As the Empire retreats, humiliated, from Afghanistan, two recent posts by akinokure demonstrate the regime is weaker than it seems.

Unlike 9/11 response, COVID response collapsing due to anarchic polarized climate of imperial disintegration

I was skeptical of the claims that the draconian COVID protocols would be here to stay, and if anything would only get worse. “If you don’t believe it, just tell me how many people leave their shoes on while going through security at any airport these days, 20 years after 9/11”.

But as we saw with the entire GOP failing to defend against a stolen election, unlike their aggressive stance in the nail-biting election of 2000, nobody is in charge in this shithole country anymore. The elites could not be more polarized, more checked-out, and more abdicating of their basic responsibilities, even to their fellow elites.

Central authorities continue unraveling: navigating a weak fragmented society

He makes some mistakes, describing America as an “empire” since 1700, seemingly a reference to Manifest Destiny, but this is wrong. When Americans discovered the Pacific Ocean, it became “manifest” that their “destiny” was to build a nation “from sea to shining sea.” The leftist narrative about the Indios is wrong, and anti-white. Indios were not a civilization, they were not a culture, they were not a nation. Especially out west, they were bands of quasi-aborigines that hardly built a single permanent structure. They were nothing like the Aztecs or the Incas, who were real civilizations, the Aztecs being a great Slave Empire with a religion based around human sacrifice and cannibalism. Indeed, in the South East Indios believed in Okee, the God of Pain, which is why torture was so brutal and common.

The Americans did not conquer another nation, they built a civilization where none existed.

One could suggest America became an Empire when the Yankees invaded the independent South. But the real imperialism started with the end of the Spanish-American war and the occupation of the Philippines.

The Schurman commission published a proclamation containing assurances that the U.S. did not intend exploitation of Filipinos, but their “advancement to a position among the most civilized peoples of the world”, and announced “that the United States is … anxious to establish in the Philippine Islands an enlightened system of government under which the Philippine people may enjoy the largest measure of home rule and the amplest liberty.” The revolutionary government counterproposed a three-month armistice during which representatives of the two governments would meet and arrange terms for the settlement of the war. President McKinley’s instructions to the Commission issued in Washington before the outbreak of hostilities had not authorized it to discuss an armistice.

Here we see the Deep State ignoring the elected government, and an event many will call a “conspiracy theory” – but if it wasn’t a Deep State action, it surely rhymes with one.

Leon Czolgosz

He was impressed after hearing a speech by the anarchist Emma Goldman, whom he met for the first time at one of her lectures in Cleveland in May 1901. After the lecture, Czolgosz approached the speakers’ platform and asked her for reading recommendations. On the afternoon of July 12, 1901, he visited her at the home of Abraham Isaak, publisher of the newspaper Free Society, in Chicago and introduced himself as Fred Nieman (nobody), but Goldman was on her way to the train station. He told her that he was disappointed in Cleveland’s socialists, and Goldman quickly introduced him to anarchist friends who were at the train station.

n the weeks that followed, Czolgosz’s social awkwardness, evasiveness, and blunt inquiries about secret societies around Isaak and another anarchist, Emil Schilling, resulted in the radical Free Society newspaper to issue a warning pertaining to him on September 1, reading:

ATTENTION! The attention of the comrades is called to another spy. He is well dressed, of medium height, rather narrow shoulders, blond and about 25 years of age. Up to the present he has made his appearance in Chicago and Cleveland. In the former place he remained but a short time, while in Cleveland he disappeared when the comrades had confirmed themselves of his identity and were on the point of exposing him. His demeanor is of the usual sort, pretending to be greatly interested in the cause, asking for names or soliciting aid for acts of contemplated violence. If this same individual makes his appearance elsewhere the comrades are warned in advance, and can act accordingly.

One could speculate that this cover story is itself a cover story; one could speculate that the Anarchist community made a good scapegoat, and it’s important to note that these Anarchists would later be the main opposition to the Communists, smeared by history as “anti-semites” for rejecting both “Rothschild” and “Marx.”

Anyway our “spy” assassinated McKinley, putting into the Presidency Theodore Roosevelt, the man who can be said to be the modern architect of the American Empire.

And if the Empire was born with a bullet on September 6, 1901, it received its death blow exactly one hundred years and five days later, on September 11, 2001, although it took another twenty years to finally expire. The final death throes began in the summer of 2020 and you can go ahead and sign the death certificate now.

When the empire’s fate is only going to decline, who gives a shit about controlling it? There are no great big teams vying for control, and there is no Team A vs. Team B kind of civil war.

And none of them are enforcing jackshit, especially if it’s a new policy rather than a longstanding one — just look at all the COVID protocols, which were largely terminated by governors of gigantic states almost immediately (e.g. DeSantis in Florida). In the wake of 9/11, did multiple governors flout the federal rules about how airports on their turf were to be run — all the requirements about shoes, liquids, and the like? Not a chance in hell. We were still a halfway strong state and cohesive people in the early 2000s. The elites could still be brought onto the same page.

There was utter uniformity in the responses back then — not a single airport manager said, “Yeah, we’re not gonna bother with that fake security theater shit, you can keep your shoes on and have your family and friends with you at the gate”. And everyone followed those rules on the commoners’ side as well.

Moreover, there was a high degree of conformity in the set of beliefs people had — did Saddam have WMD, did he pose a big threat to Americans, did he have anything to do with 9/11, etc. — and the types of responses they thought we ought to take — bomb to send a message, occupy with troops, etc.

