Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.

H. L. Mencken

It’s a fantasy for right-wing white males. It’s a specifically male thing, because males like violence, and violence seems simple. The more undisciplined version is Fedposting, the more sophisticated version discusses the logistics in a coy fashion.

I love these guys, because they are typically pretty smart, and also completely delusional. They are what Steve Sailer would call “content generators” for anti-reactionaries like me.

Discussion of the vulnerability of the electrical grid and even talk about how nuclear missiles could be sabotaged. It’s pure fantasy, of course. In reality, most of these people couldn’t organize a bowling league. Under the current reality of the global technocratic police state panopticon, no one could get away with downing a power line without getting caught and sent to prison for a very, very long time. Lefty eco types engage in similar fantasies, similarly nonsensical.

At the beginning of the Covid lock-downs last year, there was a lot of talk on the “dissident” right about the collapse of supply lines. Yet, the Walmart shelves are full, for the most part. James Howard Kunstler has been has been selling the “collapse” fantasy for well over a decade; the online circles I participated in ten years ago engaged in this fantasy quite a bit, although I was always trying to push back against this. Everyone was always talking about the monetary collapse, the day the ATMs stopped working. But everyone seemed to have forgotten that the economic collapse had happened just two years before, in 2008.

The Global Warming Carbon Cult has been predicting we’d all be underwater since the 1990’s, and they have been saying it would happen any day now since then.

Anyone around during Y2K remembers a similar thing. In fact, I recall as a five year old, listening to our pastor in Church giving a sermon about Christmas, and how in the End Times, people would “X” the Christ out of Christmas. Literally, that day driving home I had a minor panic attack and worriedly pointed out a sign that said “X-mas Trees” to my Dad and asked if we had missed the Rapture. My father explained that people write “X-mas” because it is easier, and besides, “X” has long been a symbol of the cross, and I shouldn’t worry about the Rapture too much.

People take polls showing rising secessionist sentiment, but since when do the average people ever get any political outcome they want? Has voting ever mattered? What happened the last time some Americans tried to secede from the Empire?

American conservatives have traditionally supported the state governments over the federal governments, and indeed, any conservative, decentralizing political pressure would come from the state governments. But conservatives can’t even get control of their state governments; the best they have ever been able to accomplish is to elect a business-oriented Republican and maybe a populist gadfly as a local legislator or a grand-standing judge.

Localism is a wonderful ideal, but how does localism compete against a national, even international, media? Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia are all openly anti-conservative, yet conservatives have yet been unable to create strong alternatives to these companies – all the more ironic considering American conservatives have traditionally been so supportive of capitalism, believing that the free market will solve most social problems.

Supposedly there is going to be a protest rally in Washington DC against the continuing imprisonment of the January 6th protesters and the mainstream media is doing their typical hysteria-mongering about another fence being built around the Capitol. But that is about the most complex form of organization the Right is capable of. Sure, there is the Republican party, but it was organized not by conservatives, but by liberal capitalist Yankees 150 years ago. The Left is in complete control of all of the other institutions in society, due to their Long March Through The Institutions.

Imagine if a truly conservative government got into power – would they do something concrete to hurt the Left, like to defund academia? Of course not.

The Right loves to talk about their guns, but they know they can’t shoot them – a conservative “Constitutional Sheriff” will arrest them if they try, because this is really existing Capitalism; everyone is loyal to Mammon, not the Constitution. The toughest talking conservative is, in fact, not at all prepared to live off of their victory garden. The handful of people living “off grid” still wouldn’t last long if they aren’t allowed into the Walmart without their Vaccine Passport Contact Tracing App.

Ron Paul silver and gold coins likely have been used for bartering at farmer’s markets and Bitcoin has allowed a variety of grey and black markets to thrive, nevertheless most conservatives wouldn’t last very long without their bank accounts, credit cards, and ATMs.

One of my first “Red Pills?” It came in 2002. We were daily treated to a constant media drumbeat about “when the next shoe drops.” We were promised there would be more Islamic terrorism any day now. 9/11, the Anthrax Attack, then the DC Sniper. But then … it just stopped. I recall reading an article about how “vulnerable” our electrical substations were. They were typically only secured via a simple padlock, an Islamic Terrorist could just roll up with a bolt cutter and take down power for an entire town.

Yet it never happened.

I realized this was all theater in 2002, when I paid $200, on my credit card, to attend a political fundraiser in New York City, and met several national politicians whose names you would know, and was in the room with former Presidents, Senators, and Secretaries of States – all of whose names you would know. My date and I discussed how easy it would have been to simply put a gun in her purse and take down some top leaders of one of America’s major political parties – we were never searched. There was hardly any security at all.

This was a year after the largest terrorist attack in American history – yet the top level politicians were not worried at all. There were no terrorists. There was no threat. There was no instability. It was all media driven hysteria. We came to find out that the Al Qaeda hijackers were funded by Saudi Arabia and trained at CIA flight schools in Florida.

Americans are angry. Americans are divided. The more diverse America gets, the more racial and ethnic conflict.

But the system is surprisingly stable. Black Lives Matter burned down neighborhoods in a dozen cities, including the complete destruction of a police precinct building. But the system wasn’t affected at all.

Secession is a shortcut – there are no shortcuts. There is precisely one, and only one, thing that can be done. That is literally going door-to-door and organizing people in your locality – and that is not “the solution” – that is the ground work that has to be done before you can even work for a solution.

The other right-wing fantasy is The Restoration. This is what grifters like Curtis Yarvin and Jim Donald are selling, a fantasy where Elon Musk or Erik Prince becomes President, somehow is more effective than Trump was, and then … er, “restores” something, which – in the case of Curtis Yarvin, means allowing him and his “International Jew” friends in Silicon Valley to replace the Ivy League liberals as the new “Priestly class” – in the case of Jim Donald, reactionary bloggers and commenters will become the New Priests of the Restoration.

It makes for a fun fantasy, especially the manosphere version, where each Right-Wing Blog Commenter gets two chicks at the same time, as the Patriarchy is restored and anyone who supports God Emperor Elon Musk or Erik Prince gets his polygamy license.

Right-wingers used to mock Obama for being a “community organizer” – that’s not a “real job,” organizing communities. Then Obama trounced them, twice, and then last year, after the right-wingers turned off their televisions and went to bed, the Organized Community stopped the vote counts until the conditions were right for them to win the elections. Norm Eisen had organized the community.

There is no short cut and if there is some sort of collapse or unrest, what makes you think the faction that seized power wouldn’t be even more anti-white, even more left?

I’ve listened to lectures from right-wingers all my life about “hard work” and “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.” But these same right-wingers are waiting around for a Collapse or a Man on a White Horse to save them, instead of doing the work.