Z-Man tells me I’m in a “cult” because I’m a 9/11 truther. Jim Donald uses his trademark false dilemma fallacy on every single issue, including 9/11 truth, all the time, and he even uses the slur “twoofer” that was standard issue Hasbara, like “Joo,” going back to the early 2000’s.

Of course, Z-Man doesn’t know jack shit about 9/11. I doubt he has done anything but watch a few TV clips and then swallow, hook line and sinker, the whole “Clash of Civilization” let’s invade the entire Muslim world to help Israel. My 9/11 truth is based on my own direct, first hand observation of the events leading up to, the events the day of, and years of cover-ups. How is that a “cult?” Considering Z-Man’s long devotion to Reagan era conservatardism, I’d suggest he’s the one in the cult.

Also – Z-Man – please, do not ever, ever, talk about the Marxist Labor Theory of Value until you actually, you know, read what it means. It doesn’t mean anything close to “everyone gets paid the same.” That is just dumb.

Here, I’ll do you a favor so you won’t keep making a fool of yourself:


When Jim Donald isn’t buying off Mexican judges and furiously wiping his hard drives – I wonder why? just can’t figure it out – he’s just parroting Curtis Yarvin, after he spent years peddling Libertopianism, and engaging his readers in a fantasy circle-jerk where they are “priests of the Restoration” and they’ll all be rewarded with jailbait sex slaves when Restoration Day comes. That’s the cult, not 9/11 truth. 9/11 truth is based on observed reality. Jim Donaldism is a sexual fantasy for a fat guy who can’t get a white woman so is reduced to a brown third world woman he can buy – and his commenters, just a bunch of computer nerds who can’t get a girlfriend either.

I hate to break it to you guys, but you aren’t ever going to be any more desirable to women in the coming regime, either. Your fantasy, that one day you will be “showering soldiers with status and pussy” … LOL. You do not have status, nor pussy, to shower on anyone, and you will not ever be Priests of the new regime. All you are, all you will ever be, are sycophants groveling at the feet of power. Maybe, maybe – probably not, but maybe – someone will let you kiss the shoes of their subbie gal. But that is all the status and pussy you are ever going to get.

Personally, again, just for the record: I am not now, nor have I ever been, a right-winger. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’m never been dumb enough to fall for that scam. Right-wingers are knuckle-dragging morons with a perfect, 100% track record of losing every single battle with the left and failing to conserve anything, even the women’s restroom.

Fuck right-wingers. Also, fuck Z-Man and Jim Donald, morons who don’t know jack shit about most things but are simply tied to an ridiculous ideology that is hardly all that different than various leftist ideologies. All they engage in is right-wing virtue signaling – Jim Donald’s entire output is purity spiraling, which is just hysterical, as he sees that in everyone on the left, but never seems to notice it even in his own writing and commenting. What an astonishing lack of self-awareness from these not really “dissident” right-wingers.

I’m shocked and how easily, quickly, and hard they fell for Curtis Yarvin’s repackaged neo-conservatism, but then again, right-wingers will fall for pretty much anything.

I’d challenge any of them to a debate, but they’d never accept it, because they are simply ignorant. All of their anti-truth stuff is merely virtue signaling.

And as for Alex Jones, both Jim Donald and Z-Man are far closer to Alex Jonestowners than I am. They all went, like Jones, hog wild for Zion Don. I’ve never been that gullible.

Z-Man’s talking points about finance are pure Reaganite nonsense. He acts like he knows what he’s talking about, but then throws up his hands and says, yeah, I don’t know what these finance guys are doing!

You know exactly how these idiot boomer cons worked. They all loved George W. Bush, until Bush started getting unpopular, then they all started posing as “dissidents” but they never dissented from anything, mostly they just bellyached about black crime.

For supposedly smart guys, they clearly couldn’t pass high school physics.

But it is more than their ignorance. It is their insufferably high opinions of themselves. They both pose as if they are plain speaking common sense types, wise to the ways of the world. But they just peddle the same garbage as anyone else. It’s all just National Review talking points, but a little bit spicier.

What in the world justifies their sky high opinions of themselves?

Then, consider the dumpster fire that is Colin Liddell’s “Affirmative Right.” This guy has been writing for over a decade and in the last couple of years has been reduced to non-stop shilling for Israel and photoshopping Greg Johnson’s face onto gay porn. All of the rest of his writers, again, just merely rewrite Curtis Yarvin posts. Do they have a single original thought or analysis? If people want Curtis Yarvin, they can go to his substack. I read it all the time.

Look – Jim Donald was so ridiculous he was doing QAnon style analysis on the color of Donald Trump’s neckties. In fact, Jim Donald is just an idiot he was doing the whole, “Our Based Manly Pentagon Brass vs. the gay geeks at the State Department.”

Does he really not understand that this beer commercial level of masculinity can be nothing but projection?

How did that turn out, Jim? It turns out the military brass are just as gay as State! But of course, reality and truth are not important. What is important is selling their commenters a fantasy that they are better and smarter than everyone else. It is all Right-Wing Purity Spiraling And Virtue Signaling. At least when Vox Day does it, it’s tongue in cheek with a bit of self-aware humor. But these guys? They take it completely seriously. The utter lack of self-awareness is astonishing.

No wonder the right wing always loses – it is full of right-wingers.

I’ve found 9/11 truth is an almost completely 100% reliable indicator of people who have a clue, and people who do not. The anti-truthers are all invested in one idea, and that is, facts, reality, evidence, observation, none of that matters, because they can “prove” something simply via words. “I write this sentence, therefore 9/11 truthers are wrong.”

My favorite was always, “someone would have talked!” I mean, literally scores of people have talked they just didn’t get broadcast on TV, so you’ve never heard of any of them.

All of what they are doing is called “thought-terminating cliches.” E. Michael Jones is particularly bad about this. He rejects physical reality in favor of language. He also simply hates white people, hates America, and believes whatever the Vatican tells him to believe, because he’s a textbook religious fanatic.

All of these so-called “dissident right” – all they do is copy Curtis Yarvin. So, let me save you a lot of time. This is Curtis Yarvin’s entire output in two sentences:

  1. Bureaucracies work best with a unified executive who has hire and fire power.
  2. Jews are not responsible for anything bad, ever, at all.

I totally agree with the first, and totally disagree with the second.

So, there, I’ve saved you a lot of time.