Steve Sailer writes about the KKKrazy Glue that holds the various racial groups of the left together, pretending to believe that the Nazi party and the Ku Klux Klan actually exist. Not an academic semester goes by without a Student of Color claiming to find a noose, or witness a secret Klan meeting on campus. One particularly hilarious one took a photo through a window showing something vaguely cone like, and posted on social media how they were holding Klan rallies in the classrooms after dark. Of course, it was the corner of a cloth cover for some sort of equipment. But it didn’t matter, he got all sorts of likes and retweet and expressions of sympathy for his viceral fear of being lynched because American colleges are hotbeds of Klan activity.

Another one, a Jewish professor took a picture of a swastika drawn in her office, and claimed that Neo-Nazis on campus had broken into her office at night to intimidate her, but she would not be intimidated by Neo-Nazis! Of course, the lock on her office door wasn’t broken, and the security cameras showed no one entering her office, so there is really only one possible explanation. What ya doing, Rabbi?

Well, what are straight white guys who want in on the action going to do? Claim they are oppressed by Christian Fundamentalists! Since the religious right peaked around 1988, after losing on ever issue, it’s really hard. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to try:

The social conservatives won more than you think: On abortion, sexuality, and other issues, the 1980s and 1990s left their mark

When I was growing up, social conservatives were incredibly powerful.

No, they were not. But the point is to take a bunch of statistics on sex, and claim that it’s all a result of the Fundamentalist Fascism that took over America in the 1980’s.

After virtually every statistic he cites, he admits there really isn’t a connection to social conservatism, but if you squint just so, you could imagine there is one.

But I don’t think social conservatives were defeated quite as decisively as they or others believe. They made significant progress on the policy front, and influenced American culture in deep and lasting ways — ways that even liberal Americans have since come to accept and even embrace.

Liberals are the new Fundies! The Fundie Christians brainwashed them into the “New Puritanism” such as #MeToo! Like the hilarious aspie on Hacker News I cited, if only the social conservatives wouldn’t slut shame women so much, they would have more casual sex with me! Damn Christians!

Though the religious right lost big on same-sex marriage and prayer in schools, on their other big issue — abortion — they actually scored a qualified victory. Via the Guttmacher Institute, here’s data showing that the number of abortions per capita in the U.S. is now lower than it was before Roe v. Wade.

Nevermind the ghoulishness of lamenting fewer abortions, he admits it’s because “people are getting pregnant less” but still tries to pretend “much of it is because of a successful, sustained push for state-level restrictions on abortion providers.” Then, goes on to post some boiler-plate Planned Parenthood rhetoric.

The most striking change regards sexuality. The modern social conservative movement arose in the 1970s partly as a backlash to the Sexual Revolution. But as sociologist Nicholas Wolfinger reports, extramarital sex has declined significantly since the turn of the century, driven by young people:

Not only are young Americans cheating less after marriage, but they’re having less sex as teenagers. The decline has been broad, though it’s especially pronounced among Black teenagers:

Now, we’re in #NamblaLeft territory here, but this is well known to be a result of unlimited free pornography. But this guy wants to pretend that Christian Fundies have slut shamed all of these teenagers into not getting it on. It’s an astonishing reversal of reality, but since when has truth and facts mattered to ideologues?

Even for those high schoolers who have had sex, The number of partners has gone down. And as you might expect, the drop in teen sex has led to a big drop in teen pregnancy. (Actually, American teens are engaging in less risky behavior across the board. Drug and alcohol use have declined precipitously among the youth.)

Consider, he thinks it is a win for Christian conservatives that teenagers are not being promiscuous enough. In fact, they are such prudes they aren’t even doing enough drugs and alcohol! Remember, he’s talking about minors here. I’m only surprised he isn’t complaining that teenagers aren’t getting enough sexually transmitted diseases.

What about marriage and divorce? One impetus for the rise of social conservatism was the skyrocketing divorce rate of the 60s and 70s. But that rate has been falling for decades, and is now the lowest in half a century:

People aren’t divorcing enough, therefore, Christian Theocracy!

Part of the reason for falling divorce rates is that fewer Americans are getting married in the first place. That’s certainly not a trend that social conservatives like to see. This has been accompanied by a steep rise in out-of-wedlock births.

Every statistic he cites undermines his own thesis, but he plows ahead anyway!

Why has American culture become more socially conservative when it comes to sex and marriage? Christianity and church attendance have declined, so it’s unlikely to be due to a strict adherence to the Bible. Instead, it seems possible that the efflorescence of social conservatism simply coincided with a general realization that the family disruptions of the Sexual Revolution had gone too far.

I am in a hole. Dig faster!

It’s possible that the age of the social conservatives contributed to this realization through their relentless activism, helping to define a consensus morality for the next generation. But what’s interesting is that liberals, rather than fighting back for a new Sexual Revolution, seem to have quietly embraced elements of conservative sexuality. Liberals have increasingly used the framework of sexual consent to discourage sexual relationships that involve an inherent power asymmetry — employers and workers, teachers and students, and so on. The #MeToo movement was primarily a revolt against sexual assault and harassment, but it also provoked a deep skepticism and unease about consensual sex in cases where both partners aren’t enthusiastic and completely emotionally comfortable. Some critics have even labeled #MeToo a “neo-Puritan revival”. Whether you agree with that characterization, I think we can all agree that the 1970s this is not.

Yes, the 1970’s, it is not. The Christians lost every single battle, yet it did not result in a swinger’s party for Noah here, so the Christians must have somehow brainwashed all those gals to not have casual sex with him! If he had only been around in the 1970’s, he would have had lots of sex like he saw in all those movies!

I don’t have evidence that liberal reevaluation of the Sexual Revolution was actually prompted by social conservatives.

But lack of evidence doesn’t matter, somehow, somewhere out there, there is a young woman not having casual sex with Noah, which proves that Christian Theocracy is still a threat!

They are bitterly disappointed that there aren’t actual Christian Patriarchs to turn them over their knee and spank them for their sexual misbehavior.