Here’s my take on former President Donald Trump.

Trump got a million bucks from his dad, got into real estate, and immediately failed, hard. If he had taken that million dollars and invested it in an index fund, he would have been far, far richer. Trump was a complete failure in real estate.

So, Trump did what his father and uncle, and possibly his grandfather, had done. He started working with Jewish organized crime, the Mishpucka. They loaned him as much money as he needed, but in return, they owned him. That’s how it works. Not coincidentally, he also worked with CIA and Mossad in the casino business laundering money.

Read the excerpt from Dope Inc. here:

In 2004, Howard Dean was a problem for the establishment. He was a totally mainstream, even fiscally conservative pro-business, Democrat. But he was going off-script on the wars and even 9/11 at a very sensitive time. He leveraged the Internet for fundraising in ways that had not really been done before, allowing him to run his campaign without the typical big donors and outside of the mass media system. Although this was unknown at the time, he was heavily supported by the LGBT network, which younger people simply cannot remember, was still mostly in the closet at the time.

So Donald Trump and all of his dirty friends, like Roger Stone, paid Al Sharpton to run against Howard Dean and call him a “racist” because everyone who supported him was white. Trump has been involved in these sorts of dirty tricks forever. He is very much not an “outsider.”

It’s also revealing that Donald Trump bought the Miss Teen USA pageant, for girls aged 14-19. I want to make it clear, Andrea Nolen has shown that these beauty pageants have always – always – been feeders for prostitution and porn. How could it be otherwise? Les Wexner’s Victoria’s Secret was used as a feeder directly to the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell operation. Well, Trump’s been a long time very close associate of Epstein and Maxwell, and the entire crowd around Mossad and the Mishpucka.

Trump’s mentor was Roy Cohn, a homosexual pedophile child trafficker that was blackmailing everybody in Washington, and his Mishpucka ties go back to the 1950’s. The entire Republican establishment, had, in the background, a network of homosexuals who were blackmailing all the closeted gays. This system goes back to J. Edgar Hoover, who did the same thing. This is the foundation the GOP was built on.

This is why it is hard to underestimate the social shift of “LGBT” and the post-AIDS era “coming out of the closet.” It destroyed a major way that the power structure operated behind the scenes. I bet you, in the coming years you will find a whole lot more of straight up pedophile scandals that has always worked in a similar way. Do not underestimate how much criminality, blackmail, bribery, and murder happens at the top levels of power. The Deep State is quite real.

When Donald Trump started his TV show, The Apprentice, he found something he was absolutely very good at: playing himself on TV. People loved that show, it had great ratings, and people loved Trump. He was never a businessman, he was always a showman. The Wall Street Journal did a detailed profile on Trump, that I read when it came out, and said, Trump is a billionaire depending on how you price his most valuable asset, and his most valuable asset is his brand. Not buildings – he only owns one building, Trump Tower – but his brand, his persona. If that is worth a billion dollars, then Donald Trump is a billionaire.

It needs to be said that pretty much everyone in Trump’s orbit is Jewish, and New York Jewish, meaning ultra-Zionist with direct ties to Israel. Also, for the Trump circle, Likudnik. His favorite daughter literally converted to Jewish to marry Jared Kushner. Kushner’s father, Charles Kushner, was Mishpucka, tied to Israeli intelligence, and placed the Mossad asset Golan Cipel as the boyfriend of NJ Governor Jim “I Am A Gay American” McGreevy, who made him in charge of the NJ Department of Homeland Security, right in the middle of the 9/11 cover up.

Trump has probably always wanted to run for President. He has dipped his toe into politics several times. His close friend, Bill Clinton, personally urged him to run, presumably, believing Hillary Clinton would easily beat him.

Well, Trump decides to run, a lot of people say it was Obama mocking him at some charity event that finally pushed him over the edge. So Trump gets all his Jewish/Zionist/Likudnik money men to help him out, and his Jewish media friends, and announces he’s going to run.