Twenty years later, all of that former cohesion has gone out the window. The leaders and commoners of some of the most populous states defied the COVID hysteria consensus last year, and much of the others have joined them this year.

Shutdowns only continue where Democrats monopolize the sector, as in public education (while still, of course, drawing an income and benefits from the taxpayers). Masks lasted less than a year (and no, the fearmongering about the Delta variant has not caused normies to put them back on, nor have flyover state governors re-imposed a mask mandate). A small share of the “vaccine hesitant” actually gave in and got the jab, and there are no teams of NGO flunkies or the Army roaming around door-to-door giving the jab against the wishes of the hesitant. Vaccine passports are not happening, and will only be rolled out, if at all, in super-libtard cities like New York and San Francisco.

Aside from the failures on the material policy side, they haven’t even managed to win the psychological war. A large share of the population thinks the whole thing is overblown, and will never think / feel / act as though it were a grave threat personally or collectively. People have less faith in “the experts” than ever, and as a result the capacity of institutions to use fearmongering to manipulate has evaporated. Psyops thrown together by the flunkies at the intel agencies have never been more impotent and embarrassing.

In short, we live in the polar opposite of the authoritarian / totalitarian dystopia that both the left and right still believe is a looming menace. A state with strong authority is a dystopia to libertarians, and that’s what 99% of the elites still are, and have been since the libertarian revolution of the late 1970s and the Reagan era that cemented it in the ’80s.

One might suggest the authors errs here, too. The “State” per se, is weaker than ever. But there still exists very strong power centers, the Silicon Valley Technocracy being a new center of gravity. They are capable of totalitarianism unrivaled in history, but it remains to be seen how long that center of gravity can hold.

But while that may have been a relevant stance from which to oppose the 9/11-related coercion under Bush, it is irrelevant and out-of-touch today, when national and international cohesion among the elites has collapsed. We have no strong state to fear, since it has never been weaker, as proven by the failures above on both the material and ideological levels. And make no mistake, that is where they have invested all of their efforts over the past year and a half — it’s not some minor throwaway project that they fucked up on, but their drop-everything-else majorest of major priorities.

The Democratic party government was so spooked by the Selfie Sedition of January 6 they surrounding the imperial capital with barbed wire and National Guard troops, stood down the entire military to purge “extremists” showing they were terrified of dissidents in the ranks. The author is completely correct that those are not the actions of a strong regime, those are the actions of a weak regime.

The 20th Century American Empire was based on brainwashing the domestic population via electronic mass media. Cinema, radio, and television became ubiquitous in the 20th century, right at the beginning of the rise of the Empire. It was right at the time of the fatal blow, September 11, 2001, that the centralized mass electronic media became economically unfeasible with the rise of the Internet, more precisely, the Web. The Empire has struggled to maintain a coherent narrative since that time.

When too many Americans – real Americas, “heritage” Americans, white Americans, Amerikaaners, chose the wrong candidate, dying Web media properties, like the New York Times, realized that fearmongering clickbait outrage porn about the New Hitler was quite lucrative as disappointed Democrats – the “Resistance Moms” – spent all day on social media clicking and posting hysteria. But as soon as the Dictator was removed from power, the money dried up.

So, they shifted to Covid hysteria. For the last couple of months, fully 80% or more of the headlines on the front page of a major media property like Reddit are Covid hysteria.

The audience for Covid hysteria is the same as the audience for Trump hysteria, like “Russiagate,” but the long term trends are pointing steeply down. The gerontocracy that is the Democratic party is falling apart, as the youngest and “wokest” cohort is busy canceling the older cohort and a vicious civil war over the declining number of positions for aspiring bureaucrats due to the over-productcion of elites has already led to the younger cohorts canceling each other.

And the new, woke cohort’s fanaticism is off-putting to most Americans to a degree the Democratic party is still in denial about.

What is supposed to happen is a reliable Israeli asset like Ron DeSantis and a new brand of Kosher Conservatives take back the visible government and pacifies the Amerikaaners. But the Republicans are in denial no less than the Democrats. They do not have the loyalty of the Amerikaaners the way Trump did, and there is no heir apparent on the horizon.

The Empire has shifted away from the Middle East, as the real imperial capital has been secured for another generation thanks to the work of Prince Jared and his faithful lapdog Saudi Arabia’s MBS.

So they believe. The Empire is shifting its focus to China, but those in the know are fully aware that any open conflict with China will lead quickly to a large number of US boats at the bottom of the South China Sea, which will lead to outrage at home – but will almost certainly not result in a Bush era wave of populist jingoism – more likely, a wave of populist anger at the Republican warmongers.

The next time the indigenous people of the Levant land some hard blows on the Zionist occupation regime, there will be no rescue from America. And despite the last five years of desperate pleading on the part of the fake not-really-dissident Right, and the astroturfed “National Populist” Right of Trumpland, fewer and fewer Americans love the shitty little country. And fewer and fewer Amerikaaners are hiding their distaste for the Dual Passporters that occupy the commanding heights of Media and Finance and Big Tech.

You can kick them all off of your platforms, but you can’t make them love you.

So, civil war it is. I’m sure it will be a short one, because the anti-American side has only soft power and that soft power has declined precipitously in a very short amount of time.

It’s a white pill. As summer goes into fall, the planned rerun of Covid hysteria (Delta Variant!) is going to fall on deaf ears and the Afrikaaners have heroically engaged in a completely unreported General Strike against any mandated jabbing. Walmart will back down by the end of the year, the airlines already have.