He didn’t even have a bomb or even a gun. He basically drove down the street, parked his truck, then streamed himself saying crazy shit on Facebook. I demand Mark Zuckerberg’s immediate arrest for assisting terrorism.

Apparently, he wants all Americans, of all races, and all the colors of the homo rainbow, to unite and reinvade Afghanistan or something.

“The revolution is on, it’s here, it’s today,” he said in his live stream. “America needs a voice. I’ll give it to them.”

Roseberry voiced disgust with Biden’s Afghanistan policy and called on Democratic senators to step down, saying they were “killing America.”

“I’ve been on the Hill for six years last month,” Jordan Wilson, director of operations and emergency coordinator in the office of Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Va.), said Thursday. “And I can’t tell you how many people have left in the last six, eight, nine months, in both parties, just because these things are hard to go through. And it does beg the question, is it worth it?”

That’s a shame.

Roseberry often talked about politics with his family, Foster said, sharing his dislike for Biden’s policies, support for Trump and skepticism about vaccines.

Roseberry’s father, Floyd Roseberry, said his son had experienced mental health problems in the past.

Yeah, I got a Terry Davis vibe. Glow in the dark CIA naggers, get you every time.

The SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors online extremism and terrorist groups, said Roseberry’s social media was full of pro-Trump material, although Roseberry said in his live stream Thursday he was not motivated by political partisanship.

Ritz Katz and SITE, huh? How many times have I written about them in the last few years? They were the one giving publicity to Joshua Ryne Goldberg, both his “neo-nazi” persona and also his “jihadist Muslim” persona.


“Critics of Katz claim she is giving terrorists a larger platform than they would otherwise have, and is too eager to find plots where they don’t exist.”

In 2015, Katz described an apparent Australian online supporter of ISIS who used the online handle “Australi Witness” as holding a “prestige” position in online jihadi circles and as being “part of the hard core of a group of individuals who constantly look for targets for other people to attack”. It later transpired that “Australi Witness” was an American (Joshua Ryne Goldberg), who was arrested by the FBI.

Yeah, “private intelligence firm” meaning “Zionist Jewish hate propaganda publisher.” Her targets are Muslims and “White Supremacists” … i.e., “goyim.”


So chances are this is just a garden variety schizophrenic, hopped up on MAGAtardism and FOX News. But who knows, he is straight out of Central Casting. I could come up with a plausible MK-Ultra type scenario.

I’m just really, really glad that no politicians were harmed.