Conservatives impotently complain that Democrats are the racists. For years, this meant that Democrats were actually oppressing blacks, because of the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” Conservatives advocate for a color-blind society, since the 1990’s, the Republicans have embraced the Communist plagiarist fraud “Martin Luther King” – real name “Michael King,” and repeat the slogans written for him by his handler, “a major financial coordinator for the Communist Party USA,” Stanley Levinson.

For their part, the Democrats have adopted full throated wide spectrum “anti-whiteness.” Anti-whiteness has become a religion among the left, with all the features of an abusive cult.

Indeed, what they have done is to “deconstruct whiteness.” But they have, of course, done this is a way that is both irrational and dishonest.

As mentioned before, the grand-daddy of “Wokeness” and “Political Correctness” is the book The Authoritarian Personality, “sponsored by the American Jewish Committee” and written by four Communists. The book was based on the pseudo-scientific theories of Sigmund Freud and the social theories of Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky, all merged into what they called “Critical Theory.”

Critical theory is an approach to social philosophy that focuses on reflective assessment and critique of society and culture in order to reveal and challenge power structures. With roots in sociology and literary criticism, it argues that social problems stem more from social structures and cultural assumptions than from individuals. Maintaining that ideology is the principal obstacle to human liberation, critical theory was established as a school of thought primarily by the Frankfurt School theoreticians Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Erich Fromm, and Max Horkheimer. Horkheimer described a theory as critical insofar as it seeks “to liberate human beings from the circumstances that enslave them.”

It is important to note that Critical Theory is not science and that it is normative not descriptive. It is advocacy and as Horkheimer said, a theory is only “critical” if it seeks to “liberate.”

As note previously, the Communist author originally divided people into “Communists vs. Fascists” but when he came to America he changed the categories to “Democratic vs. Fascist.”

It was these authors, Communists members of what came to be called “The Frankfurt School,” that invented “Critical Theory” which is the origin of anti-whiteness. “Wokeness,” “political correctness,” “white privilege” and “racism” are all based on the original neo-Communist “Critical Theory” of the Frankfurt school.

The Authoritarian Personality was published in 1950, in the immediate aftermath of World War II, and it was promoted as a way to make sure that America would never turn “fascist” and prevent the rise of an “American Hitler.”

To understand, you have to go back a few decades. After the Civil War, the old Plantation Aristocracy of the South, the Washingtons and the Jeffersons, had been replaced by the “Yankees” which came to be described as “WASPs” – itself a derogatory term coined by a non-WASP. This ruling class was “White” “Anglo-Saxon” and “Protestant.” Two leading intellectual figures of this class were Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard.

Religious Protestantism had declined among the educated elite, and Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was increasinly accepted. Darwin’s famous book was titled “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.” The leading ideology of the time was a sort of Pan-European racialism. By the 1920’s, the United States had imported millions of immigrants, many of them Catholic, with all the resultant ethnic conflict diversity entails. Progressives like Theodore Roosevelt promoted a policy of assimilation where the newly arrived immigrants would abandon their ethnic – but not religious – identity and become “American.”

Left-wingers, and some right-wingers like E. Michael Jones, tell a ridiculous lie that “whiteness” was invented by the early slave owners to “divide the working class.” Nothing could be further from the truth; not only is that a lie, most of the people claiming such know that they are lying.

The term “white” was adopted by Europeans during the Age of Discovery when Europeans discovered Africans. Europeans traditionally identified with their ethnic nations; Flemish, or French, or Finnish. But once exposed to a continent full of people subjected to an entirely different history of evolution, they could easily observe that a Welshman and a German had more in common, biologically, than a Frenchman and a Hutu. The most obvious and visible difference was skin color, so the Europeans began to call themselves “white” and the Africans “black.” A similar thing happened when Europeans discovered the Far East; the Orientals were sometimes called “yellow” – although they would have used the term “golden” – and when America was discovered the Indios were referred to as “red.”

