When I first started my blog, over a decade ago, I decided I would tell the truth about sex. At the time there were “pick up artists” and “white nationalist feminists” and “traditionalist Catholics” that were always signaling one way or another about sex.

I decided to tell the truth. I sure as hell have never been a “pick up artist.” I did read that one book about “Style” and found it mildly amusing, but of course all of the characters came across as truly pathetic. Really, they were the straight version of the gay Club Kids from the 90’s. They would dress up in fancy outfits and go clubbing and try to pick up chicks. I mean, so what? Everyone does that. Then, of course, the “PUA” that ran the In Mala Fide website turned out to be … Matt Forney. Yeah, I am not taking advice from Matt Forney about sex. Half of these “PUAs” literally lost their virginity to a Filipina hooker.

Then again, the White Nationalist Feminists and the Traditional Catholics were just as bad on the other side. A lot of those gals were party girls that hit the wall and then found Jesus and decided to complain about young guys complaining about women.

I’m glad I took this stance, because it puts me in a position to discuss the espionage ramifications of the latest Hunter Biden scandal.

The suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal just before the election was astonishing, truly astonishing. The reason the censorship was astonishing is because of how partisan it was. The media goes into absolute lockstep censorship on many issues, all the time; think of how the falsity of the so-called “Assad gassed his own people” was simply never discussed on any mainstream platform. They censor all the time.

But as far as I can remember, they have never before censored a scandalous, juicy sex story, like Hunter Biden’s laptop, just in the interest of one politician or political party. What was astonishing is how the entire establishment, both political parties, conservatives and liberals, all of Silicon Valley, Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, all of the Fortune 500, the Chamber of Commerce, all major corporations, they all cooperated in lockstep to take down Trump. It was truly amazing to see.

I am somewhat glad that they did. Donald Trump was literally a foreign agent, taking direct orders from Benjamin Netanyahu, and I suspect he was somewhat of a Woodrow Wilson type character. More than once it appears the Pentagon had to stop him from escalating a war against Iran.

Conservatives and the Trumptards totally have all of this wrong. If the stories are true, Trump doesn’t even like Jared Kushner very much. Lots of men hate their son-in-laws. But we are supposed to believe that Trump actually trusted Jared Kushner, someone with zero political experience whatsoever, to give him “advice?” No, that is absurd. Jared Kushner was simply relaying orders from the man he saw as his boss, Benjamin Netanyahu. Donald Trump has always been a front man for Jewish organized crime – and specifically, the brand of Mishpucka sexual-blackmail organized crime that has controlled the Republican party since not the days of Reagan, but the days of McCarthy – the 1950’s.

Jeffrey Epstein, Roy Cohn, Arthur Finkelstein, Lew Wasserman – the Jewish mafia godfather that owned Ronald Reagan and even, if the stories are to be believed, had a film of him in his early career getting pegged by a woman – porn existed from the very first day photography was invented – to others whose names escapes me right now.

So when I read stories like this about Hunter Biden, I’m not really surprised:


‘The Russians have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex!’ Hunter Biden is seen in unearthed footage telling prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole ANOTHER of his laptops

Hunter Biden claims Russian drug dealers stole another one of his laptops for blackmail while he was drugged out in a Vegas hotel room in 2018

Video obtained by DailyMail.com shows Hunter with a naked hooker in 2019 after filming a sex tape and explaining how he believed his laptop was stolen

Hunter left the camera rolling as he recounted a Las Vegas bender in which he spent ’18 days going round from penthouse suite to penthouse suite’

The incident would mean Hunter lost a total of three computers, each likely to hold sensitive information on President Joe Biden

The laptops contain embarrassing pictures, videos and communications of the president’s son

‘They have videos of me doing this,’ he said, referring to the filmed sex he just finished. ‘They have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex f***ing, you know’

Hunter’s claims also raise the possibility that he was targeted as a vulnerable conduit to Joe Biden as part of a foreign intelligence operation

Now, here’s the deal. One time, in 2000, I was going on a trip so my girlfriend “let” me take a bunch of naked pictures of her. I say “let” because of course she was totally into it, because women love to show off and make men horny, obviously. I borrowed a digital camera, which were pretty new and expensive at the time.

Then, sometime around 2004 or so, I made a sex tape with another woman. Just because. It seemed sexy and hot at the time. Eventually, I erased both the naked pictures of my girlfriend and the sex tape with another girlfriend, just because I figured there was some chance they could get online, so better safe than sorry.

But of course I’m from the older generation. The kids these days are taking naked selfies and making sex tapes and posting them to Facebook starting when they are teenagers.

So a word on pillow talk. Women love this. After they have given you the treatment, you are tired and you get sort of emotionally vulnerable. You often talk to your lady and open up emotionally, which women love – sometimes more than the sex – because it just proves how sexy they are that they were able to get you to show that vulnerable side they usually never see. It makes them feel powerful.

