There is no intellectual on “The Right” that has anything interesting to say other than Curtis Yarvin. Virtually all of the “Dissident Right” merely paraphrases Yarvin, his ideology has completely crushed anything else on the Right.

Which is, of course, why Yarvin was stood up in the first place. Yarvin is merely a repackaging of Neo-Conservatism, which was itself merely a repackaging of Zionist Imperialism using the rhetoric of “democracy.”

I’m the only person that has ever pointed this out and I’ve been pointing and sputtering for years but no one cares. Irving Kristol, the “Godfather of Neo-Conservatism” discovered Peter Thiel while he was at Stanford and began funding his political work.

Here is my theory: Jews purposefully find gays to mentor as Zionist front men. Gay men are often estranged from their own community and plenty of them simply have no interest in joining the left-wing “Disco Queen” culture. Some of them are quite conservative. So Jews find these men and signal acceptance of their homosexuality, which leads to a kind of loyalty. David Frum did this during the Iraq war days, he found some 20 year old gay man who postured as a “libertarian” and pushed for war against Iraq, and all of Israel’s enemies, because Islam was “homophobic.” I assume there is some narcissism at play as well, Jews will flatter their gay mark, tell them they are the “natural elites” rejected by hoi polloi who are beneath them, thus, turning gays into a kind of low-rent Jew with a similar attitude towards “the goyim.”

Peter Thiel made his billions founding Paypal, along with the Jew Max Levchin. Thiel had already been associated with Neo-Conservatism since his Stanford days. At some point, Peter Thiel funds Curtis Yarvin’s Urbit company. About 2007, Curtis Yarvin starts his no-name anonymous Google blog, “Unqualified Reservations.” Within four days of his first post, Andrew Sullivan, also gay and one of the most high profile pro-war rabid Zionist warmongers of the time, links to Yarvin giving him a massive platform.

Within four days. You can chalk that up to coincidence if you want, I won’t. I suspect Sullivan was told about Yarvin and asked to give him exposure, which he did.

Yarvin’s early work was all about attacking Ron Paul and his fans mostly centered around the website It pays to remember that the Neo-Cons and Jews in general despised Ron Paul. Paul was famously banned from attending the Jewish Republican Conference, which publically attacked him for his lack of loyalty to the foreign state of Israel and his opposition to wars in the middle east against Israel’s perceived enemies. No one was hiding anything, the Neo-Cons were quite open and public about why they hated Ron Paul. was about the only popular website on the Right that would dare criticize Israel, the Israel lobby or the wars in the middle east. Pat Buchanan had famously been smeared by Jewish neo-cons a few years prior as an “unpatriotic conservative” for his opposition to wars against the middle east.

In any case, pretty soon, around 2007, Yarvin’s “Neo-Reaction” took off.

It worked in a similar fashion as the “Intellectual Dark Web” from a few years ago. The “Intellectual Dark Web” was a half Jewish, half non-Jewish, group of writers that were given massive publicity in an attempt to steer people away from the “Alt Right.” In 2007, all of a sudden, there were a dozen Yarvin knock offs, basically rewriting his posts, and spamming the blogs and forums. Yarvin’s partner in creating the “Neo-Reaction Dark Enlightenment” was a bizarre grifter called Nick Land who sometimes got press, seemingly just as a figurehead to take heat from the media and protect Yarvin; Land seems to have had no actual influence at all.

It was really interesting how they did it too. They actually created a chart of all of the biggest “right-wing” bloggers, put them in categories, and declared them a part of the “Dark Enlightenment.” Of course, part of the gatekeeping was to ignore anyone who was an “anti-semite” and that meant anyone from the crowd that dared to point to the power of AIPAC, the Israel lobby, and their constant warmongering.

Of course there were plenty of bloggers that loved getting this recognition and they felt like they were in a “movement.” Basically, Curtis Yarvin WAS the “Dissident Right” from 2007 to the rise of the “Alt Right.” The “Alt Right” fell apart because it had no real intellectual substance, it was basically just Richard Spencer doing James Bond movie reviews and some Internet trolls. There were the real intellectuals, like Kevin MacDonald and Andrew Joyce, but they were academics, not populists, and while many in the “Alt Right” embraced them, much of the “Alt Right” subculture were far too young to actually read an entire Joyce essay.

The high point of the “Alt Right” was the 2015 NPI conference. The headline speaker was Kevin MacDonald, and his speech was awesome. He said, right at the beginning, “I’m known for talking about Jews, but today I’m going to talk about us – white people, European people.” He introduced the ideas in what would later appear in his book, Individualism and the Western Tradition, a must read about the psychology of North Western Europeans.

Then Trump came along and ruined everything. All of the Neo-Reactionaries were unironically talking up Trump as the God Emperor that would lead the restoration, and the Alt Right people just enjoyed having a troll, one of their own, actually running for President.

