Every time people who think they are smart say, “but jet fuel can soften steel beams,” they are just embarrassing themselves.

Really, this was always the dumbest thing. See the image below, comparing the amount of jet fuel – which is basically kerosene – to the size of the World Trade Center towers.

Put a bic lighter in a slingshot and shoot it at your BBQ grill. Throw an M-60 at your chain link fence. If the nonsense was true, it would completely revolutionize the demo business – all you’d have to do is set some office furniture on fire and sit back!

Besides, all the jet fuel blew up in a big explosion, obviously, as can be seen on all the video. The idea that jet fuel flowed down the elevator shaft to blow up the lobby?

LOL. Come on.

Robert Anton Wilson called these “thought-terminating cliches.”

Right before the demolition, maybe an hour after the planes hit, you can see the smoke is dark, even black. That means a low temperature fire, as it’s not burning all the fuel. If the heat was so much to “soften” steel, how in the world were all those people standing in the hole, waving their shirts to try to get the attention of the rescue helicopters? If the heat was so intense, they would have been burned up immediately. Jet fuel can melt people, for sure.

Spike Lee Is Right: Fire Can’t Melt Steel — and Molten Metal Was Everywhere

In yet another episode of the media spreading misinformation, several news outlets have misconstrued Spike Lee’s recent claim that fires could not have melted the WTC steel, suggesting Lee is wrong because the steel didn’t need to melt for the buildings to collapse. This is a red herring. Molten metal was seen pouring out of the South Tower for seven minutes prior to its collapse and was witnessed by many people at Ground Zero. This is clear-cut evidence of the use of thermite in the destruction of the World Trade Center towers.

Here, a guy with a chemistry set and some scrap steel in his back yard shows how it can be done:

Use your fucking brains, people.