OK, first read this post by Travis LeBlanc at CC:


Get it? OK.

What is the “Red-Brown Alliance?” Really, nothing. It’s actually just another way for left-wingers to call anyone who doesn’t agree with them on every single issue a “Nazi.”

Remember, Jimmy Carter was not Hitler, but Ronald Reagan was Hitler. Bill Clinton was not Hitler, but George Bush – definitely Hitler. Conservatives called Hillary Clinton “Hitlery” but Democrats called her a “moderate progressive.”

Donald Trump? Definitely Hitler. Why was Donald Trump Hitler? Because he was a Republican after he was a Democrat. In 2004, when Donald Trump was a Democrat, he was not Hitler, but he became Hitler when he ran as a Republican.

And, of course, just ask fanatical Zionists like Philip Roth, Americans are all just a bunch of Nazis. Obviously, the truck driver who wore a MAGA hat and voted for Donald Trump was a Nazi.

You can tell what you are dealing with when one of these left-wingers start talking about “Strausserites.” What the hell is a “Strausserite?” Apparently – I only found this out recently – 100 years ago there were two brothers named Strausser that took the “socialist” in “National Socialism” seriously, so Hitler killed them.

So – therefore, according to the Left, if you, say, support Medicare for All but you don’t put your pronouns in your social media bio, you are a “Strausserite.”

To do the formal math:

Strausserite = Nazi = Fascist = Racist = White = Christian = Gentile = Republican

In the Red-Brown Coalition the “red” means “commie” and the “brown” means “nazi”, apparently, based on the color of shirts people wore a hundred years ago in Europe.

Look – I didn’t know any of this shit either. I’m just a typical libtard, frankly.

So Antifa, which remember is the Democratic party’s domestic terrorist force, is freaking out because “Fascists” are “infiltrating” “the Left.”

You know, I’m really big on empathy. I was raised Christian, you are supposed to love your enemies, and even Confucius said you must know your enemy.

So put yourself in the shoes of one of these Antifa.

You are a spoiled brat that hates your upper middle class parents. You got into massive student debt, and since you aren’t really that bright, instead of majoring in something difficult, but useful, like Engineering, Biology, or Chemistry, or even Law, you majored in Grievance Studies, or Book Reports – I mean, English Literature.

Now you wanted to be the Great American novelist, or get a job at the New York Times, or something cool. But there are only so many jobs in Human Resources for Grievance Studies majors to bust unions by calling everyone “racist.”

So, you are stuck working at Starbucks.

And you know, you know in your very bones, that you are better than all the other baristas. You went to university. You read Chomsky. You are, like, really anti-racist and used to scream at your father for voting for Mitt Romney.

Since you are better than all the other working class people you decide to become an “Activist.”

Joining Antifa means you can go around sucker punching working class people who voted for Trump, or Christians praying, and you know you won’t get arrested and charged with anything because you actually do know that you are the shock troops for the ruling class, despite posturing as “fighting the man.”

Now, you know that it is wrong to physically assault people. So you engage in dehumanization by calling your victims “nazis” and “fascists” – “subhumans” – “untermenschen.”

You know just because some old guy doesn’t know the preferred nomenclature is no longer “Oriental” but “AAPI” that doesn’t actually make him a “Nazi.” But you know the new preferred terms, which proves that you are Smart and With-It – you could attend a Harvard party and you have the upper class social manners down pat.

Which makes your career at Starbucks all the more infuriating, because you shouldn’t have to work a menial job for a living, you SHOULD be at Harvard partying with the elites.

Now the Antifa managers, the university professors and Israel lobbyists, they know perfectly well that there are no “fascists,” no “nazis,” thus no “browns.” Frankly, there aren’t really even any “reds.” The typical Antifa footsoldier is just a deracinated neo-liberal consumer Social Media influencer, certainly not a factory worker organizing a general strike to take down capitalism. Your typical Antifa couldn’t organize without their IPhones, make by literal slaves in Communist China.

So to make sure that the neo-liberal capitalist system is never actually threatened, the Antifa managers invented the talking point of the “Red-Brown Coalition.”

In this fantasy, “fascists” are always trying to “infiltrate” Antifa.

So, if an Antifa footsoldier thinks to himself, hey, you know, working class Trump voters and working class Obama voters could actually put aside their differences and force a union vote at Amazon …

… or, if an Antifa footsoldier thinks, hey, we could organize BDS on our campus to show solidarity with the Palestinians …

… the Antifa managers can say, “no, that is Fascism Creeping!” “That person misgendered someone, thus is a nazi!” “This guy laughed at a transphobic Dave Chappelle bit – thus, HITLER!”

Now, even though I’m basically just a libtard, a rather moderate center of the road type, and since I’m racialized as “white” but not “Jewish” and I don’t take SJW nonsense seriously, nor do I show the proper deference to the foreign state of Israel and their Fifth Column in America, that makes me a “Fascist” … thus, “Brown.”

So I’ll take it for now, and just ask my fellow Browns … what possible good would it do to work with the Reds?

I mean, sure, there are lots of people working at Starbucks that would be very helpful in some sort of political movement. But not the guy working at Starbucks that thinks he’s better than other working class people because he took a Critical Race Theory class in college and knows what “AAPI” means.

Those people are a hindrance to any worthwhile project.

Frankly, the Browns should be far more concerned with Reds trying to infiltrate them.