I’m always flattered when someone appreciates my work. The Thinking Housewife excerpted my little rant about right-wingers, expressed her agreement, and even came out pro-9/11 Truth.

The Thinking Housewife: Right-wingers Are Morons

Right-wingers hate the truth. So do those “traditionalists” who bury lies in a mountain of pseudo-intellectual sophistries and cater to morons. Right-wingers have a cult-like mentality. They have dragged this nation to the ground with their refusal to cope with reality and truth or their actual complicity.

Anyone who believes in the official narrative of 9/11 at this point is either guilty of such extreme mental sloth that his opinions on anything happening in the world can be disregarded … The very laws of physics and gravity are against him — and these laws cannot be altered by moronic right-wingers no matter how holier-than-thou they are.

Amen. Now I have read The Thinking Housewife numerous times over the last decade. I’m sure she and I would disagree on a great many things, probably on very fundamental issues, in fact. But I appreciate and endorse her socially conservative, pro-family values, such as these:

When a Man Forces a Wife to Work

Thinking Housewife is WOKE, in the good way. She’s even solid on monetary theory!

I’ll also secretly admit that I watched the first few seasons of Downtown Abbey, at the urging of my better half, and quite enjoyed it, especially the old lady with the sharp quips. She tells the do-gooder that she has never witnessed such crusading zeal, and the do-gooder says she’ll take it as a compliment. Then the old lady says, “I must have said it wrong!”

In any case, it’s heartening to come across another pro-family 9/11 truther Downton Abbey fan who thinks right-wingers are morons. I thought I was the only one.