While the news distracts us, what is going on that is not being reported?

Narrative Control And The Mockingbird Media

The problem with the “political” is most “issues” are media driven. When something comes into public attention bottom-up, it’s quickly off of the front page by some other story.

The celebrity system works this way, too. For instance, Sean Penn, the actor, put on TV to spew hate against the “vaccine hesitant.” An actor can always be a headline, so give them a script, put them in front of a camera, and the entire Mockingbird Media system makes them an “issue.” Conservative right-wingers reacting to this is an important, even vital, necessary, part of the process. Part of the head cheerleader’s popularity rests on the jealousy of the other girls, without conservative right-wingers paying close attention to Sean Penn, the tactic wouldn’t work.

When I was younger and commuting, I’d turn on the radio, or the TV, simply to get the traffic and weather. But of course I’d also get a lot of the filler, some other “issue” that didn’t really matter, or some celebrity content.

The ad-based media of course is a similar thing. You buy the newspaper for the articles, but you also get the ads.

Imagine if “we” had our own news making system. Traffic, weather, plus our content. Google subscriptions work this way, in a sense, but of course it’s all curated, thus censored, by Google.

As I’ve discussed previously, if we had a network, just one person in every US county, we would have an amazing infrastructure. Any time this is proposed, our well meaning aspie techie types jump in with suggestion of this or that technology. Blockchain! Fediverse! But the problem is not technical, it’s social (thus also economic.) Because of the over-representation of our audience in the IT industry, due to IT being where a lot of our natural audience, smart white guys, works, their IT technology hammer makes every problem look like a IT technology nail.

But that’s an implementation detail.

Increasingly, I feel limited by the male nature of most of the whiteosphere. Worse, most of the whiteosphere women tend to be tomboys or “look at me I’m anti-feminist” types, tradwives and handmaidens. But I’ve noticed myself increasingly relying on women’s perspectives: Andrea Nolen, Aimee Terese, Susan Lindauer, Sibel Edmonds.

What Aimee Terese is doing on Twitter and her podcast is invaluable. Instead of getting into the weeds about the “ideology” of “the left” she is pointing out the material factors involved. The “left” is simply the border guards of the Democratic party. As she said, Boomer Democrats called themselves “liberals,” Gen X Democrats called themselves “progressives” and Millennial Democrats call themselves “socialists.” The ideology is merely campaign rhetoric, the material reality is the Democrats are the ruling party.

The New York Times, the “paper of record,” is a partisan mouthpiece, it is the official publication of the Democratic party. The Washington Post is the CIA’s house newspaper, and CIA is the intelligence agency of the ruling party, the Democratic party. ABC, CBS, and NBC are the broadcast division of the Democratic party. Hollywood is the Democratic party’s entertainment arm. Harvard is the educational institution of the Democratic party.

Terese notes that all of the online “left” are run by the children of literal military industrial complex. Literally, the Jacobin writers are the sons and daughters of Lockheed and Boeing executives. It hardly matters if they are “rebelling” against their parents, in reality their material interests are the same.

Noam Chomsky for years postured as a critic of Israel and a defender of Palestinian rights. But he was little more than gatekeeper. When confronted about this, he admitted he may have some bias because, after all, he had family living in Israel.

Well, there you go. Family is a primary motivation, literally, blood thicker than water.

The “right” is of course simply the false opposition. Affirmative Right’s James Lawrence, who does nothing but rewrite Curtis Yarvin posts, absolutely went ballistic at the thought that Trump’s grandchildren being Israeli might have something to do with his pro-Israel policies. No, to Lawrence, Trump was “based” but because “democracy” he tried, but failed, to do anything. To suggest that Jewish power, and his literal Israeli flesh and blood family, had anything at all to do with anything is “anti-semitic conspiracy theories” and “demotism.”

FOX, the Republican party, conservatism, it’s all a mirror image of the ruling party. It isn’t Inner Party vs. Outer Party. It’s Coke and Pepsi. Coke is the ruling party, Pepsi is the exact same thing, just with more sugar and a different brand. The same with the so-called “Dissident Right.”

What is the most contentious topic in the “dissident right?” It’s the issue of Jewish power. Why is it the most contentious topic? Because it is a material issue, it’s reality. Jewish power is the defining factor is contemporary American politics. The ADL, a Jewish group, is in charge of the literal censorship of the Internet, thus, public discourse. All Silicon Valley, all of them, “partner” with ADL, which decides who gets censored. Now, the ADL is in charge of who is allowed to use Paypal, and who is allowed to have a bank account.

Wikipedia considers the ADL to be a “default source.” Go to the Wikipedia page of any public figure Jews hate, and the ADL’s smears will be in the first paragraph.

