Covid and BDSM dommes, they’re connected.

The Nanny State Meets the Marquis de Sade: Using social justice totems to worship state power—all in the name of ‘public health’—is the acme of pandemic-era journalism

If you want a picture of the present, imagine Anthony Fauci in studded leather bullwhipping hordes of the unvaccinated and unmasked until they learn to experience their punishment as pleasure. Or you could just read this Rolling Stone article from a few days ago that expresses the spirit of the moral revolution reshaping American society more pointedly than any intellectual analysis: “Meet the Dommes Who Are Demanding Their Submissives Get Vaxxed.”

“I specialize in toilet play, and I can’t do it with people who are unvaccinated,” says one domme requiring proof of vaccination for dungeon entry

When the Covid-19 vaccine came out earlier this year, Bob, who also goes by the sobriquet Mannish Boy, was on the fence about getting it. He was wary about the speed at which the vaccine came to market, and he’d heard about preliminary data suggesting the AstraZeneca version in Europe had a rare side effect of inducing blood clots, which made him anxious. “I think I had the same reservations that many people had,” Bob, who requested that his last name be withheld to protect his privacy, tells Rolling Stone.

Then Bob saw a tweet from Goddess Alexandra Snow, a professional dominatrix and dungeon owner who operates Wicked Eden, a BDSM collective based in Columbus, Ohio. The tweet stated that any submissives who wanted to session with Snow in person would have to show proof of vaccination. Bob had been subscribing to Goddess Snow’s OnlyFans and “tributing” her (giving her money) for almost two years, and he got in touch with her to discuss whether or not he should get the vaccine. “It was less about convincing me and more about her confirming to me that it was the right thing to do,” he says. He got his final shot three weeks ago. “It [feels] good to know that I’m (hopefully) contributing to others not falling seriously ill,” he says. “And of course, it’s gratifying to know I’ve done something that Goddess Snow approves of.”

So you are going to take medical advice from a woman who gets paid to urinate on men?

Dommes using their considerable persuasive powers on their subs to serve the common good is not new: in the lead-up to the 2020 election, for instance, some dommes told Rolling Stone that they were commanding their subs to vote for now-President Joe Biden.

Remember my post about BDSM the other week? Isn’t this exactly the sort of thing I suggested?

The Tablet article makes a really good point:

In 10 words, the headline conveys the supreme value of health, safety, transgression, and bureaucratic regulation to the American professional classes, as well as the new status hierarchy constructed by the stakeholders in that regime. We pledge allegiance to our sainted dominatrixes and to coercive power wielded through symbolic proxies in the name of public wellness. If only social media were somehow more directly involved, you’d have a full hymnal for the new American religion.

Back when I first started writing, “manosphere” stuff was really popular, and the main reason was that a sort of Third or Fourth Wave Feminism was getting heavy play in social media.

This sort of “feminism” was always just a form of clickbait. Most advertising appeals to either shame, or narcissism, and the sort of “you go, girl” rhetoric appeals to young women’s narcissism and gets them to click.

But of course the sort of over-the-top misandry triggers a backlash from young men, hence, the “manosphere” and “Gamergate.”

One particularly notable Clickbait Feminist was named Amanda Marcotte. I wrote a few posts trolling her. She was just a truly nasty piece of work; let’s say she had a very sharp tongue and basically her entire gimmick was just passive aggressive man-bashing.

Astonishingly, I actually found her book in a used bookstore – how the hell Amanda Marcotte’s book ever made it overseas I’ll never know. But recognizing the name, I thumbed through it and it was just as bad as you would expect. It was the “advice for young women in a sexist patriarchy” mumbo-jumbo that sort of genre is noted for.

Well, just about a month ago, I stumbled across an Amanda Marcotte article. Apparently, she has more or less dropped the feminism shtick, and is now doing typical Democratic party partisan politics, of the “Trump is Hitler and Republicans are Nazis” variety.

But of course, what I immediately noticed is that the tone was exactly the same. The same sort of abusive and shaming language.

Then, of course, it hit me. This is aggressive verbal topping. Amanda Marcotte speaks in the BDSM language of a Domme. It could be couched as feminism topping sexist men. It could be couched in politics as Democrats topping Republicans. It hardly matters, the tone itself is the message.

I’m really quite familiar with this dynamic, because I had my own “brat” once. Essentially, a “brat” is your submissive, but she’s a mouthy submissive. She will talk back and disobey you, all in the hope you will get angry, show your masculine and dominant side, grab her hair, turn her over your knee, and give her a spanking. Which of course makes her extremely aroused – and makes you aroused – then you have sex, and when you’re done she gets up and makes you dinner and promises to be a good girl from now on.