So, I can understand pillow talk with your wife. I can understand pillow talk with your girlfriend. I could maybe see letting something about work slip out to some random hook-up you picked up at a bar the night before that you maybe shouldn’t say because who knows, maybe she works for a competitor.

But … Hunter Biden is filming himself not just having sex with a hooker but also telling her about how the Russian mobsters he is buying drugs from is blackmailing him?

Look – I’ve blacked out and woken up next to a woman whose name I didn’t even know. I mean, more than once. More than I’m comfortable sharing. But … this? I’ve done plenty of drugs in my lifetime, but … this?

Hunter’s claims raise the possibility that he was targeted as a vulnerable conduit to Joe Biden as part of a foreign intelligence operation.

Gee, ya think?

When Sibel Edmonds, the FBI 9/11 whistle-blower, was able to talk after the Dennis Scandal broke, she said everyone in the FBI knew that Dennis Hastert – the most powerful Republican for 20 years – was an active, “serial child molester” as the judge that sentenced him to prison called him. Edmonds said that the Turkish intelligence agency knew it, and that likely every intelligence agency on earth knew it. Dennis Hastert was into little boys – not like, jailbait, 17 – like 13 year olds, apparently. Maybe even younger. Remember, the most famous leftist intellectual of his era, Michel Foucault, traveled to the Middle East and raped numerous little boys, aged eight. Everyone knew it, but the media wouldn’t say a word, and the police wouldn’t do a thing, because he was a celebrity. This was so common among leftists that Edward Said wrote a famous book about it, Orientalism.

And – of course – the police, the politicians, and the media, they all do similar things. It’s basically a ring of mutual blackmail.

All judges are completely corrupt. The Democratic judges don’t even pretend otherwise, they openly ignore the law, they just make rulings based on whatever their political interests are at the time. The Republicans, on the other hand, posture as if they pay attention to black letter law and precedent, but of course they do not – see, Bush vs. Gore, the most partisanly political, and ridiculous, Supreme Court case up to that time. Instead, no Republican gets a federal judgeship until – like Sibel Edmonds said – the Mishpuka have them on tape raping a kid or something similar. All Republican judges are vetted through the Federalist Society, run by the Jewish operative Eugene B. Meyer.

It’s amazing, Reddit does not have a single article about the current Hunter Biden scandal, and the last time an article about him was posted in the News section was eight years ago. Meaning, of course, that Reddit is actively censoring the story.

Only a handful of tabloids – specifically, the media outlets that are controlled by Likud – have discussed anything about Hunter Biden. Biden is now openly laundering money through some sort of bullshit “art sales” and the Democrats are just brushing it off.

I never voted for Trump, and I’ve spent the last five years doing nothing but exposing his criminal and treasonous ties to Israel. I don’t know if the election was “stolen” from him or not – I wouldn’t be at all surprised. In fact, I would be absolutely shocked if any election anywhere in the country is free or fair. I assume that fake voting machines and ballot stuffing are not just common, but happen in every election, from President to county dog catcher. LBJ used to show off “Ballot Box 13” that he alleged had stuffed, winning his first federal election. When Truman was President, he gave pardons to all of the Mafia gangsters that had been rigging elections for him since the very first time he became a county judge.

Joe Oltmann, the Tech executive who described hearing Dominion executive Eric Coomer say he had made sure Trump would never win in November, and who said publicly Coomer had extensive ties to Antifa, was at Lindell’s Tech symposium, and briefly told his story. He began by saying people should have no doubt, there is a massive hidden organization in this country that has taken everything over, and it works, in his words, “exactly like the Mafia.”

Yes, it is called “the Democratic party.” But not just them, apparently, the Mishpucka is in complete control of the Republican party.

The Freemasons can be seen as a kind of “mafia” – a kind of “organized crime” – and they were obviously prominent – the ruling class – in America from George Washington’s day to the 19th century. The Black Hand was operating in America from at least 1909. Al Capone was a celebrity in the newspapers, he was more popular than most politicians. Hollywood, from the earliest days of cinema, was run by the Jewish mafia – the “Mishpucka” – and they were involved in sex trafficking since day one. All of the Hollywood actresses – all of them – were pimped out to various people. Does anyone believe, for a single second, that all the celebrities that went with Bob Hope to “entertain the troops” in Vietnam weren’t getting passed around by the officer corp?

I’m a nobody, literally a nobody, and I’ve been to plenty of cocaine swinger parties in my time. Does anyone think that the 1950’s, the Ring-A-Ding-Ding Dean Martin days, were any different?

Les Wexner, the Jewish Mishpucka organized crime Godfather, that was basically Jeffrey Epstein’s boss, and was blackmailing Bill Clinton, had his own attorney offed.

