First, a guy clearly assigned to me, who has been trolling me for well over five years, went into a tirade when I made the post. Then, an obvious hasbara started trolling. You can always tell hasbara because they use the term “Joo.” I think the point, besides the obviously mockery, is so they can follow up by doing a search. That way, independents can search for the term “Joo” and know that site was a target of a previous hasbara. It’s a great system if you think about it.

I mentioned how Eric Hufschmidt, who writes about his “liquid poop” and other such craziness, was clearly trying to disrupt and discredit the 9/11 truth movement. I found that both my long time stalker, and a bunch of random hasbara, were quite knowledgeable about these people! Clearly, not just randos.

When Steven Jones started Scholars for 9/11 Truth, he made the mistake of inviting James Fetzer, who is clearly a disinformation operative. Fetzer gained control of the board and immediately brought in Judy Wood, who promotes bizarre sci-fi fiction, also clearly meant to discredit serious 9/11 research. Jones quit his own organization and started another.

Well, apparently, something quite similar happened to Christopher Bollyn, who was an early researcher covering the Israeli complicity in the 9/11 attacks. He was also approached by Eric Hufschmidt and Michael Collins Piper, who then started promoting disinformation and when he cut them loose, began attacking and smearing him.

Bollyn tells the story:

Anyone can compare the websites and writings of Christopher Bollyn and Erick Hufschmid and immediately understand who is doing serious research and who is peddling discrediting disinformation.

I was surprised to read about Michael Piper attacking Bollyn. Wasn’t Piper the one who wrote the book about Israel assassinating JFK? Didn’t he write for Willis Carto’s The Liberty Lobby and its successor, American Free Press, both outfits always called “anti-semitic?”

Is Michael Collins Piper actually “Michael Bernard Piper” as Bollyn asserts? Wikipedia confirms! It reminds me of the famous “Neo-Nazi” Frank Colin, whose real name was Frances Cohen. Why use a fake typically Irish middle name like “Collins” instead of the middle name your parents gave you, “Bernard?” Is this sort of like how Jonathan Stuart Liebowitz became “Jon Stewart?”

Bollyn claims that Mark Lane, a “Zionist lawyer,” is the one that actually runs Liberty Lobby/AFP.

I don’t know the historical details, but Mark Lane’s books on JFK seem to be so much disinformation. It looks like LL/AFP has a lot of good and serious writers, then poisons the well with disinformation, which is exactly how the system seems to work.

And if someone goes off the reservation, like Bollyn, they get smeared by their former co-workers. Fascinating.

Really, I just kind of made a blog post based on stuff I remembered from 15 years ago, but it looks like I stepped right in it, because that post got all sorts of traffic, from all sorts of very interesting places, and triggered some very angry trolls, very hard. Apparently, you are very much not supposed to notice what I noticed.

At least it got my long time stalker, who has been attacking me for well over five years, to out himself as professional disinformation. And then another dozen of so hasbara and disinformation trolls to go on the attack. Quite interesting.

You get flak when you are over the target.