The KGB called their female Russian sex spies “swallows” or “sparrows.” Because of the nature of men and women, these are the most common. Because of the nature of male homosexuality, there is a long history of of using especially pederasty to entrap and blackmail homosexual men. This author has suggested that the US State Department’s bizarre focus on LGBT issues – to include flying the LGBT Rainbow flag on US Embassies around the world – is an attempt to recruit various LGBT networks to collaborate with the US.

A male agent who specializes in seducing women is called a “raven.” Again, because of the nature of men and women, these seem to be less common, but are much more common than one might think. Consider the recent case in the United Kingdom:

SpyCops: How the UK Police Infiltrated Over 1,000 Political Groups

As part of their false personas, many officers entered romantic relationships with politcal activists, leading to the births of a number of children whose mothers were completely unaware of their partners’ double lives.

[S]py cops had infiltrated virtually the entire New Left, as well as the environmental movement and anti-war groups. Greenpeace, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers, and the Fire Brigades Union were all targeted. … So effective was this strategy that, at one point, the National Secretary of the Troops Out [of Northern Ireland] movement was an undercover police officer.

Imagine being a young woman who runs an environmental group. You meet a fellow activist, marry him, have children with him, then twenty years later find out he was an undercover police officer “assigned” to you. Andrea Nolen suspected that the notorious Jack Parsons, long an intelligence target for both the US and the UK, was “assigned” to former US Naval Intelligence employee and likely life-long spook Marjorie Cameron, who upon his death struggled with filmmaker, and child pornographer and sex trafficker, Kenneth Anger, for control of Parson’s spooky “occult” club, in context and hindsight a quite obvious intelligence front and blackmail network.

After reading all these stories over the last decade, I feel much less insane about my long held suspicions about my own personal life. While, sure, I’m handsome enough, with great hair and can be funny and even charming, I am merely an average man.

Yet, at certain times in my life I’ve had incredible “luck” with women and have been propositioned numerous times by women I would consider clearly “out of my league.” And in hindsight, those were all times that I was, quite unknowingly, adjacent to intelligence operations. While a teenager and a young man, associating with a friend whose father was a high ranking officer of the Central Intelligence Agency. Come to think of it, it was him that introduced me to Directior of National Intelligence Avril Haines, who introduced me to kinky BDSM sex. Huh. Small world now that I think of it.

Then of course the time of the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent cover-ups.

One bizarre incident was when I was associated with an enterprise that was the target of Israeli intelligence and was befriended by a buxom twenty-something Israeli quite interested in spending the night at my residence – and the residences of numerous other men associated with this particular enterprise. More worrisome, immediately thereafter one of the people associated with this enterprise brought over to my residence a quite “nubile” young woman who claimed to be nineteen. I’ve said before that, a redneck at heart, I know that more than two shots of whiskey leads to one of three places: jail, the hospital, or a child support hearing. But I was not always so disciplined with my whiskey intake, so I’ll just leave it at that.

I’ve been interested in the political economy, and especially finance, since high school. Before the 2008 Wall Street crash, I had spent years reading the Wall Street Journal and became interested in the legendary investor Warren Buffett. Buffett’s conflict with Maurice “Hank” Greenberg of AIG over the reinsurance company General Re and its financial “derivatives” was an education in and of itself and knowledge of this affair made the 2008 Wall Street blowup the opposite of a surprise, more like watching an auto accident in slow motion.

In any case, after listening to Whitney Webb’s podcast with Nick Bryant, the author of the definitive account of the notorious Franklin Scandal, I remembered I have once wondered if there was any connection between this intelligence connected child sex trafficking and blackmail network of Lawrence King Jr. and CIA agent Craig Spence based around Omaha, Nebraska, and Omaha ‘s most famous resident, the legendary “Oracle of Omaha” Warren Buffet.

While I found no evidence of a connection, I did stumble upon an amazing story detailed in The Snowball, a recent biography of Buffett.

[says] “the biggest mistake I ever made” was letting his late wife, Susie, walk out the door of their Omaha home. … [but] admits he gave Susie plenty of reasons to leave.

