Back in the 1980’s, there was a somewhat common bumper sticker that some Evangelicals would put on their cars that was cringe in the extreme. The sticker read, “God said it, I believe it, that settles it.” It was, of course, virtue signaling and purity spiraling, excactly what right-wingers accuse the left of doing. Indeed, right-wingers and left-wingers are often astonishingly similar.

The modern leftist equivalent is the yard sign that reads:

In This House We Believe
Science Is Real
Black Lives Matter
Love Is Love
Women's Rights Are Human Rights
No Human Is Illegal

We live in a post-liberal era. One of the most infuriating aspects of the not-at-all “dissident” right is how they seem to take left-wing rhetoric at face value. Left-wingers claing they believe in “egalitarianism” therefore, right-wingers must be opposed to “egalitarianism.” After all, that is all right-wingers are, they are reactionaries. The left acts, the right reacts. Right wingers, especially the ones that posture as “dissidents,” have no actual vision themselves, they merely mindlessly react to whatever left-wingers say.

Do left-wingers believe in “egalitarianism?” Obviously, they do not. Their institutions are not “egalitarian” and they promote a sharp social hierarchy, the “Hierarchy of Oppression,” with “Jews” (“Jew” is a social construct) on the top, because they are historically the most “oppressed” because of Hitler. In America, exoteric politics puts Blacks in second place – demonstrated by the examples of Nick Cannon and various Black Lives Matter leaders who failed to denounce Louis Farrakhan quickly enough. Leftists are free to attack people racialized as “white” but not “Jewish” but not people who are racialized as “white and Jewish.” Indeed, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza – raised as “Alicia Schwartz” – “identifies as Jewish.”

Of course there is constant fighting over who gets what place in the leftist social hierarchy, as can be seen by all of their various acronyms. “BIPOC” – Black, Indigenous, and People of Color is a clear social hierarchy. So is LGBTQI+.

When leftist use rhetoric like “dismantling hierarchies of oppression” they are quite clear that they mean “establish a new hierarchy with our favored groups on top.”

Why can’t right-wingers acknowledge this?

When left-wingers use a bizarre slogan like “Science is Real” what does that even mean?

To understand, consider the long standing website RationalWiki. RationalWiki was originally created to mock Christians that denied evolution or promoted “intelligent design.” Christianity is the only religion that gets mocked here, not Judaism, and typically not Islam except for the Islamophobia that was allowed and encouraged during the “War on Terror” meant to demonize Muslims to justify invading and occuping Muslim countries.

You can figure out how little leftists even understand science, the scientific method, by the slogan “Science is Real,” a slogan which has as much meaningful content as the slogan “Running is Real.” Another slogan, “the Science is Settled” of course betrays a complete misunderstanding of the scientific method. “Science” is a method, it is not an object. Science, by definition, is never “settled.” Leftists also do not understand the concept of falsifiability which is particular observable in their apocalyptic religious cult of “Global Warming” as practiced by such prophets of doom as Greta Thunberg, a teenage girl with no scientific training whatsoever.

Left-wingers will often claim their opinions are based on “science” although they are not at all, not in the slightest. Most left-wing activists have no understanding of the scientific method. Typically, leftists will rely on social science research, which is the least rigorous of sciences and has a “replication crisis” that “most severely affects the social sciences and medicine.”

The vast majority of people engaged in social science research have been found to be extremely politically partisan and extremely ideological. It is virtually certain that the replication crisis in social science research is due not just to faulty research, but simple fraud. When left-wingers use the term “studies show” they have typically never read any studies at all and would not know how to read a study, nor would they be able to interpret one. Typically, they have not even read the abstract. Typically, they have not even read an article, and the “journalists” who write popular science articles rarely read any studies themselves, but merely rely on the abstract or an interview with the researchers.

Leftist posturing about “science” is merely a form of virtue signaling, quite obviously.

Worse, however, is when leftists make claims based on psuedoscience, one of the worst being “Critical Theory.”

Critical theory is an approach to social philosophy that focuses on reflective assessment and critique of society and culture in order to reveal and challenge power structures.

Note that Critical theory, of which “Critical Race Theory” is a subset, is not a science, nor is it objective, and in fact, take note of the phrase “challenge power structures.” It is a form of advocacy. Yet it is dressed up in the rubric of science, and uses “sciency sounding” terminology.

With roots in sociology and literary criticism, it argues that social problems stem more from social structures and cultural assumptions than from individuals.

Please note that the “roots” are in the least credible science, sociology – the one with the massive problem of fraud and lack of the ability to even reproduce well known results – and “literary criticism” – i.e., “book reports.”

Now here we get to the meat:

Maintaining that ideology is the principal obstacle to human liberation, critical theory was established as a school of thought primarily by the Frankfurt School theoreticians Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Erich Fromm, and Max Horkheimer. Horkheimer described a theory as critical insofar as it seeks “to liberate human beings from the circumstances that enslave them.”

The Frankfurt School, i.e., a group of Communist Jews that fled Germany during the rise of fascism. Critical theory is a generalized version of cultural Marxism. As Marxists, the Frankfurt School believed in “scientific socialism” and that, as Marx predicted, the proletariat would join the Communist party to implement socialism, which would naturally develop into the utopia of Communism. Important to note that they called their ideology “scientific socialism” despite none of their ideology being based in any way on scientific research, not even faultly, non-reproducible sociological research, nor was any of it fasifiable.

Critical theory is to science what Scientology is to science. Critical theory is to medicine what Doctorology is to medicine.

The first “thing” that can really be called “Critical Race Theory” is the infamous book The Authoritarian Personality. The book was authored by three Jews, the aforementioned Frankfurt School member Theodor Adorno, Else Frenkel-Brunswik, who was “was forced to leave Poland and later Austria as a result of anti-Jewish persecution,” Daniel Levinson, and a “token goy,” Nevitt Sanford.