He asks a flunky to “listen to right wing talk radio” and come up with “three issues” he could run on. They settled on Common Core, Obamacare, and illegal immigration.

At his famous elevator press conference, Trump started talking about Common Core. Everyone yawned. Then, he talked about Obamacare. Some conservatives politely clapped. Then, he talked about illegal immigration, in Trump’s delightfully inarticulate way, and people went nuts.

At first, I bet Trump didn’t even really want to win. He was going to use it to get a high profile in politics, then start Trump TV, a competitor to FOX. But people loved Trump, and they also loved that for once, someone was not lecturing to them about how illegal immigrants were actually better Americans than actual Americans.

Jared Kushner said he was disturbed at Trump rallies, because of all those white people cheering wildly. For Kushner, a Zionist Jew, all people of European ancestry who are not Jewish are, basically, “Nazis.” This is standard issue antigoyimism, a bitter racist and ethnic hatred at the very heart of the Ashkenazi Jewish community.

The American establishment, including the Jewish establishment, got increasingly worried, because Trump was riling up the goyim and was making it acceptable for people to oppose the mass immigration. Democrats did what they always do, they started calling everyone “racist” but it increasingly wasn’t working. “Populism” was all the rage, and the global types were already blindsided by Brexit in the UK.

Trump was just winging it, and people loved it. The establishment got increasingly worried, but figured it would all be over on election day, when Hillary Clinton would become President, and Trump would start his Republican Trump TV channel.

Democratic activist Michael Moore was the lone voice warning the Democrats what was going to happen, and he got smeared for it. He said, all these working class people in the Rust Belt, they are going to vote for Trump just to say “fuck you” to the establishment. That is exactly what happened.

I will also make a point. Where was Jeffrey Epstein the night Donald Trump was elected? He was in Saudi Arabia, meeting with the soon to be new ruler, MBS.

“Pizzagate” was fake, in the details, but absolutely correct in the general sense. “QAnon” – supposedly, that was Ezra Cohen-Watnik, doing a “gamification” media campaign to bypass the mainstream media – was wrong that Trump was “taking down the pedos” – Trump was working with Jeffrey Epstein for years, to blackmail people – but all the little hints about Jeffrey Epstein – all that stuff is absolutely true. The stories of pedophile rings, child sex trafficking, blackmail – all true. Epstein was almost certainly a double agent working with CIA and Mossad.

Now the establishment was in a panic, because a front for organized crime, Donald Trump, and his Mossad network, landed in the White House after riling up all the “Nazi Goyim.” Trump’s people were blackmailing everybody.

I want to make it clear that everything I am saying here is well documented and reported in the mainstream media for the last 20, 30 years. I got none of this from “conspiracy websites.” If you find a fact I got wrong, please correct me.

But please refrain from making an argument like this:

“Yeah, well, how come Bill Kristol was #NeverTrump?”

I don’t know. I suspect there is a real divide here. Not me, but Winston Churchill, said there are two factions of Jews, the International Jews and the Zionist Jews. The American Jewish establishment is run by International Jews. They love and support Israel, but they aren’t going to move there, and their power is in America. For years, they have increasingly been embarrassed by Netanyahu and Likud, whose hard core nationalist policies were getting harder and harder for groups like the ADL to justify.

I’m sure the International Jews were happy to have a straight up Likud agent like Jared Kushner in the White House, taking direct orders from Netanyahu and directing Middle East policy, but Trump’s riling up of the “Goyim Nazis” was not how they wanted that to happen. They were extremely angry that immigration had been made an issue, and there was a real America First sentiment, against wars, and against immigration, at the very heart of Trump’s base. That is exactly what the Jewish establishment, and their Globalist non-Jewish friends, were always worried about the most.

I’m also sure CIA was livid, because now Likud was in the driver’s seat on foreign policy, not them. Hence, the entire Intelligence Community went after Trump with everything they had.

Trump got into office, thinking that he could hire a bunch of people, tell them what to do, then go out on TV and tell everyone what a winner he was. Instead, the entire establishment said, “fuck you,” and just did what they wanted. Trump was such a light weight that Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn just stole a letter off of Trump’s desk to prevent the South Korean trade deal from being canceled.

