as a thinly veiled Anna Wintour, the legendary editor of fashion magazine Vogue, is the scene where Streep dresses down her intern, Anne Hathaway, over her self-conception as a woman who is not swayed by fashion advertising. Hathaway has this self-conception of herself as a “serious woman” not interested in such frivolities as fashion, and Streep disabuses her of this notion by pointing out how the very clothes she is wearing were chosen for her by the people in the room, including an explanation of her very thought process in choosing the outfit.

It seems to be a universal feature of mankind, a kind of self-blind hypocrisy. Those who profess their love of peace are the quickest to go to war. Those who declare their dedication to science the most superstitious; those who claim to be skeptical the most credulous. Even growing up, to me it was obvious that the punk rockers who claimed to be “non-conformist” of course conformed the closest to their media idols, even as they declared they “didn’t care about fashion” they wore carefully selected, over the top, attention seeking outfits, exactly as their peer group. Those who consider themselves to be political conservatives are often the most revolutionary, those who declare themselves progressive the most regressive. You see it with religion, those who publicly profess their great piety are often the most craven and immoral atheists.

But nothing in this writer’s lifetime has illustrated this phenomenon more than the typical American reaction to the attacks of September 11, 2001. An absolutely insane conspiracy theory, promoted by the entire mass media, had most Americans believing in an absurd narrative about Muslim fanatics living in caves defying the very laws of physics with magical airplanes and exploding skyscrapers, as the world’s most advanced military stood idly by, unable to do their jobs.

I remember too, during the tenth anniversary, asking an NYPD directions to a 9/11 Truth event, only to see a bystander glare at me, growl even, at the thought that someone did not accept the media narrative. Tucker Carlson, astonishingly, declared that it was “sinful and immoral” to question the narrative, indeed, the 9/11 Mythology had, for many years, the status of religious truth. The people who declared their patriotism the loudest were the people who betrayed their country the most cravenly. The people who considered themselves to be hard headed, realistic skeptics turned out to be the most gullible and credulous dupes.

To most people, facts do no matter. Evidence does not matter. Truth does not matter. What matters is an emotionally satisfying narrative. Indeed, most Americans who consider themselves to be “political,” whether conservative Republicans or liberal Democrats, are actually not at all involved in the political process. They merely consume media, and in the era of Internet social media, comment on that media. Our very legislators, famously, do not write the legislation they pass, indeed, they do not even read the legislation they pass. The legislation is written by lobbyists and other interested parties. The judicial process functions without the need to take into account black letter law, judges merely rule arbitrarily. Even the President is often simply ignored by his staff and his own administration.

In modern advanced democracies, politics is more like a Hollywood film, and the voters are spectators. Political campaigns are pageants, and voting is merely a form of market research, polls taken to discern which subplots and characters are more popular than others. Making the point even more obvious, the most popular President of modern times was a Hollywood film actor, Ronald Reagan, and the previous President literally, not figuratively, played himself in a reality TV show.

To interrupt this media narrative is to commit a crime against the audience. As someone pointed out, to the average person, a “conspiracy theorist” is like someone spoiling the plot of a movie, or someone explaining how a magic trick is done. It is to spoil the show, it is to heckle the comedian, a crime against entertainment.

This writer once mused that “they” seem to pull off some large scale deception once every twenty years, and right on time, we have the latest mass media deception, the Covid Phenomenon. Just like the 9/11 plot, we have stark and obvious deception, and a population absolutely outraged when anyone spoils the plot or explains the special effects. We have “safe and effective vaccines” that do not prevent one from getting the disease nor prevent one from spreading the disease. The very definitions of the words “vaccine” and “pandemic” have been changed. The wave of censorship over social media is far worse than anything from the 9/11 era twenty years ago, but the same hostility to any critical analysis of the narrative is met with the same unhinged hostility.

We have a financial system that calls itself a “free market” than instead requires a massive transfer of wealth from the public to private industries at least once a decade. We have a “small government” political party that always increases the size and scope of the government every time it is in power, a “progressive” and “liberal” political party that is regressive and illiberal. We have industries regulating the regulators. We have a military that pins flags on traitors and medals on failures.

There is a “conspiracy theory” that dates back to the so-called “Space Race” called “Project Bluebeam.” Likely fictional, the theory posits that the intelligence agencies will use a type of hologram to project images of spaceships into the sky and fake an “alien invasion” from another planet. A related version has images of Christ or Muhammad to simulate a religious Armageddon.

But would they even need holograms? The evidence suggests all they would need would be a well filmed television broadcast, and a CGI Saturanian, complete with green skin, speaking at the podium, and more or less the entire population would believe it, hook, line, and sinker. Not only would the vast majority of the population believe it, they would even volunteer to enforce the narrative by smearing and slandering critics as “dangerous conspiracy theorists.”

If a popular actress attended a Hollywood gala with a feather sticking out of her ass, you can be assured that teenage girls would be strutting around with similar posterior decorations within the week. Young men have picked up on a trend of injuring themselves in various social media “challenges,” just a few years ago, young men were eating laundry detergent because they were challenged to by social media “influencers.”

A large percentage of conservative Republicans believe that “QAnon” was transmitting coded messages about a faction of Trump loyalists at war with the Deep State; progressive Democrats were convinced that Russians were hacking voting machines and brainwashing Americans via Facebook memes.

In the United Kingdom, you can be arrested for saying the phrase, “a woman is an adult human female,” once a simple definition of a word is now considered “hate speech.” The medical establishment is recommending phrases such as “birthing person” instead of “mother.” The same medical establishment informing the public about the Covid-19 pandemic and recommending experimental gene therapy for the healthy are also telling us that men can give birth.

We have a political class that celebrates the replacement of white Americans then in the next breath claim it isn’t happening. For most of this writer’s life, he heard men claiming to be “pro-life” in one sentence while calling for the nuclear annihilation of entire countries in the next.

We are subject to constant misleading statistics: “An interview of 1,000 people who have played Russian roulette has shown a 100% survival rate.” For years, cigarettes were advertised on television by actors dressed in the costume of a doctor recommending smoking to treat a cough.

It is impossible to overestimate the level of brainwashing the public labors under. As Voltaire said, “those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” There is no absurdity that the majority of the public will not accept as long as it is broadcast to them over a display screen from someone considered an authority.

In 2020, videos of Chinese men falling down in the street were broadcast to the public as evidence of a deadly pandemic, and blurry photographs claimed to be evidence of mass graves of Covid victims spread on social media. These were taken at face value. Yet it is quite possible that by next year, the governments of the world will require an injection every six months, and the majority of people will comply, even as the bodies pile up, because those bodies won’t appear on TV.

Consider, for twenty years the term “truther” has been a slur; to tell the truth is “sinful and immoral.”

Project Bluebeam is probably fiction, but there is no doubt – not a sliver of doubt – in this writer’s mind that if government officials appeared alongside an actor dressed like a stereotypical “Little Green Man From Mars” and announced an interplanetary voyage, huge swaths of the public would not just believe it, they would be lining up for miles to take the trip.

It is difficult, very difficult, for people to admit that they were duped. The entire country was duped by the 9/11 narrative, and the hostility they express when someone tells the truth about how they were duped is evidence of how deeply they want to believe that what they see on television and in the mainstream media in general approaches truth.

What is your limit? Do you have one? What absurdity, what lie, will be too obvious for even you to accept? If recent history is any guide, none.