What does the “Dissident” Right do? They go out of their way to obscure this reality. Why? For the same reason that Democrats posture as “socialist.” The purpose of the Left is to mystify class relationships, and the purpose of the Right is to mystify the identity of the ruling class.

The Anti-Semite Problem

I used a Freemason Lodge and the practice of black-balling as a metaphor for this problem. If you have a Lodge with 100 members, you only need one homosexual to black-ball a pledge who is homophobic. Similarly, a Lodge with one Jew can black-ball a pledge who is “anti-semitic.” Since “anti-semitic” means anyone a Jew doesn’t approve of, the entire Lodge will always be pro-Jew.

Anti-Semites are a key mechanism of Jewish power. Many, many Jews have openly expressed their desire for “a little anti-semitism” to “remind Jews who they are.” Anti-Semites are always there to assist Jews in this campaign. Typically, historically, anti-semites have understood Jews as a religion or a conspiracy.

The pointlessness of E. Michael Jones style religious anti-Jewishness is so obvious it hardly needs yet another explanation. But the “conspiracy” version of anti-semitic rhetoric is even worse. Anti-Semites will point to some person who has some percentage of Ashkenazi on their 23 and Me and claim that person as not just “a Jew” but of having some rank in the Elders of Zion. Anti-Semites will point to anyone and claim they are a “Jew” if they have some opposition to them.

Worse, anti-semites ascribe to Jews some sort of inhuman malice, when it’s clearly more often than not simply material interests. Noam Chomsky has Jewish family. Donald Trump’s grandchildren are all Israeli. All of Joe Biden’s grandchildren are being raised “as Jews.” There is no “conspiracy” here, nor is there any malice. It is all a natural consequence of material factors.

The black-balling is quite open. Some actor was recently fired from the TV show Jeopardy for simply making a joke that referenced, in an off hand way, the power of Jews in the entertainment industry. Rick Sanchez was fired from CNN after calling Jon Stewart a “bigot” in an interview, and merely implied that Stewart was not an “oppressed minority” in the media entertainment industry. What Sanchez said was what everyone knows, and what Jews brag about, which is why he was fired.

To recognize that Jews have power makes you an “anti-semite,” thus, black balled.

I’m old enough to remember when the USSR was a threat and anti-communism was a mainstream sentiment (although not a sentiment among the upper class.) Yet conservatives long ago dropped anti-communist rhetoric and switched it to anti-fascist rhetoric. There are no sci-fi TV shows made about going back in time to kill Lenin. The New York Times prints something about Hitler, the Nazis, and the Holocaust in literally every single issue, every single day. You cannot turn on the History channel – often nicknamed the “Hitler Channel” for just this reason, without seeing a daily episode about Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Nazis.

This is part of the expression of Jewish power. Anti-Semites always get this wrong. The Holocaust religion is not the source of Jewish power, it is an expression of Jewish power. This is why attempts to “debunk” or even “deny” the Holocaust religion is utterly pointless. Once the Holocaust narrative no longer serves Jewish power, it will simply switch to something else. The idea that someone’s Jewish grandfather was not invited to a WASP golf club is itself “anti-semitism” which “stain’s America’s legacy” and a slight to never be forgotten, much less forgiven.

It is important to understand that Jews themselves, outside of the very top of the ruling class, are more or less stuck in this system themselves. Because this system of power is based on material factors. Consider renegade Jews, like Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finkelstein, Max Blumenthal, or Ron Unz. All of these people, with perfect Jewish credentials, are nevertheless “anti-semites” thus black balled.

All of these Jews had perfectly establishment-friendly beliefs, with the one exception of discussing Jewish power. Yet they were all black balled.

But consider a supposed “dissident” on the Right, Curtis Yarvin. Yarvin comes as close to openly promoting “fascism” as anyone. Yet instead of being “canceled” he is given a cushy gig at the neo-conservative Claremont Institute. Why this disparate treatment?

Everyone knows why. Yarvin either denies Jewish power, or celebrates it, depending on what is useful to him at the time. Therefore, he is protected, because he is not dissenting from anything, he is aligned with power. To use his own rhetoric, he is a collaborator.


There is, and always has been, only one solution to social problems, and that is social organization.

The problem of the Mockingbird Media can be solved with a different system of communication. The technical details are not important, the social-economic strategy and logistics are where that problem can be solved, the technical tactics are an implementation detail.

Anti-Semites, un-constructively, claim that you cannot “sneak up on the Jews” therefore you must organize along anti-semitic lines. This has always proven to not work, a failing strategy with zero historical examples of winning. But it is also true that you cannot “sneak up on the Jews.”

If you complain about George Soros, you are an “anti-semite.” If you complain about globalism, you are an “anti-semite.” The Social Justice Warriors of Occupy Wall Street were called “anti-semites” not by the Left, but by the Right. Conservative Republicans went on TV to denounce any opposition to Wall Street power as “code for Jews” – Ruch Limbaugh made this a centerpiece of his attacks on Occupy.