As CEO of the Trump Organization, Trump was just a front man, a glad handler. The actual business was done by a professional management team. Trump probably figured playing President was just like playing CEO on the Apprentice. But it’s not – all the knives are out for you every single day, and anything he tried to do, they just ignored him.

When Jared Kushner and MBS murdered Jamal Khashoggi, a big time, major International Deep Stater, all hell broke loose. I must assume that CIA was on the phone with Mossad screaming their heads off. Trump actually tried to blackmail Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, at the time trying to get in the good graces of CIA so he could get the juicy CIA contract for Amazon Web Services, to force Washington Post to stop their coverage of the story.

Jared Kushner – thus, Benjamin Netanyahu – was calling the shots in the Middle East, and MBS’s amazing coup was Mossad burning CIA-Bush’s Saudi friends. This was a real, real development.

That is when, I assume, they realized they had to get Trump out at all costs. Also, do not underestimate what Trump was signaling by appointing Michael Acosta, thus, bringing up the Epstein story again. That led to his arrest, and “suicide,” and Maxwell’s arrest, and I can guarantee you that made a whole lot of people very, very nervous.

But Bill Barr and Robert Mueller, long time Deep State fixers, quietly put out the worst fires until Trump could be out.

Back in the summer of 2019, the Federal Reserve itself started to, basically, fail. The repo market was poised for a crash worse than 2008. This is, I suspect, when the Covid Great Reset was put into motion. China Belt and Road was happening, the worst threat to US’s world wide economic dominance ever. They hastily put the biggest Wall Street types, like Larry Fink and BlackRock, directly in charge of everything, with the Federal Reserve reduced to a hedge fund for Wall Street and a rubber stamp for whatever Fink wanted. To prevent a massive deflationary collapse, they had no choice but to simply print up as much money as they needed. The Triffin Dilemma had come due and there was no other option, but “QE Forever and Ever.”

You know the rest of the story. Trump really believed it was stolen from him, he really thought he could turn it around, he really put pressure on Pence. But the Republican party establishment wanted him gone even more than the Democrats did.

The Capitol Siege of 1/6 – that was to roll up Trump’s base once and for all. They really wanted there to be more bloodshed, but the Trump fans, to their credit, did not take the bail. This was what all the last minute changes at Department of Defense was all about, Christopher Miller, and Ezra Cohen-Watnik, rolling up the Trump/QAnon operation, and preparing for the new “White Domestic Extremist” narrative.

Trump himself was always a fool in over his head, but it was his own people, his own team, that set up all those MAGAtards on 1/6.

Then, just as Michael Cohen predicted, Trump didn’t even attend the inauguration, and they cut off his access to the Internet to make sure he couldn’t make too much noise. They rolled out the police state. As Frank Zappa once said, they pulled back the curtain of freedom to show the brick wall behind it.

I gotta admit, it was a hell of a ride. I never bought Trump’s bullshit, of course. I never expected him to do anything. He did try, a couple of times, to do a couple of good things, but he didn’t spend any political capital except for Israel. The idiots in the Disingenuous Right are just straight up lying about all of this. Trump used what political capital he had to help Netanyahu and Likud, and used no political capital to stop mass immigration, or to fix the trade deals. When he did honestly try to end the various wars, the Pentagon just straight up ignored him, and treated him like a mushroom, feeding him shit and keeping him in the dark.

It is no coincidence that Netanyahu went down with Trump.

But personalities aside, the American Empire is on very, very shaky ground right now. One thing I am certain of, the Disingenuous Right has nothing useful to say about anything, they are all just a bunch of bullshitters and grifters. I’d pay close attention to Curtis Yarvin, as he has the ear of the actually powerful. But wow, did the Alt Right fail, and fail hard. I warned them, they should have used Trump, instead of being used by Trump, but you can lead a right-winger to water but you can’t make him think.

I will give Trump this – he was the most entertaining public figure of my lifetime.