Excellent episode of my favorite podcast. Hank Oslo is spitting fire about the State Department flunkies and their venality and greed. They ask, was Afghanistan all just a grift? Seems so. As written a couple of times in the last couple of weeks, war is the way working class sons of welders like Michael Hayden come to gain tens of millions of dollars. It’s how an English major from Brown gets to afford a multi-million dollar mansion in Bethesday, Maryland – get a State Department contract to teach literature to Afghani girls. It’s how some schlub from upstate New York can become a General, get his face on the cover of news magazines along side of fawning puff pieces, and when you caught schtupping your biographer, you can always fail up and get hired for a million plus a year working at a hedge fund.

I especially liked what Hank Oslo said about how these guys read one book and then decide they are hard-headed “realists,” real Henry Kissingers. Hilariously, right out of Burn After Reading when John Malkovich is speaking into the recorder, narrating his coming biography, declaring himself a new George Kennan, his great hero.

The arrogance, the narcissism, you simply cannot exaggerate it.

This is how class promotion works in America.


I’m actually heartened listening to these guys tongue-in-cheek talking about 9/11. It’s always been extremely cringe at how otherwise sensible “Dissident Right wingers” like Jim Donald, Greg Johnson or Paul Ramsey have always denounced “conspiracy theories” and claim to believe the official story, although none of them even know what the official story is. It was always absolutely cringe reading Greg Johnson bloviating on ISIS while denounced the “conspiracy theories” about US and Israeli support for ISIS. What is it about these big name right-wingers just getting everything wrong all the time? Like they have a nose for it. On some of the most important current events, they are just always wrong.

To quote William Binney about the new boss at NSA about 9/11, “we can milk this thing for the next fifteen years.”

It’s about the money. It’s always been about the money.

Steve Sailer is great – I stumbled across this article of his from 2009 about the Deep State, and it includes everything I’ve written recently about the Turkish and Italian Deep States:

Thee Deep State, Steve Sailer, June 14, 2009

But even him, he has to do the standard issue disclaimer, the power analysis version of “I’m not racist.”

Nonetheless, the notion of a deep state, although perhaps better conceptualized less as a top-down conspiracy than as an emergent phenomenon among insiders with overlapping interests, might prove useful to Americans in overcoming our native bias toward boyish naivete about the ways of the world.

Why the fallacy of the excluded middle here? Does Sailer really believe there exists no top down chains of command? What is it with these Boomers like Sailer and Ramsey always constantly saying, “now I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything …”

There is a famous photograph of Baron Rotschild jabbing his finger into Prince Charles’ chest. Please, just think for a second. That photograph had to be taken, then it had to be published. That did not happen by accident, that happened on purpose. And the purpose is pretty clear, to send a message about who was really in charge. Ancient history? Well, consider, when Alan Dershowitz was on TV denying he ever got a massage at Epstein’s house, he declared, hey, I was introduced to Epstein by no less than the Lady Rothschild.

I’m guessing as Boomers, they were just victims of the CIA campaign to denounce “conspiracy theories” about JFK. In fact, consider a few things that happened in these Boomer’s lifetime which gave them their astonishing blinders.

If you take a shot at the King, you best not miss. You also have to have your cover story – stories – a head of time. This is another thing the Boomers just cannot wrap their heads around, “that you can have more than one cover story. If one gets debunked, you move to the second one.

You’ll also have to forgive these Boomers by remembering they spent their youth hopped up on acid.

So anyway, after the JFK assassination, who was the first “conspiracy theorist?” A man by the name of Mark Lane.


Yes, his family probably ate Chinese food on Christmas. And Mark Lane, JFK Truther, made sure the suspicions were pointed directly at … well, not David Ben Gurion, desperate to stop JFK from keeping Israel from getting nuclear weapons, nor the Jewish mobsters like Jacob Rubeinstein (a.k.a. “Jack Ruby.”) For the left, obvious the cover story of a Lone Communist Gunman from the Fair Play for Cuba Committee wasn’t going to cut it.

So enter Mark Lane, the first “conspiracy theorist” about the JFK assassination. A fascinating man, this Mark Lane. Apparently, he wound up with control of the most “anti-semitic” publisher in America, the Liberty Lobby/American Free Press. It never fails to astonish, scratch a “Neo-Nazi” and a Zionist Jews bleeds. Every. Single. Time. Shades of Frances Cohen/Frank Colin and the “propaganda manager” for George Lincoln Rockwell, Dan Burros.

Just like everyone reads 1984 and Brave New World yet never learn a single lesson, so everyone repeats the famous Lenin quote, “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” yet whenever the phenomenon gets pointed out, the Boomers and their fellow travelers revert to “well I don’t believe in any conspiracy theories.”

Now I plead extreme ignorance on the JFK thing – I’m a lot more familiar with the RFK assassination, which was obviously related. I do know that the Magic Bullet Theory was made up by no less than Arlen Spector, the sometimes Republican, sometimes Democrat, always Israeli asset, from Pennsylvania. I’m familiar with Michael “not Collins, actually Bernard” Piper’s theory, which I’m perfectly willing to believe, as it fits all of the available evidence. It’s just a fact that James Jesus Angleton was dedicated to making sure CIA was particularly close to Israel, and considering the make up of the CIA and the wider orbit of people surrounding it – as I’ve called them, “the networks stood up by FDR to fight WWII,” is there really a difference between CIA and Mossad?

I don’t remember when all the right-wingers changed course, at some point, during the Obama years I guess. Before that the right wingers, the race realists, they dismissed the idea of the CIA trafficking cocaine as a “conspiracy theories” that “black people” believed, but now all those same right-wingers say, “oh of course everyone knows that.”