You make think it’s weird, but you know we think you’re weird. Growing up, I saw my mom giggle when my dad would smack her butt as she walked by. In fact, spanking is so common that they don’t even call it “BDSM” they call it “TTWD” – “This Thing We Do.” But of course, most people don’t call it anything but “foreplay.” It’s really only “kink” if the dynamic is reversed, as in the woman being the Domme and the man being the submissive, or if you use props and costumes.

In fact, I don’t even think anyone actually thinks it’s weird, except for maybe virgins.

It was always kind of funny reading these autistic manosphere guys talking about “shit tests” and just being baffled.

Really, the manosphere should have ended where it began, with F. Roger Devlin’s Book Sexual Utopia in Power. He explained hypergamy and he made the excellent point that, say, back in the 1950’s, it was a Man’s World. Which meant your average man was a little bit higher on the status system than the average woman. Which meant that every woman could fulfill her own hypergamous nature by marrying a more or less average man.

But now that most men have no status at all, even negative status, well women are just out of luck. She has to join the harem of Chad Thundercock and then when she turns 35, she becomes a nun and has only the vibrator to keep her company.

Really, that was it, all of this alphas and betas and game and shit tests was autistics trying to describe an emotional elephant in a dark room.

I mentioned a Don Lemon clip the other day where he was lecturing people about vaccines. The tone of voice was pure Dad lecturing son. I thought, who the hell is Don Lemon? He’s not a doctor. He’s not a virologist. He’s an actor. Remember in 2016, when Trump won, all these Hollywood actors did a video demanding that the Electoral College go faithless and not vote for Trump? Everyone fell over in laughter. It was unintentionally funny and their worried and concerned tone of voice made it even funnier. There were lots of parodies.

In the absence of popular trust in shared authorities, counterfeit authority is manufactured to legitimize the mandate of the ruling class. Enforced obedience to technocratic experts takes the place of respect for learning and technical competence. And in a more overt idolatry, ceremonial deference is lavished on categories of people who, apart from any qualities they possess as individuals, are invested with authoritative identities.

So it happened like this. By 1979, the Sexual Revolution peaked, and they were openly marching in the street for the right to molest children, child pornography was not uncommon, rape – as in, rape-rape – was becoming endemic, women were being pressured into all sorts of things they didn’t really want, and were shamed for not wanting it. It was the Golden Age of Porn.

An amazing convergence of left-wing feminists and right-wing Christians decided this had to stop, and they halted the revolution. Anita Bryant demanded an end to the normalization of pederasty with her “Save Our Children” campaign. Andrea Dworkin almost had pornography banned. Child pornographers were arrested. Before Basic Instinct was protested by lesbians, in 1980 the film Cruising had cop Sylverster Stallone going undercover in the New York City gay BDSM scene to find a serial killer. The LGBT went crazy protesting this movie, and it was assumed that BDSM was going to be the next sexual thing on the counter-revolutionary chopping block.

But something really interesting happened. Instead, BDSM – or what they would call “BDSM-lite” – actually became a fad among middle class white suburbanites. As a child, I was thoroughly confused by the keychains they would sell at the mall that would read “Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Bleed.” I asked my friends older sister, and she gave a confusing answer that I didn’t understand at the time.

This is when Ann Rice’s erotica novels became cult classics read by white suburban moms. The point is, you can’t police normal sexuality, and BDSM fantasy, and a little bit of “BDSM-lite” is not at all fringe, it’s completely normal. The resistance came from the women, not the men, as BDSM really is a women’s thing. By the end of the 80’s lots of jokey BDSM themes were in films and TV shows.

Wait, don’t lose me here, this is absolutely relevant to the Covid stuff. Because as part of the attempted backlash to BDSM, they invented “the BDSM Community.” There is nothing new under the sun – Weather Underground was using proto-SJW language in the 70’s. The “BDSM Community” tried to market themselves as some sort of “oppressed identity” like gays and lesbians. They declared themselves experts of human sexuality and tried to become self-appointed gatekeepers of what was “real BDSM” and what “consent” really meant.

Are “trans women of color” and “dommes” genuine authorities in America? No, but they are made into public idols that real power can hide behind. In theory, these totems of the marginalized are being “centered” by social justice movements that overturn historical power structures. In practice, the dominatrix, stripped of all authentic erotic power and allure, becomes a new kind of patriotic hero defending the civic virtues of the American middle class.