In modern media, there are two examples of a successful push back. Tucker Carlson, and Paul Ramsey. RamZPaul never fails to call out Jewish power and double standards, and the attacks on him have always failed because he does not engage in traditional forms of “anti-semitism” but merely expresses the truth. Tucker Carlson, astonishingly, survived the attacks of the ADL by pointing to their own hypocrisy and double standards.

Richard Spencer became a threat only when he told a rabbi that he wanted for his people what Jews have for their people, which triggered hysteria and paranoia in the Jewish establishment as the double standard was exposed. It was only when the anti-semites self-destructed their own “Alt Right” movement that it collapsed.

Some rightly point to Jewish co-option of Right movements. All right-wing and conservative movements have been co-opted into supporting Israel or calling the Left “the real anti-semites.” But this is simply a failure of these right-wing movements, also because of material interests. Any successful movement cannot rely on Jewish money, or Jewish media, because Jews in your group will try to co-opt any power you attain and turn it to Jewish ends, and if you resist, you will be called an “anti-semite.” Even remaining neutral on issues like Israel is “anti-semitic.”

The solution is to have your own goals and to not deviate from those goals. You have to understand Jewish power, and call it out when necessary, without making anti-semitism the point of your organization. When you have to confront a Jew, you must be truthful, call out the hypocrisy, and not engage in anti-semitism. You cannot rely on Jewish power and money and media, you must have a base yourself.

The current Covid Police State is the perfect time to build a Right organization, as usual, the Right flubbed it, just as the Right flubbed their chance during the Trump era. During Trump, all right wing voices were silenced in the interest of simply supporting Trump, the man, and to “trust the plan.” But the point of the Right was never to prop up the reality TV show host as President, the point was to leverage Trump’s popularity to build up a right-wing base. The very last sensible thing Richard Spencer ever said was, “join the Trump movement, and don’t fuck it up.” If only he had taken his own advice!

The public – the white public, the very Americans that are the point of any pro-American (thus, pro-white) movement – is angered at the Covid Police State. This is precisely where organization can come in. Organizers should have immediately stood up Covid Safety Committees at the neighborhood level. Right Americans resorted, instead, to individual solutions, thus failed to build any power. Each family simply loaded up on groceries, instead of leveraging quite simple technology to organize wholesale buying clubs, a step toward building their own local supply chains.

Home-schooling has taken off in record numbers since the pandemic. A great development, but also an individual solution. Unofficial community schools should have been stood up immediately. If public schooling is done by Zoom calls, community schooling can be done by Zoom calls. An average neighborhood mother can teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, along with a host of other skills, to children younger than, say, twelve, at which time someone with more specialized knowledge might be needed. But keeping children twelve and younger out of enemy establishments, like the public schools, is a huge blow to enemy power and a huge gain in power for Americans. Even if everyone is locked out of public spaces, there has rarely been situations when you could not visit your neighbors, except in areas with the most draconian lock-downs. Thus, the all important in person socialization of children could still have been done, off the record, outside of public scrutiny, at the neighborhood level.

Did the Right do any of this? Likely, no, but if they did, maybe it is good that the public doesn’t know about it.

The Right, or a pro-American movement, needs to be based on material interests and factors and not ideology. What are material interests? Dealing with the Covid Police State. Dealing with the logistics of life, like schooling and grocery shopping, under the new regime. Grey market economics, like buying clubs, barter, carpooling, and in person service trading, and favor/gift economics, are ways of organizing that are not ideological, in fact, ideology merely gets in the way.

Imagine a neighborhood of fifty families that all decide to stop paying $50 a month for a cable TV subscription. That’s $2500.00 a month, which could easily buy and operate a private van sharing service. Churches have done this forever, tax free, and completely legally.

All the young white guys in their twenties, start thinking about the next decade. What do white guys in their twenties lack the most? Wealth, money, capital. Fortunately, it is easy for a single white guy to live frugally and it is easier to live frugally when you do it collectively. BlackRock has tipped their hand by going into suburban real estate. That means it’s now or never. Find your nine closest friends, incorporate as a church, and buy undeveloped real estate. You will start building on it as a eco-commune. When you turn 28, you find and marry an 18 year old gal the day after she graduates high school. The age, power, and property difference will be sexually appealing to both of you, and you can move her onto the property you now own and have her pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen within a matter of months.

What Right Americans lack is nothing but organization. They lack institutions. That is what you need to build. This is passivism. You organize, under the radar, out of the public eye, and when the fit hits the shan, you will be given power, and all you will have to do is accept that power.

Considering the Covid Police State is not going away any time soon, it is now or never.