Keith Preston of has an idea of “Pan-Anarchism Against the State, Pan-Secessionism Against the Empire, Pan-Socratism Against Dogma.” He is occasionally accused of working with “fascists” which is what the Activist Left says about anybody that focuses on class as opposed to “Social Justice” issues. People who do not put their pronouns in their bios are under suspicion.

For the last couple of years, there has been a serious effort to unionize Amazon warehouse workers. The Activist Left has had absolutely nothing to say about this, and the Activist Left, and certainly not “anarchists,” has contributed precisely zero to the most significant unionization effort of the last twenty years.

It’s probably a good thing that these Leftists are not involved in the Amazon unionization effort. What would happen in the Democratic Socialists of America were involved? Instead of issues, DSA types would be whining about pronouns and performative support for autistics by not applauding, but doing “jazz hands.”

It’s quite obvious that the DSA are not democratic, they are not socialists, and they aren’t even American. They are a quasi-religious cult for the downwardly mobile aspiring Professional Managerial Class. Apparently, DSA is the wealthiest political organization in America, the average DSA member is in the top 10% of wage earners. Then, of course, DSA isn’t socialist at all, they merely want more generous welfare state policies. Frankly, they are a parasitic class and their policies are useful to their employers in academia and the tech world in the sense of taking the financial burden for e.g. their health care from their employers and putting it on to the working class tax payers.

It’s instructive that Amazon immediately used “Social Justice” language to try to discredit the union organizers and leaked documents showed that Amazon was using “diversity initiatives” to undermine worker solidarity. Which anyone but the Activist Left could have told you.

A particularly lame example of the unseriousness of the Activist Left can be seen in a blog post titled Canceling Critical Race Theory.

The blogger, called “Comrade Hermit (Nicky Reid)” has this profile:

I’m a genderfuck Ted Kaczynski with a blog instead of a bomb. I make no qualms about my intention to destroy the American empire from the comfort of my suburban spider hole. Art is the deadliest weapon at the revolutionaries disposal and I fully intend to use mine to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.

Of course, he does no such thing. Not a bit of any of his politics are either afflicting the comfortable nor comforting the afflicted. The profile picture is a cartoon of an obese man wearing a bra. Is seems likely that “Genderfuck” really just means exhibitionist, but hiding this sexual fetish under the guise of gender ideology is an excuse to sexually assault women via unwanted exhibitionism.

Arnold Layne had a strange hobby
Collecting clothes
Moonshine washing line
They suit him fine
On the wall hung a tall mirror
Distorted view, see through baby blue

It’s been noted by many the off-the-charts misogyny among men of the Activist Left, and the women are nearly as bad with their misandry. A huge amount of the Activist Left is merely fetishism and sexual dysfunction, which is why this cult has to recruit, as they do not reproduce naturally. Serious leftists, such as Aimee Terese, has pointed this out numerous times, the Activist Left hates the proletarian family. Spiteful Mutants, indeed, hiding their misanthropy under the guise of “politics.”

Reading, writing, bad poetry, amateur erotica, social upheaval, smashing the state

Well, there will be a lot of exhibitionism, the only “social upheaval” will be in making women uncomfortable via the sexual exhibitionism. There certainly will be no “smashing the state,” like, zero smashing of the state from the comforts of his suburban apartment.

To see how much of the Activist Left is merely a consumer subculture, check out his list of consumer products he identifies with.

Anything by David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, David Cronenberg, Takashi Miike, Gaspar Noe, Park Chan-Wook, Lars Von Trier, John Waters, Harmony Korine or the Coen Brothers

As you can see, despite the pretense at radicalism and transgressivism, his consumer product choices are extremely conventional. Who doesn’t like the Coen Brothers? Who doesn’t like Tarantino?

I can say this, because I’ve met the man, but John Waters is just terribly overrated. Sure, Pecker was funny and charming. A Dirty Shame almost – not quite, but almost – reached self-awareness. After engaging in every form of sexual fetish, they are reduced to breaking the Last Sexual Taboo – hitting each other over the head with sticks and bricks.

Indeed, John Waters.

Anything by Hunter S. Thompson, Emma Goldman, Allen Ginsberg, Alexander Cockburn, Gore Vidal, Bret Easton Ellis, Murray Bookchin, Peter Kropotkin and William Burroughs

Allen Ginsberg, the dedicated child molester, proud of his rapes of eight-year old boys. Few people in culture have been more contemptible and few have had such a mismatch between talent and acclaim. Indeed, without the child molesting, drug abuse, and racism, Ginsberg would simply not be notable. Burroughs, too, so overrated.

