And so are his father and brother!

Curtis Yarvin’s … followers include powerful figures in US politics and the US intelligence community, like Peter Thiel. His past calls for a military coup in the US … have brought his work notoriety, but his deep ties to individuals enmeshed with the national security state make him an essential figure to examine and scrutinize. Oddly enough, in examining Yarvin’s own family connections, it becomes clear that his ties to the national security state go far beyond his closeness to figures like Peter Thiel and other authoritarianism enthusiasts who publicly masquerade as “libertarian.”

I’ve been saying it for years, Curtis Yarvin was introduced to his audience by Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic magazine within four days of registering his anonymous Google blog. The chances of Andrew Sullivan just stumbling upon a no-name blog one day and finding it so compelling he becomes it’s PR hack? Slim to none. Sullivan, Thiel, Claremont, they are all part of the larger Neo-Con network.

You’ll have to forgive some of the verbiage in the article, about “fascism” and “authoritarian” and just learn how Yarvin’s father wrote for Israeli publications and comes from military intelligence. Remember, too, Yarvin’s constant discussion of his “half-Jewishness” and his “International Jew” sympathies come from his father, obviously. It’s not “just” that Yarvin has a Jewish and Israeli father, it’s that he draws his identity and his agenda from that Jewishness, whether it’s “half” or not. His mother is Presbyterian or something, but I’ve never heard Yarvin say anything but negative things about Presbyterianism, but he says nothing but good things about Jewishness.

Today, we’ll be simply looking at the lesser known Herbert Yarvin and Norman Yarvin, the father and brother of Curtis Guy Yarvin. This is a look inside Mencius Moldbug’s personal trinity, made up of the father, the son, and the brother Norm. This journey will be explosive to say the least.

in 1976, Herb Yarvin published The Will to Come Out All Right, a paper categorised as religious studies and featured in volume 12:3 of the Philosophical Quarterly of Israel.

Yarvin’s impressive analytical abilities would soon see him recruited by the government as a member of the Foreign Service. Herbert and the family would live in a few different places, but Cyprus would be home for most of Curtis’s early life. During that time, Herb and Susan both worked for a time at the US Embassy. Eventually, Herb and Susan’s marriage would deteriorate to the point that they would split with Herb, moving to different embassies. This included a stint in the US Embassy in Oporto, Portugal.

LOL – both Mum and Pops were spooks!

In the early 1990s, Herb headed to Arlington, Virginia, [i.e., LANGLEY] closer than he had ever been before to the halls of American power. It would be during the first administration of President Bill Clinton that Herb Yarvin would find himself appointed to the State 2000 Force, a group tasked with redesigning the entire US approach to foreign affairs as part of the US Department of State Management Task Force.

In June 2000, [Curtis’ brother] Norman was still publishing at Yale when he was assigned a role in a DARPA-sponsored project

OK – this is not any kind of “smoking gun.” My father worked for DARPA too, doesn’t make me a spook. But the point is, Yarvin is as establishment as it gets. He is not a “dissident” – he is promoting the Neo-Conservative agenda and working directly with the top Israel First people in the establishment.

Brother Norm is absolutely an Israel First Neo-Con, and even pushed the “WMD” propaganda:

In August 2002, Norman Yarvin seemed to have been swept up in the official Weapons of Mass Destruction narrative used by the US, UK and their allies to push for the second Iraq War, with Norman stating on the Instapundit forum “Iraq was shipped enough weapons-grade uranium to build a bomb – and the Iraqis still have it”.

In fact, Iraq has NUKES! I wonder if he’s saying that Iran has nukes too, like the other Israelis keep saying?

He may have, in fact, been involved in false flag terrorism meant to be blamed on “Muslims.”

On the rainy Wednesday afternoon of 21 May 2003, a pipe bomb exploded at approximately 4:40pm in an empty ground floor classroom, Room 120, inside Yale Law School. Students were inside the building taking exams at the time of the explosion. There were no injuries, but there was considerable structural damage as well as witnesses and other evidence, which prompted an official investigation. … Within days the then New Haven Mayor, John DeStefano Jr., stated that there was no evidence the incident was in “anyway linked to international terrorism”, but gave no reason as to why the officials had come to that conclusion so quickly.

Of course, in 2003, maybe to be blamed on Iraqis?

The third and final suspect to have police search their residence was Norman Yarvin. Yarvin was not considered a suspect until police stumbled upon his sizeable inventory of bomb-making materials. After police responded to an alleged break-in at Norman Yarvin’s rented apartment, they were presented with all the equipment necessary to make a pipe bomb during their search. Lieutenant Richard Dunham of Hampden Police told the New York Times in an article entitled, 2nd Home Is Searched for Evidence in Yale Bombing Investigation, published on 18 June 2003, that the apartment, rented by Norman Yarvin – referred to in the article as “a Yale graduate and former employee of the university’s computer science department” – was searched by FBI agents and the state police, following the investigation of the break-in. … ”I have some interest in things that go bang and boom,” Yarvin told reporters, ”Pipe bombs do that.”

Even though, when asked if he had any part in the Yale bombing, Norman would respond by saying, ”None whatsoever”. Yet, what wasn’t reported at the time was that Yarvin had, only a couple of years prior, set up an archive site titled where he had saved various technical scientific documents and conversations of interest. Yarchive included a section on explosives with a small subsection on safety measures and tips for making pipe bombs. Norman Yarvin wasn’t only found with the necessary equipment required to carry out the Yale bombing, and he didn’t only publicly admit his interest in making pipe bombs, but he also disseminated information online to help others create explosives. With this evidence, you’d expect each of the five law enforcement agencies involved to begin a rigorous interrogation and investigation of Norman M. Yarvin. Instead, a gag order was put on the press and the case would be quickly swept under the rug.

If Norman Manda Yarvin was guilty of carrying out the 2003 Yale pipe bombing, it would have been very inconvenient for Yale University, DARPA, and Norman’s father, Herbert Yarvin. The day right before the bombing, George W. Bush had raised the national terror alert warning to an orange alert and it is very notable that, during a time of a heightened state of alert, the Yale bombing was so quickly decided to have been completely unrelated to terrorism.

False flag terrorism? Brother Norm looks like a tech operator, at the least, with an interest in explosives and other military technologies.

The fact that Curtis Yarvin doesn’t mention his much more interesting brother and his scientific supremacy or talk of his father’s work for the Clinton administration and the United Nations could make people assume that he’s hiding these facts from his followers. Followers who don’t want their precious Moldbug to be related to the old political guard, globalist entities like the UN and the tainted Clinton dynasty.

To be fair, Yarvin has mentioned that his father worked for the “Foreign Service.” But I find the connections to Peter Thiel, Andrew Sullivan, and Claremont far more damaging.

Yarvin was never a “dissident.” Yarvin was always working for the mainstream media, like the Atlantic and the anonymous blogging under a pen name was just a form of marketing.

It was obvious back then, too. After all, Yarvin thanked Andrew Sullivan in his third blog post as “Mencius Moldbug.”

NRx was always neo-con astroturf.