Also Chomsky is a uuuge apologist for the weathermen and other violent criminals / terrorists from the Black Power/New Left movements (now BLM). Amerikkka is NAZI EVIL TERRORIST = this mystification has become operative rationale of woke imperialist children of new new leftists.

If amerikkka is evil, morally contemptible, then it becomes really easy to start genociding the people who symbolise amerikkka. Ie the deplorables. “Amerikkka” mystifies US power. It’s not with the right. It’s not with “white supremacy”. It’s with Chomsky’s woke leftist friends.

Axis of Evil/Terrorist spectre was bananas when neocons (aka leftists) used to wage war overseas. But a moralising idealist frame is JUST AS tyrannical when reversed back on USA, as “evil empire”. This is all mondo r*tardo humanitarian idealism just like Samantha Powers/UN et al.

This means that when brutal violence is perpetrated by the left bourgeoisie / petty bourgeoisie, he will propagandise as though it’s justified/perfectly legitimate, “the cry of the oppressed” bla bla. This always ends n Chaz/Chop, or warlording w/CIA in Kurdistan bc feminism etc

Who knew that the Dirtbag Left Chapos were serving in the Kurdish terrorist forces allied to Israel?

“Woke” in America, Zionist in Palestine. Every Single Time. It’s called chutzpah.

The Jewess in Dirtbag Left Podcast Red Scare chatting it up with Neo-Reactionary Curtis Yarvin about … Jewish diaspora culture. Right, left – doesn’t matter. What matters is Jews. They are allowed an identity, but if Americans have an identity, that “fascism” and “populism” and a “threat to democracy.”

Left wing solution? Neo-liberal police state technocracy enforcing anti-whiteness. Right wing solution, ala NRx Curtis Yarvin? Neo-liberal police state technocracy – with a unified executive – enforcing Jewish meritocracy.

By the way, Bruce Beldin does the podcast about Jeffrey Esptein. I’ve listened to two dozens hours. Israeli is barely mentioned. Jeffrey Epstein’s Jewish network, never mentioned. That all his victims were non-Jewish, never mentioned. And Beldin’s a volunteer terrorist for Israel’s best buddies fighting Syrian.

Imagine that – our woke leftist friends and our reactionary rightist friends all really seem to come together and hold hands on certain agendas, for certain interests.

Aimee is starting to get it. She jut has to take one more step.

This is what the AttackTheSystem guy doesn’t get. He’ll say they aren’t “real leftists.” But they are, this is the real left – the really existing left. Just like the USSR was “really existing communism.” Calling it anything else is mystification.

Now, our empty headed anti-semitic conspiracy theorists on the right make it impossible to fight this, in the same way well meaning people who still identify as left can’t even perceive the class war they are foot soldiers of.

To the empty-headed anti-semitic conspiracy theorists of the right, “Bill Gates is bad therefore Bill Gates is really (((Bill Gates!)))”

“This person is one eighth Ashkenazi, therefore (((Jew!)))”

“The entire history of the West is the Holy Roman Catholic Church vs. the Judeo-Protestant-Masonic-Republican-Communist Conspiracy, headed by the (((Black Pope))) and Jesuit Adjuicants who are conversos!”

Pure mystification, even dumber than the woke left. What is really quite simple – ethnocentric nepotism, organized crime, and brainwashing children in a cult based on hate – has to become a “conspiracy theory.”

Then, the other side of the right looks at these empty-headed anti-semitic conspiracy theorists and do exactly what right-wingers always do – react – they are reactionaries having a knee-jerk reaction. Thus, we get the new Affirmative Right, now, not just all Jews, all Zionism, all the time, but now they are self-proclaimed “Anti-Fascists” and “Nazi Hunters!” We’re the Real Antifa! Just like what William Kristol and the Never Trump Lincoln Project!

Both sides, perfectly kosher.

No one knows what to do because they don’t understand the problem.

I understand the problem, but I don’t have any solutions except to try to do what Aimee Terese does to the leftists – demystification.

Curtis Yarvin is not hard to figure out, he says it himself. Claremont Institute is not hard to figure out, they say it openly, it’s all right there with the people who founded it.

Even if the leftists “really believe” they are woke, that doesn’t mean they are acting in good faith.

Just because Curtis Yarvin is smart, and really believes in a dictatorship, with his fellow Smart Jews, like Scott Alexander, in charge of policing the intelligencia – doesn’t mean he’s acting in good faith.

And just because someone fills up comment boxes with (((Jew))) and Miles Mathis style “his great grandfather’s cousin was a Jewish Freemason!” doesn’t mean they are acting in good faith either.

Remember, in America, all the best neo-Nazis were Jewish or having their lines scripted by Jews. Joshua Ryne Goldberg was not just buddies with Andrew Anglin, the (((Daily Stormer))) was run out of Weev’s Jewish friend’s Manhattan apartment.

“But, but, Yarvin is only half-Jewish, on his father’s side, therefore he’s not a Jew!”

The exact opposite is mystification, too – “even though Aaron Lewis’ father was white, a huntin’ and fishin’ type guy, and he was not brought up in the Jew cult, his mother is Ashenazi … therefore, Aaron Lewis is a Jew, therefore, his based song about the American flag is just a part of the Jew Conspiracy!”

Maybe the best thing is to avoid leftism and rightism. Stay in the center, and be moderate. Moderation in all things, discretion is the better part of valor.