Every last one of these are political suck-ups and grifters funneling tax money to Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman so they can get their payoffs after they retire.

Despite their pretense of being “apolitical” and their supposed committment to civilian rule, in reality they ignore the civilian government and just do whatever they want. They lied to Trump about what they were doing in Syria, they lied to Biden officials about the pull out.

The entire Afghanistan war was about nothing but career advancement and taking bribes.

Something I’ve pointed out a million, billion times, don’t be fooled by costumes – and that is what a military uniform is, it’s a costume.

Austin and Milley are just two fat old boomers playing dress up.

This is the type of mid-wit shit you get from old boomercons:


Remember, these people failed to protect the US on 9/11, and they failed to protect the US from the mass immigration invasion flooding over the southern border and on international flights. Their entire generation failed – when they weren’t complicit, and many of them are.

Once the Day of the Pillow comes, whites will be a minority, but we’ll be in a much stronger position because we will developed a white consciousness. The fat old boomers gave away the country and now they are preventing us from taking it back. As soon as the last boomer dies by being suffocated by a pillow over their faces, held their by their imported Dancing Nurses of Color, Americans will be free to do what needs to be done.