The United States, the Democratic party, they literally nuked two entire Japanese cities full of men, women, and children, even after Japan was already surrendering, just to scare the Soviets, and everyone else.

Since that is the case, does anyone think that a few murders here and there matter? They are merely a blip, an inconvenience. Hell, look at what happened to Judge Esther Salas – a CIA assassin, with long time cover at Kroll & Associates – the company directly involved in 9/11 – he dressed up like a Fed Ex guy and murdered her son and shot her husband. I’m sure she will rule the correct way on the Deutsch Bank case.

So you go to Iraq, you kill a bunch of men, and a few women and children too. Then you quadruple your pay and join a Private Military Contractor, now you don’t have to worry about the UCMJ and you can do all the coke and bang all the hookers you want. Dyncorp guys were openly bragging about raping teenage girls in Serbia, right in front of women that were hired, right on their first day on the job. That is how open it is.

Everything is completely corrupt, from top to bottom – including just random, average Americans. How many people smoked pot back when it was illegal?


George H. W. Bush was the Godfather of the American Deep State. He was the world’s biggest cocaine trafficker. One of the most prominent Republicans, Mitch McConnell, is not just nicknamed “Cocaine Mitch” because his Chinese wife’s company was busted trafficking tons of cocaine – his staff sells t-shirts with “Cocaine Mitch” and a picture of white power on them. They brag about it.

The same government that murders hundreds of thousands of people around the world, that nukes entire cities full of men, women and children, well, of course they would blow up three skyscrapers with 3,000 people in them. Of course they would attack their own Pentagon to kill their gangster rivals. Raping children? Some people like it, I guess.

So after you retire from the Private Military Contractor, you get a job providing “security” for an oligarch, like Jeff Bezos, or Harvey Weinstein. If you boss needs someone offed? You know a guy, who knows a guy. Do you want a clear hit, or do you want to send a message?

Supposedly, the first Hunter Biden video that was leaked – he was smoking crack while raping his underage niece.

But apparently, this sort of sexual blackmail doesn’t work anymore. Because although everyone knows it, what happened? Nothing! The media just ignores it. Biden just ignores it. The Democratic party, they just ignore it.

Didn’t Trump brag that he could shoot someone right in Times Square and his fans would still vote for him?

The President’s son spends $10,000 a night on hookers and blow, films himself raping his underage niece, then passes out as his Russian drug dealers steals his laptop – which has his personal communications to his father, the President, and details of all the bribery and blackmail he’s involved in.

And it just doesn’t matter.

I always get annoyed at right-wingers when they complain about “democracy.” We don’t have anything even resembling “democracy” in America. Elections are more or less meaningless, all candidates have been chosen ahead of time, the voters get to choose between Coke and Pepsi. And if they choose the wrong one, they will just steal it.


You know what? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Find yourself a vulnerable young girl. “Love bomb” her, have sex with her, give her plenty of drugs and booze, rough her up a bit. Then, pimp her out to a Vice President at a local bank and film him. Then, tell him you’ll go straight to the police unless he gives you $10,000. Use the $10,000 to buy some cocaine, start selling it to the local college kids, make $100,000. Sell your house for triple the price to a Chinese gangster that needs to launder some money. Hire a sociopathic vet to murder a rival, or threaten to kill someone’s kid if they don’t give you money. Don’t worry about the FBI – work with the FBI, there is zero difference between the FBI and organized crime, the FBI is organized crime, it always has been since J. Edgar Hoover, himself a “made man” in organized crime who was blackmailing everyone, including John F. Kennedy.

Seriously, I laugh at the Reagan era conservatives complaining about the USSR. America is the Evil Empire, always has been. There’s nothing that the USSR did that the US hasn’t done. Look at what the US did to Russia after the Soviet Union fell – they turned it over, lock stock and barrel, to the Jewish mafia, then CIA agents like Richard Fuisz started trafficking teenage Russian girls into New York and set them up with the Wall Street oligarchy.

I mean, once you see it, it just cannot fail to amaze you.

Of course, the conservatives are just as bad. Look at the GOP hero, Ron DeSantis. This guy literally takes orders directly from Israel – he even has official Florida government meetings in Israel, instead of Florida. Look at Matt Gaetz and Joel Greenberg, trafficking teenage girls, giving them drugs.

I once worked for organized crime. Back when I was young, just starting out, I would moonlight making websites for people. I met this guy, who paid me good money to set up a website for his “modeling company.” I mean, I knew what it was. I loved looking at the pictures the gals would send – plenty of nudes. It was obvious it was not a “modeling company” it was an “escort service.” But hey – I liked money. I even went to one of his cocaine and hookers parties. He was really appreciative that I did such a good job, making it easy for the gals to apply online.

So really, who am I to complain? I used to do molly and have orgies with teenage girls too, when I was a teenager. I just did it for fun, not for money and leverage.

Which I guess just makes me a chump.