I see Bookchin and Kropotkin, but where is Proudhon? I mean, I know why he’s not there. Raping children is fine, but critiquing the racist and religious cult of Judaism will get you canceled. One thing that the Activist Left, and especially the Anarchists, never, ever, ever do is actual confront the powerful. Quite the opposite, they are all suck-ups and hall monitors for the powerful. That is what they exist for.

Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Hole, the Pixies, the Stooges, the Velvet Underground, Mitski, the Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Throwing Muses and the Smashing Pumpkins.

And here, we get to brass tacks. When your so-called “political” movement has its own musical genre, it’s not a political movement. It’s a consumer subculture. Also, that list is curated as to be Maximally Hipster. This is a social signal in the same sense that monogrammed ties and golf pants are social signals for a different social subculture. I must assume Hole is there as a sop to feminism, and, like Throbbing Gristle, far more people claim to like the Stooges than actually listen to the Stooges.

So considering this, it’s really hardly a surprise that the screed against “Cancel Culture” is nothing more than a standard issue “Trump is Hitler and SJWs sometimes go too far” posture. It could have been written by Matt Taibbi – in fact, it was written by Matt Taibbi, he just did it better.

I am not a politically correct animal. Out of the good of my bleeding heart, I’ve tried, but my species of genderfuck extraterrestrial just doesn’t swing that way. When the good lord Kali made this mess, she made her with a big fucking mouth and no filter. I swear like a sailor, I crack awful jokes at funerals, and I still think January 6 was the best Monty Python sketch in decades. Beyond my more juvenile instincts though, I also happen to be something of a free speech purist. I grew up on punk rock and John Water flicks, and I still worship the ground Lenny Bruce, Mario Savio, and Abbie Hoffman spat on.

OK, right off the bat. You can always tell when someone is posturing when they claim to be a fan of Lenny Bruce. Lenny Bruce is not funny, has never been funny. He is held up as an icon because he’s Jewish and he was arrested for obscenity. Some of his most famous bits were told in front of a crowd that didn’t laugh once.

And Abbie Hoffman? This is just embarrassing. Hoffman was a racist bigot, a drugged out loser, and was instrumental in undermining the anti-war movement. But, like, the sixties, man. These fucking Boomers – the Day of the Pillow can’t come soon enough.

I feel like the left has lost its way with this bullshit. We’ve become so concerned with not hurting anyone’s feelings that we’ve forgotten how to kick some fucking ass. A revolution isn’t a pride parade. We have to break things and own our slurs. We have to become faggots with attitude. We’ve seen first hand over the last few decades what political correctness achieves and it’s absolutely nothing. Americans have never been more culturally sensitive or polite and racial inequality is still at an all time high and Donald Trump could still be a two term president.

Wait … why would an “Anarchist” that wants to “smash the state” care about whether one neo-liberal stooge, Trump, is President or another neo-liberal stooge, Biden, is President?

Because all the “anarchist” stuff is just a way to distance themselves from the genocidal policies of the Democratic party. As you can see, they are merely Democrats. That is all that they are, just conventional Democrats whining that “Trump Is Literally Hitler” but too cowardly to own their support for one of the most genocidal political organizations in modern history, the US Democratic party – the only political organization to ever use nuclear weapons against human beings. And to worry about Trump, when Biden is in office? Biden has a thirty year uninterrupted track record of mass murder, torture, warmongering, and genocide. Trump, compared to Biden? It isn’t even close.

Trump is a choirboy compared to Joe Biden.

Everyone knows this, but since these “Anarchists” are actually just neo-liberal Democrats engaging in some theater, you get this Trump Is Literally Hitler nonsense. Just like Mitt Romney was Literally Hitler, and George W. Bush Is Literally Hitler, etc. Pearl-clutching to distract from the complicity in genocide. Republicans are Hitler, Democrats are Not Hitler.

But once I actually dug into the meat and potatoes of this school of a thought I discovered there was nothing particularly politically correct about it and that, if anything, its opponents were the real champions of cancel culture.

He didn’t dig into the meat and potatoes of CRT. See my previous post about the book The Authoritarian Personality and its sponsorship by the American Jewish Committee. Also, notice that he’s doing the projection bit, see, it’s the opponents of CRT that are the real cancel culture!

Critical Race Theory is the basic recognition that racism in America is an institution that didn’t just come to a screeching halt because a few lily white liberal do-gooders passed a few civil rights acts.

No, that is false.