Curtis Yarvin’s Neo-Reaction claims to be a genuine reaction to the excesses of the current oligarchy, but as has been shown here over and over again, it is merely neo-conservative Zionism hiding behind a conservative restoration.

The neo-reactionaries, rightly, point to the Christianish, even “Calvinist,” religious themes in modern progressivism. But of course, what they don’t want you to know is that behind the veneer of white anti-whiteness, behind the so-called “white guilt” and “self-hatred” of progressive whites, the real power structure is not self-hating, but self-loving, Jewishness, and still, despite the increasingly contradictions, Zionism.

Behind the virtue-signaling of the Branch Covidians is Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. “Woke capitalism” is nothing more than the “liberal CIA” of Gloria Steinem’s day, a way to co-opt “the left.”

It’s been said so many times it’s tiring to repeat it, but Bank of America funds Pride Parades to give it lefty clout and make sure that no leftists ever complain about usury. Corporate America is so Woke no one noticing the offshoring and outsourcing of jobs.

What happened to Occupy Wall Street? The grassroots anger at the financial bailouts was turned, quite quickly, into the “Progressive Stack, Whites In The Back.” The budding anti-semitism of anti-Wall Street sentiment – noted quite openly in both America and the UK – was quickly shifted to anti-whiteness, i.e., anti-goyimism. Occupy Wall Street was so co-opted it began to be steered by a group calling itself “Occupy Judaism” which policed their language and even told them they could not hold protests on Jewish holidays, as that would “echo traditional anti-semitic tropes.”

Somehow the whip of the domme and the warm embrace of the nanny state have become one and the same. The general plot, with Bob as a misguided but goodhearted fella who in the end learns a valuable lesson from a social better, is surely familiar to any American born in the era of after-school TV specials. You are being whipped, alright, but it’s for the good of the nation. It is purest cringe.

Last year saw white police officers bowing before black criminals, “taking a knee” to atone for “structural racism.” A Christian pastor literally made a show of washing the feet of black men. Videos of white women literally kneeling and praying to blacks went viral.

Anyone familiar with BDSM will recognize this dominant-submissive dynamic. It’s hard to not notice the sadism on the left, and the masochism of those who desperately want to submit.

The article exemplifies a successful formula for faux-reported journalism that has become ascendant over the past decade. The journalist, beginning with her conclusions in hand, seeks out representatives from the list of marginalized American groups to highlight their special suffering and exemplary virtue in the context of a broader social issue. In this case, the national debate over vaccinations is reframed as a simple morality tale about the quiet heroism of dommes.

Absolutely true, but for obvious reasons Tablet won’t acknowledge its own role here. Both Rolling Stone and Tablet are money losing clickbait farms. Both exist to serve the same power structure. Rolling Stone leverages the titillation of kinky BDSM to promote Big Pharma and the police state, then Tablet uses the same BDSM titillation, but pretends to be fundamentally different than its opposition.

Which really just reminds me of the old manosphere days. The feminists would write some ridiculous man-hating clickbait, the manosphere boys would howl in impotent reaction, then the feminists would point to the reaction as proof of the inherent misogyny of the system, and write their own rape threats they could then use as further Oppression Points.

There is no actual phenomenon of dominatrixes enforcing COVID morality. That is a fantasy, perhaps sexual in its own repressed way, that exists in the minds of the journalists who concoct this kind of story to dramatize the public morality that they have so thoroughly internalized. … You’re all the subs, and we magazine writers are the real dommes whipping you for your own good.

Two Jewish clickbait farms, arguing over who gets to whip the goyim. The very word “journalism” is a glittering generality. The word “journalism” is endowed with a sort of prestige that it does not deserve.

A decade ago I met a CNN “journalist” at a Washington DC bar. He was anxious to discuss his job with anyone who would listen, and was frankly miffed when no one really cared. The old Alt Right comedian really got one Daily Beast “journalist” quite good when, upon hearing that the man had gone to Journalism School, mocked him about the fact he will never, ever, get to write for the New York Times, the only publication that journalists really respect.

Does anyone outside of the social far-left of the Democratic party find anything prestigious about the New York Times? Not in the slightest. The only way anyone outside of that very narrow class pays any attention to the New York Times is in a defensive manner, to find out who they are attacking this time.

But all this shows more than anything the complete uselessness of conservatives, reactionaries, and the right in general. All they do is react. To keep the theme going, all of the right is merely the cries and moans of the subbie bottom boy as he gets whipped by the Woke Capitalist domme.

Rand Paul gets banned from Youtube and the first thing he does is make a statement about how he respects the rights of Alphabet/Google to ban him.

“Yes, Mistress, may I have another?”