There were no Learned Elders of Whitey meeting in secret to “divide the working class.” By the time the USA’s first citizenship law was passed, citizenship was given to “white persons” – meaning, European – not African, not Asian. This was perhaps the most expansive citizeship law in all of modern history, indeed, the early Americans saw themselves increasingly as a Pan-European people.

With the decline of religious Christianity among the elites, they instead adopted a racialist view of themselves, and promoted the interests of their race – the “white race” – meaning, European people.

Considering the constant, Gangs of New York ethnic and religious conflict that was triggered by the mass waves of immigration in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the American ruling elite passed a series of immigration restrictions that were racial and ethnic in character.

The backlash against the new scientific consensus based on Darwin, and the immigration restrictions keeping the ethnic balance, was led by Jews, as Eastern European Jews, who were losing their privileged status in Europe with the decline of feudalism, were in the middle of transferring multiple millions from their homelands to America, coordinated internationally.

Then, the world plunged into the World Wars, and after it was over, a new generation of Jewish anti-whiteness was led by even more recent immigrants, the Frankfurt school.

Despite the lies, the Irish were always considered “white” and the Italians were always considered “white.” In America, there was really only one racial divide, and that was between Europeans and Africans. Absolutely, Africans were second-class citizens, and segregation was both de-facto and de-jure. The Indios either lived on their own lands, or assimilated into the rest of society; intermarriage among Europeans and Indios was not uncommon.

The Frankfurt School, and the mainstream of the Jewish left, openly and explicitly called for mass immigration and “racial diversity” in order to make the European population of America a minority. These calls are explicit to this day, and Jews will openly say they believe the only way to prevent the rise of an “American Hitler” is if “white Americans” are a minority.

There is no argument here, as Jews, across the spectrum from a conservative like Ben Shapiro to the liberals at the ADL, say it quite openly. It’s an astonishing display of chutzpah that the most ethno-centric and nepotistic people in America – Jews – constantly project their own bigotry onto the goyim. The double standard of Liberal Zionism is increasingly untenable.

It is also merely an expression of bigotry for Jews to say that “white Americans” are somehow inherently “fascist” just waiting for a chance to support an “American Hitler.” Literally, within five years of the Americans defeating the European Fascists, Jews in America began asserting that Americans were themselves “fascists.”

In the modern era of “Woke” we see the anti-whiteness expressed in terms of “People of Color” – everyone in the world except for European-Americans – demanding favorable treatment, not equality.

And despite what deceptive right-wingers would have you believe, the Woke, despite some outbreaks of anti-Zionism, and despite the notion that “Jews are white” – which most American Jews are – “Jews” qua Jews are not discriminated against the way “whites” are. The Democratic party absolutely supports the foreign country of Israel, as just last year the leading Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, said that the Capitol could burn to the ground and it would not stop the Democratic party from supporting Israel.

Really, that is all there is to it. It’s actually not rocket science. The rhetoric of anti-whiteness is not at all hard to “unpack.” It’s not scientific – it is barely even pseudoscience, it is merely bigotry. It is merely racism. It is, in fact, a traditional expression of Jewish bigotry against the goyim.

The rhetoric of “white privilege” simply consists of two things. First, the “privilege” of being a majority. In China, the Han have Han privilege, because they are a majority. In Japan, the Japanese have Japanese privilege. In Sudan, the Sudanese have Sudanese privilege.

The second aspect of “white privilege” is actually “black disprivilege.” Yes, it is absolutely true, Korean shopkeepers give second and third glances when a “ghetto” looking black person walks into their store. This has nothing to do with “white supremacy” but, in fact, has to do with black criminality. But the idea that intelligent, educated, “non-ghetto” black people are discriminated against is an absurd lie. Any non-ghetto black person can write his or her own ticket in corporate America, due to not just Affirmative Action but unofficial “diversity” goals. Any intelligent black person can get a free ride to college, due to the same policies.

The reason that leftists, the “Woke” and the anti-whites talk so much and use such confusing jargon is to obscure the reality that everyone can observe right in front of their eyes.