The book was part of a “Studies in Prejudice” series sponsored by the American Jewish Committee’s Department of Scientific Research.

It is important to note that this “research” was sponsored by the “American Jewish Committee.” It was done for a “Jewish reason,” specifically, “motivated by a desire to identify and measure factors that were believed to contribute to antisemitic and fascist traits.”

It’s an astonishing display of chutzpah.

What causes “White Flight?” While it is impolite to say this in polite company, everyone knows “White Flight” is caused by “Black Crime.” Well, what causes “Anti-Semitism?” The obvious – and correct – answer to the question is “the attitudes and behavior of Jews.”

But this is considered an “invalid” opinion, because it makes Jews responsible for their own actions. The Jewish ideology claims that “Jews” – a social construct – have always been persecuted, throughout history, due to an “irrational anti-semitism,” a sort of “magic force” that just follows Jews around everywhere they go.

The answer to the Frankfurt School’s question is really quite straightforward. The proletariat of Europe embraced fascism, not communism, and became “anti-semitic” because Jews were a highly visible component of the Communist movement and were responsible for the genocides and mass murders and coups staged by Communists. Traditional Jewish hatred of “the goyim” was given a fig leaf to hide behind as Jews, using the ideology of Communism, acted out their revenge fantasies against Europeans.

There is hardly any need to overthink this, as Jews themselves said as much, over and over again, throughout modern history. Trotksy’s writings are full of traditional Jewish hatred for “the goyim” and prominent Communist Jews wrote of taking “revenge” on the societies that rejected their Communist totalitarianism. Freud, despite not being religious, expressed “revenge fantasies” from childhood, idealizing himself as a Hannibal sacking Rome.

Jewish hatred and bigotry against “the goy” is so constant, and so overtly expressed, it’s a wonder why people don’t take it seriously. When Jews express a desire to genocide you and destroy your culture, you should take it seriously.

When Communism failed, and when after the war Stalin removed the privileged status that Jews had had under the Soviet regime, the Marxist Jews regrouped, and updated their Marxist theory by adding in the psychological theories of Sigmund Freud.

Here, it’s important to point out that Freud was not a scientist. Freud engaged in no scientific research. Freud’s theories were not falsifiable. Upon reading Freud, one can be forgiven for wondering how anyone could take such rubbish seriously. In fact, Freud was apparently high on cocaine when he was writing much of his work, which likely explains a lot, because Freud’s work does come across like the ranting gibberish of a cokehead.

Yet, the media of the time praised Freud as some sort of great intellectual, just yet another example of Jews engaging in nepotism and promoting other Jews in every field.

Let’s just take a quick look at the Authoritarian Personality, the founding document of “Critical Race Theory,” to see what it’s really all about.

The Authoritarian Personality was based in part on earlier Frankfurt School analyses undertaken in Germany, but with a few key changes. First, their Marxist and radical roots were downplayed. For example, the earlier “authoritarian personality/revolutionary personality” axis was changed to an “authoritarian personality/democratic personality” axis in America. Thus, values and behaviors earlier associated with revolutionary Marxism were now associated with support for democracy.

So, right off the bat, we see deception. Obviously, Americans were not going to accept being smeared as “authoritarian” for rejecting communism, so they swapped out the term “communism” for “democracy” in order to trick Americans.

Moreover, the book suggested that authoritarianism was rooted in suppressed homosexuality, which was redirected into outward hostility towards the father, which was, in turn, suppressed for fear of being infantilized and castrated by the father.

This bit of nonsense is based on Freudianism; let’s remember too that Freud was paid by child molestors to cover up their abuse of their daughters.

It is also quite clear who the targets were, these were Jews doing a study of “the goyim” and declaring they were mentally ill for not accepting communism and Jewish rule.

“The majority of the subjects could be characterized as white, non-Jewish, native-born, middle-class Americans and the authors guessed that their findings would hold for this population”

There you have it. Again, there is no subtlety here, the American Jewish Committe was studying “the goyim” and declaring them all a bunch of “fascists” if they politically opposed the ideology of … the American Jewish Committee.

The correlation between Ethnocentrism and Anti-Semitism scales was .80 (relatively high). This result is “evidence that antagonism to the culturally unlike is a generalized sentiment”


Again, here we see projection and an astonishing degree of chutpah. Jews, the most ethnocentric population in America is declaring that ethnocentrism is a mental illness when “the goyim” engage in it.

So, here we have not science but mere bigotry, mere racism, by Jews against people who are not Jewish, specifically, “white middle class Americans” who they declared “high on the fascism scale” if they objected to the political agenda of Jews.

What more is there to say? It’s all pseudoscientific rubbish, pure bigotry dressed up in “sciency sounding” language, based on the failed theories of Marx and the coked-out rantings of Freud.

Modern Critical Race Theory is just the same thing. It is not science, it is merely an expression of anti-white racism dressed up in the language of academia and sociology. In the modern form, in 2021, the Jewish agenda is occulted behind black racial grievance and ethnocentric immigrant minority populations.

Conservative and liberal Americans, who are racialized as “white but not Jewish” should simply demand that Jewish bigotry against “gentiles” not be taught to their children in school.

You do not have to believe in the Jewish religion. You do not have to believe in Communism. You do not have to believe in the coked out rantings of a sexual pervert, Sigmund Freud. You do not have to believe that child molestors are good, as did the Communist Jew Wilhelm Reich.

White Americans are fully human beings, with full human rights, and should reject the Jewish ideology of “collective guilt” over what various people did hundreds of years ago.

And Jews, if they want to be good Americans, should STOP THE HATE. If they cannot drop their Jewish bigotry, they can always make aliyah and go to Israel.