One was Katharine Graham, publisher of The Washington Post and Newsweek. Graham, a 59-year-old widow, was smitten with the investment genius, then 46. When not trotting around the country “on business,” they holed up at her Martha’s Vineyard mansion. Rather than hide her flirtation, Graham would toss her house key to Buffett at parties.

On the podcast, Nick Bryant notes that America’s politicians are “oversexed alpha males” and many of them are being blackmailed in one way or another. Bryant interviewed a photographer at the heart of the Franklin blackmail operation, who said the system is like a “yacht” – once you are compromised, you are on the yacht and you can have anything your heart desires, no matter how immoral or illegal. But if you ever try to get off the yacht, those still on the yacht will make certain that you drown.

Typically, the oversexed alpha males prefer younger women, women in their twenties. But Warren Buffett, a Master of the Universe at 46, instead has an affair with a 59 year old widow? Jokes about “MILFs” aside, this is highly unusual behavior, as the basic biology of sexuality posits that a twenty something woman, still being fertile, is more sexually alluring than a 59 year old woman, post-menopausal.

Of course, Katharine Graham was no ordinary post-menopausal widow. She was a major Washington DC power broker, in charge of the “CIA’s house newspaper,” the Washington Post, and at the center of an unofficial personal network of America’s most important and powerful people, especially to include “the intelligence community.”

This may explain why Warren Buffett, despite being by many accounts an aggressive and ruthless businessman, has always been portrayed in the press as a kindly, wise grandfatherly type figure, personally conservative yet quite liberal and even an advocate for policies that would help the lower classes.

The one thing that basic biology robs older women of, the one thing they cannot even buy, is the sincere sexual attentions of the alpha males they once had as younger women. Which was, not coincidentally, the one thing that Warren Buffett was giving the most powerful woman in the media!

I’ve often shocked younger male readers of my blogs when I pointed out that, traditionally, and even now among the upper classes, the wives of powerful alpha males typically tolerate their husband’s affairs, as their “alpha male sexuality” is precisely what attracted them to their husbands in the first place. Indeed, at a certain age, typically after they are finished having children, they sometimes see their husband’s affairs as a relief, as they are often no longer interested in “servicing” their husband’s sexual drive. Famously, Yoko Ono chose a younger version of herself, May Pang, as a paramour for John Lennon.

In many cases, husbands are fine with their wives’ affairs as well. According to one Hollywood actress Bill Clinton was allegedly having an affair with, Bill told her, “Hillary gets more pussy than I do!” Yoko Ono claimed she had a lesbian affair with Hillary Clinton in the 1970’s.

Buffett’s wife apparently had numerous affairs, include with her “tennis instructor” which seems to be a position similar to “pool boy.”

Recently, we have seen the divorces of two oligarchs, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, due not to their affairs, but the scandals when those affairs became public. By all accounts, both MacKenzie Scott and Melinda French were fine with their husband’s affairs, as long as they were not “humiliated.”

To return to Buffett, his wife literally wrote him a permission slip to have an affair with Graham!

Susie “made it plain to several friends that she was furious and humiliated,” but sent Graham a letter granting her permission to date her husband. “Kay showed the letter to people as though it let her off the hook,” writes Schroeder.

Warren Buffett was a “raven” – a gigolo sex spy – bedding an older, lonely widow that kept him in the good graces of the press and the intelligence community. Just consider the “pillow talk” value of such a relationship! You’d get advance warnings of any bad press that couldn’t be stopped, and the financial value of insider knowledge of various intelligence community activities cannot be overestimated.

I’ve often written about the amazing character Richard Fuisz, Susan Lindaur’s CIA handler, and a man sexually trafficking underage girls from Russia to the United States in the era of the end of the Cold War. From her interviews, it’s clear that Lindauer found Fuisz to be handsome and charming, sometimes even beaming and giggling when recounting her experiences with him, despite the fact that he totally burned her and ran off with tens of millions of dollars she had meant to give to her non-profit organizations helping women in Iraq and Syria.

Sexuality can be powerful. It’s not just “one part” of life, it is at the center of the human, even mammal, experience. It is literally how the human race reproduces itself. It’s said that all great art made by man is done to impress a woman, music is merely the mating song of human males, meant to lure females to mate.