In any case, I ask my readers to recall my posts about the “CIA cults” the “Finders,” the “Family of God,” and why not go ahead and throw in the “People’s Temple” for good measure. Sure, it’s an “out there conspiracy theory” but the facts are the facts and the record is crystal clear. Just because you think it is weird to Stare At Goats, some people do.

So, a weirdo “comedy religion” that was popular among the Boomers during their college days was Discordianism. Think Bob Dobbs and the Church of the Subenius, but a little more high-brow. The brain child of a couple of smart Boomer kids, and putting on my Dave McGowan hat, I just can’t but notice their military backgrounds.

But in any case, one of the founders was a man named Kerry Wendell Thornley, who, Wikipedia informs us, wrote a “1962 manuscript, The Idle Warriors, which was based on the activities of his acquaintance, Lee Harvey Oswald, prior to the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.”

Thornley claimed that, during his initial two-year sojourn in New Orleans, he had numerous meetings with two mysterious middle-aged men named “Gary Kirstein” and “Slim Brooks”. According to his account, they had detailed discussions on numerous subjects ranging from the mundane to the exotic, and bordering sometimes on bizarre. Among these was the subject of how one might assassinate President Kennedy, whose beliefs and policies the aspiring novelist deeply disliked at the time.

Later, the former Marine came to believe that “Gary Kirstein” had in reality been senior CIA officer and future Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt, and “Slim Brooks” to have been Jerry Milton Brooks, a member of the 1960s right-wing activist group “The Minutemen”. Guy Banister, another Minutemen member in New Orleans, had been accused by Garrison of involvement in the assassination and was allegedly connected to Lee Harvey Oswald through the Fair Play for Cuba Committee leaflet. Thornley also claimed that “Kirstein” and Brooks had accurately predicted Richard M. Nixon’s accession to the presidency six years before it happened, as well as anticipating the rise of the 1960s counterculture and the subsequent emergence of Charles Manson and what became his cult following. This led Thornley to believe that the US government had somehow been involved, directly or indirectly, in creating and/or supporting these events, personages and phenomena.

I find the … “style” … of this … “confession” … a bit like the interviews of various people around the Founder of the Finders, Marion Pettie.


“Games” played a central role inside the Finders, and it was often difficult to know when the members were playing out some fantasy and when they were not, ex-associates said. The Finders’ tendency to abandon jobs and homes at a moment’s notice could complicate law enforcement efforts to find the group’s members, who were gone from their Washington bases when police arrived Thursday, sources said.

Yes, “games” – although the files that were confiscated by the police were labeled “operations.”

So we have yet another permutation of something we can trace all the way back to the 1930’s, that really comes to a head in the 60’s and 70’s, and gets buried with the “Satanic Panic” that Oprah Winfrey and Geraldo Rivera declared over by the early 90’s.

So Kerry Wendell Thornley with his weirdo tongue-in-cheek “religious cult” – he just happens to befriend none other than Lee Harvey Oswald, and write a book about him, his connections to CIA officer E. Howard Hunt, and his defection to Russia – all right before all of those things really happened.

Not sure what to make of this book. This story is suppose to be about Lee Harvey Oswald as told through fictional character, Johnny Shellburn.The book shocks you in the preface when the author reveals the fact that E. Howard Hunt was stationed at Atsugi Air base the same time Oswald was there. The JFK assassination research community can nicely connect the dots of intelligence to Oswald to the legendary CIA operative Hunt.The body of the book follows the adventures of Shellburn and his fellow servicemen through their loves and losses. Their dealings with their superiors and a little combat. The reader will find Shellburn (Oswald) to be articulate, thoughtful and determined young man with somewhat of a gentle soul.In the end we find that Oswald has defected to Russia. His servicemen buddies are left to wonder why through a series of interviews. Was Shellburn (Oswald) an atheist, was he a communist. Why did he defect? Was it US foreign policy as speculated by some? Was he a traitor? What to make of the book? Either Shellburn (Oswald) chronicled pre-assassination Oswald because he was interesting or was he written about because it was a way to establish a profile for an intelligence asset who would later be framed for one of the biggest crimes of the century?

Again – part four of the Deep State is the entertainment business. Never forget that part, because it is the part that is hiding in plain site. In fact, they won’t even let you ignore it, because media is omni-present.

Now, again, I don’t know too much about JFK. All that happened long before I was even born. But a popular President is impeached with a bullet, a Zionist operative LBJ put in his place, and then the Gulf of Tonkin incident is staged, leading to a fifteen year long war in Vietnam of all places. The massive resistance to the war is hijacked by a bunch of pot smoking Jews (Abbie Hoffman) and CIA MK-Ultra Feds (Timothy Leary) and turned into a meaningless, self-destructive hippie party.

9/11 – far more spectacular than the JFK assassination, instead of Magic Bullets they had Magic Airplanes and Magical Muslim Physics, leading to a 20 year war in Afghanistan. The 9/11 truth movement – the real anti-war movement – was hijacked by a bunch of Jews (Judith Wood) and CIA Disinfo Feds (Jim Fetzer) and the main anti-war protest movement, ANSWER, “just happens” to keep out any mention of Israel and Palestine and, as would Occupy Wall Street a decade later, distract everyone with “white privilege” Social Justice Warrior “Progressive Stack, Whites in the Back” divisive nonsense.

But there’s no “conspiracy” it’s just “emergent behavior.” Never attribute to malice what can be attributed to incompetence! Sure, 20 years of war and trillions of dollars made by defense contractors, State Department shills, and of course the ever present Israel lobby.

And they didn’t “conspire” they just sort of happened to make trillions of dollars due to their sheer incompetence.

Talk about failing up!