Hmm, think I’ll check Stone Toss – he’s always hysterical and seems like a good way to check the pulse of the … young online non-social justice white guys that I assume make up most of my audience … and what they are currently thinking about, thus, inspiring today’s posts.


LOL! Perfect. Also, reminds me to check /r/PoliticalCompassMemes, the only place on Reddit that seems at all self-aware and not completely overrun with ShareBlue astroturf bots.

LOL, hilarious.

So, this is satire right? This is that sort of double-ironic mirror funhouse Internet humor, right? I’ll do a quick search.

Ah yes, copypasta, like the infamous Navy Seals thing.

It’s called like r/bewitchthetaliban or something. It’s hilarious

??? Please let this be real…. Please let this be real…

As a devout Muslim activist I hope that you infidels will successfully curse the taliban. Inshallah those deobandi scum will realise the truth of wahabbist Islam

Muslims are the enemy. Just as much as the pale Galilean, never forget it.

Who tf is Galilean?

Jesus Christ

Seriously dude stop wasting the time you have on Earth get a life.

I’ll spend the time I have countering evil God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

I’m doing just fine. (Devil Horns Emogi)

Addicted to drugs and almost institutionalized?

Better than being a slave to a god that doesn’t exist. Islamic law is evil, just as evil as living under the Papacy or any other theocracy. Your time is coming to an end, after thousands of years of nothing but suffering we are on the verge of overthrowing Allah.