According to Nick Bryant, pretty much all of the politicians are sexually compromised in some way. You don’t win an election, you don’t even win a primary, unless the Cabal has compromised you. You will be protected by the media until you aren’t.

Bryant points out that blackmail has always been a feature of American political life, both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were blackmailed by a tabloid publisher that eventually revealed Jefferson’s affair with Sally Hemmings.

I can name a dozen sexual blackmail scandals and players off the top of my head:

Lewis Rosenstiel, Roy Cohn, the Franklin Scandal, the “Midnight Tours” of trafficked boys into the Bush Sr. White House in 1989, the DC Madame, Larry Craig, Dennis Hastert, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Matt Gaetz, Joel Greenberg, The CIA Finders, the Family of God, MK-Ultra’s prostitution rings, Christine Fang and Eric Swalwell, Minnesota College Republicans Tony Lazzaro and Gisela Medina, Patrick Byrne and Maria Butina.

Etc., etc.

There are hundreds of murders, suicides and “mysterious” deaths associated with all of these scandals as well.

Now that is just at the government level. Think about what happens in business! Wall Street is known for “cocaine and pussy.” Silicon Valley is known for “cuddle parties” where female employees reluctant to join the “cuddle” complain of being denied the opportunities given to the ones that will. Before the rise of “LGBT” the entire homosexual subculture was in a sense one large mutual blackmail ring. Consider the world wide Catholic Church, which has historically been known, since the medieval era, of being a hotbed of homosexual pederasty and bastard children.

Sex is everywhere and it is a key part of human relationships. The nuclear family was always an “ideal” more than a reality. The loose sexual ethics of today are hardly new, they are simply more acknowledged than in the past.

I was once accused by my boss of seducing the Human Resources lady to get a raise. It wasn’t true, we “seduced” each other and had immediate chemistry the second we laid eyes on each other. But it sure didn’t hurt getting the paperwork for the raise to sail through. So, eh, what can I say?

I ask my readers, male or female, would you sleep with someone for instrumental purposes? Women, would you seduce a man to get some information out of him, or if you were paid to have a relationship with him? Men would likely fantasize about being a “raven” and seducing young secretaries to induce them to pass you documents pilfered from their boss’s offices – but would you carry on an affair with an older woman for similar purposes? Would you sleep with a woman you otherwise wouldn’t because she knew something, or someone, you wanted access to? Would you have an affair with, say, an environmental activist to penetrate her political network?

I’ll be honest. I would. In fact, I have. And I enjoyed every minute of it. Frankly, I’d do it again.

I’ve also been on the receiving end of that dynamic of course. Mostly, I enjoyed that too, but also had my heart broken because of it. It is what it is. It’s just human nature.

So, to all you intelligence operatives who read my site – I know you do, you don’t even really hide it – I still have my hair … and who couldn’t use more money? Shoot me an email and we’ll work something out.


Spies mistaken as ravens

A male spy with a promiscuous lifestyle is not necessarily a professional raven. For example, Duško Popov was a double agent working for MI5 and feeding information to the Abwehr in World War II. He came from a moderately wealthy Yugoslavian family, and had a taste for expensive restaurants, women, and nightclubs. MI5 code-named him TRICYCLE because he was the head of a group of three double-agents. Despite being seen as an inspiration for James Bond, he was not a raven, but instead used supposed commercial connections to feed faked intelligence to the Nazis.

Agent falling for their mission partner

An instance of sex or intimacy which can happen during espionage is when an agent falls for his or her partner. In one example, an Israeli “champagne spy”, Wolfgang Lotz, who pretended to be a former Afrika Corps vet, covered himself deep in German social circles in Egypt prior to the Six-Day War, and fell in love with his fake “German” wife, who converted to Judaism. Lotz divorced his real wife, who was Israeli, for his partner.

American use

Former Assistant FBI Director William C. Sullivan in testimony before the Church Committee on 1 November 1975 stated: “The use of sex is a common practice among intelligence services all over the world. This is a tough dirty business. We have used that technique against the Soviets. They have used it against us.” Aleksandr Ogorodnik, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ planning department was codenamed TRIGON by the Central Intelligence Agency dated a Spanish woman who was recruited by the CIA. In 1973, she persuaded him to supply the CIA with information.

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