It’s the study of how racism continues to impact the legal system and other power structures long after we learned to be polite and use the right pronouns. You have to be a fucking moron living on a cul-de-sac six miles up your own asshole to deny that this is a racist country. And yet that is essentially what many of the opponents of CRT are attempting to force all of us to do.

I bet he can’t even define “racism.” But it basically works like this. Black kids do poorly in school, therefore, “racism.” Why? Well, because of “lack of resources.” But that is a lie. The Washington DC public school system is number one in the entire country for per-pupil spending, Baltimore is up there as well, yet the schools are terrible. Is this just “magical racism?” Are all the liberal Democrats that run those schools secretly members of the Ku Klux Klan?

I’m hardly to first to point this out, but these people mock the Bible-thumping fundies for not believing in evolution, but these people don’t believe in evolution either.

We all know the drill. Black kids better at basketball? Not systemic racism. Asian kids the best in math? Not systemic racism. People racialized as “white” but not Jewish good at anything? Systemic racism.

You can always – ALWAYS – tell who has power in the fact that people racialized as “white but not Jewish” are always the target of attacks, but people racialized as “white AND Jewish” are absolutely exempt from any criticism at all. You can tell the taboo is so strong by even using the word “Jew” in polite company – people will cringe, look around, they will just have an uneasy feeling. Because they know who has power and who does not.

They would much rather our children be raised on fairy tales about the Founding Fathers curing cancer and Native Americans just handing over their land for a horn of plenty. It’s goddamn infantile

The author projects here, he is the one being infantile. When I was in elementary school in the 1980’s we were exposed to rather grisly descriptions of the reality of slavery. The author too is merely ignorant – plain ignorant – of the actual history of the “Indigenous” – he thinks they were all one population or something – and the Europeans. Because he is not interested in truth or reality, the entire point of the Activist Left project is to demonize and disenfranchise the American working class racialized as “white but not Jewish.”

There were no white people in early colonial America. No Black people either for that matter. There were nobleman and peasants and indentured servants. The last category included both Europeans and Africans sold into temporary servitude. Provided that they converted to Christianity, any indentured servant could eventually earn their freedom and even rise up the social ladder to own servants themselves.

This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever read. Note the confused bit about Christianity, and ask yourself, would this writer ever once point to the fact that the slave trade in America was Jewish, not Christian, and based around the two oldest synagogues in American, Charleston, SC and Providence, RI?

Of course he won’t. That would be to confront the powerful, which “anarchists” never do, because they are Handmaids of Power. That is their job.

The concept of whiteness didn’t become prevalent until the late 1600’s, after a series of multiracial uprisings threatened to overthrow the landed gentry and tare the New World and beyond apart at the seams.

OK, see, this is funny. It’s completely false, but this narrative was invented to make history conform to Trotskyite ideology. In reality, the “concept of whiteness” developed when the Dutch discovered Africans. They called Africans “black,” you know, because of their skin color, and started calling themselves, Europeans, “white,” also because of their skin color.

That is what the actual historical record shows. But this “Anarchist” doesn’t care about facts, or truth, he wants to push Trotskyite ideology.

This is why I think it’s important for any discussion on Critical Race Theory to include a discussion on decolonizing whiteness by encouraging people of European descent to reclaim pre-white identities like Irish, Italian, French, or German, as well as identities built on resistance to aristocracy like Rednecks, Queers, and Hillbillies.

The utter self-unawareness of these people. “Decolonizing whiteness” is literally the language of aristocracy. It’s what they teach at the most elite schools in the country and it is the language of the Fortune 500 and even the Wall Street Oligarchs like Black Rock.

Despite all the posturing about class, these people do anything and everything to signal their upper class manners – which is what “Social Justice” is.

Also, what, I’m supposed to stop calling myself a “white guy” and instead say I’m an Anglo-Scottish-Irish-Welch-Dutch-French-German-Flemish-Finnish-American?

I’d actually be fine with “European American” but you note they will NOT give us that one, because it’s based on truth and reality, and the reality of their attacks on the white working class via “CRT” would be just too obvious.

And, besides, I’ve always called myself a “redneck” – it was assholes like this guy, and his ruling class handlers, that made “redneck” into a slur.

Ugh, that’s it, I’m out.

I can only hope that the people doing serious work, like the Amazon union organizers, stay far, far away from assholes like these, who only exist to assist Big Capital in destroying working class solidarity.

Also, I feel sorry for all the women this man sexually assaults via his cross-dressing. No one consented to him performing his cross-dressing fetish in public. Also, considering his love for pedophile poets, I’d keep the kids away from him too.