Not my Empire, not my fault.

America is my country, the American people are my nation. The United States of America, the government, is occupied by a foreign power, Israel. I am merely a subject of that Empire, not a citizen of it. My relationship to the Empire is that of a prisoner to a warden. I submit and obey because I have no choice, and passively-aggressively engage is some symbolic rebellion to make myself feel a little bit better about my subjugation.

I can't take up my musket
And fight 'em down no more
But I ain't a-goin' to love them
Now that is certain sure

Oh I’m a Good Old Rebel - Major James Innes Randolph

The Atlantic, a one time respectable publication for the New England liberal set, now a viciously anti-American Zionist Jewish propaganda rag, is running a tired old slander on Americans.

Afghanistan Is Your Fault, by Tom Nichols

During the height of the first “surge” in Iraq, when America was suffering real casualties, an odious Zionist Jew neo-con wrote a piece telling American to suck it up, and just accept the dead troops, because the cause was important. He even claimed that the “working class white” troops had a “fatalistic” view about death, unlike the “liberals” who were feeling squeamish.

This article caused a bit of controversy, especially since people were starting to notice how these neo-cons all seems far more interested in the foreign state of Israel than they were their own ostensible country, America. The class contempt for “the troops” was a bit too brazen, especially when American boys – and girls – were coming home in body bags for a war most of them didn’t want anyway, and even the ones who did were upset to find out the Bush administration – and all those neo-con Zionist Jews – were lying through their teeth about Iraq’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

So, just put this piece by Nichols in the same category.

This was a war that was immensely popular at the outset and mostly conducted in full view of the American public.

Yes, now why might that be?

The problem was that, once the initial euphoria wore off, the public wasn’t much interested in it.

Americans supported the war because they believed the lies told about the war. Americans were lied to about 9/11, saying that Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban in Afghanistan were behind the attacks. They were told that the US would invade Afghanistan, capture or kill Osama Bin Landen and Al Qaeda – then declare victory and come home.

No one ever supported spending twenty years in Afghanistan doing god-knows-what for whatever reason. Osama Bin Laden has been declared dead for ten years now, Americans increasingly understand that “Al Qaeda” isn’t what they were told it was, and they want out. Better late than never. Does Nichols expect the United States to occupy Afghanistan forever? I mean, probably – that is what his Zionist Jew paymasters want. But Americans don’t.

but citizens who were not in the military or part of a military family or community did not have to endure even minor inconveniences, much less shoulder major burdens such as a draft, a war tax, or resource shortages.

So Americans didn’t have to suffer, and that makes Nichols quite angry. He wanted Americans to suffer more to help Israel.

What the public does care about, however, is using Afghanistan as raw material for cheap patriotism and partisan attacks (some right and some wrong, but few of them in good faith) on every president since 2001.

This “journalist” thinks that his class of “journalists” are actually “the public.” But they aren’t. The majority of Americans do not care one way or the other about politics. In his echo chamber, partisan hacks engage in “cheap patriotism and partisan attacks.” Most Americans do not.

It’s the astonishing arrogance – the chutzpah – of these people, taking on the role of moral scold, as if they are our moral superiors. They are not – they are our moral inferiors. Nichols, and his entire class, and his Zionist Jew paymasters, are nothing but parasites on the body politic, bloodsuckers spreading disease, the equivalent of ringworm. Imagine being lectured to by a ringworm infecting you – that is what Tom Nichols is, a ringworm.

nor did they want to think about whether “draining the swamp” and modernizing and developing Afghanistan (which would mean a lot more than a few elections) was worth the cost and effort.

What Americans wanted to “modernize and develop Afghanistan?” Americans wanted Osama Bin Laden dead and Al Qaeda rolled up. They never signed on for “modernizing and developing Afghanistan.” Is this guy on crack?

As my colleague David Frum has put it …

The ringworm now lectures the host by quoting a leech.

But before we move on, before we head back to the mall, before we resume posting memes, and before we return to bickering with each other about whether we should have to mask up at Starbucks …

We’re not “bickering with each other.” Nichols is bickering with his fellow “journalists” while the rest of us do what we can to ignore them, hoping one day for the medicine to rid ourselves of these parasites once and for all.

I’ll take that jab as soon as it becomes available.