Me, being the stick in the mud I am, constantly blogged about Trump being a basically wholly owned asset of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, and got basically kicked out of the “Alt Right,” a “movement” I was never really apart of anyway.

But of course I was right. Trump started stabbing his own fans in the back on day one. Then after he lost the election, he fired the Pentagon staffers, put Zionists in charge, including “QAnon” himself, Ezra Cohen-Watnik, and set up his fans for the Capitol 6th protest. Trump literally ordered them to march to the Capital and said he would be there with them.

Then, Trump went back to the White House and watched on TV and his fans, who really believed in him, walked into the trap set for them by Ezra Cohen-Watnik. In a final “fuck you” to his most ardent fans, Trump didn’t pardon a single one of them, instead he pardoned a bunch of Rap Stars, and more quietly, a bunch of Jewish criminals and Israeli spies.

You know the rest. The Covid lockdowns, the massive online censorship, the rolling out of the High Tech Police state, not just in the United States, but around the world. It’s astonishing to see it.

I got to say, Yarvin I guess is more or less right about “monarchy,” or better, the Unified Executive. He makes the obviously true point that all corporations run, more or less, as a monarchy.

In any institution, the executive has to have hire and fire power, or he can’t run anything. Once any bureacracy reaches a certain size and complexity, all the executive does is manage people. That is why a CEO can move from one industry to another, because he is not in the business of whatever it is that the business does, he is in the business of managing people.

Bill Gates famously said that he did not see his competition as Apple or some other technology company. Gates said that his competition was Goldman Sachs, and the competition was over “talent.” Some genius MIT graduate in math can create Collateralized Debt Obligation derivatives, or he can write software. Incidentally, I’ve always wondered how the NSA deals with this. NSA needs the best math guys. Anyone in the military that is really good at math gets assigned to NSA, that is why there are so many Air Force guys at NSA. But why would a genius math guy want to work for NSA, for a pittance, a middle class salary, when he can make the big bucks in Silicon Valley or Wall Street?

As William Binney points out, SAIC is just a bunch of NSA guys that went “private” and then get a contract from their old friends at NSA.

This is a real problem we have in America. The people in the government, including the military, can just be bought off because the government is a bunch of middle class people. I’ve described how Michael Hayden helped the Neo-Con Israelis strip mine NSA, blind them so they couldn’t stop 9/11, then cashed him out for millions working at the Chertoff Group.

We need a confiscatory wealth tax. Set a figure, ten million let’s say. Any property over ten million gets taxed at 100%. Quadruple the pay of the military and the spooks at NSA. The math whiz at NSA needs to be making half a mil, at least, just to prevent him from being able to be bought.

Arrest some rich guy, give him a show trial, and put him in prison, like Putin did to Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

All of Yarvin’s fans are hoping for a military coup. I don’t see it happening. Contrary to what Yarvin says, the problem isn’t Harvard. The problem is the mass electronic media. Cinema, radio, television. That is what hollowed out America. It’s no coincidence that when everyone finally had a TV in their living room, we had the Civil Rights movement and the beginning of mass immigration.

When the Internet became mainstream, what happened? The Alt Right. NRx. Trump. 9/11 Truth. Changes in communications always trigger a realignment. Every time I look up a 9/11 video on Youtube they give me a “Warning” and a link to the “Official Story.”

This was weird – I went and looked up a video about the Freemasons and I got the same kind of warning! A link to the “Official Story” about the Freemasons from Encyclopedia Britannica.

You know, obviously “the Sixties” were a big turning point, but another turning point, in my life time, was the take down of George H. W. Bush.

Poppy Bush was literally the Godfather of the American Deep State. Bush was a gangster. The world’s biggest drug trafficker. He sent the US military to Panama to arrest Noriega when he thought he was going to go independent. Poppy Bush may have been one of the “tramps” at Dealey Plaza and his Arbusto Oil company ships were part of the Bay of Pigs. Miles Copeland was pulling your leg when he said that Bush “didn’t know anything about intelligence” before Ford made him CIA director to “save the agency.” Why did CIA need “saving?” Because people realized they were literally drugging kids, running drugs, and assassinating Presidents and Congressmen. William Colby went before Congress and admitted what all of his rivals in the agency were doing. There really was an institutional threat to CIA.

Look what happened right after 9/11. The Department of Homeland Security, the second director, Mossad agent Michael Chertoff. Amazing.

Ultimately, that is what Yarvin is really all about. He is a gatekeeper. As soon as the neo-con Andrew Sullivan gave him an audience, Yarvin starts writing his “Open Letteer to Ron Paul Fans” and telling everyone, it’s not the Jews. It’s the WASPs. It’s those neo-Calvinists at Harvard. It’s the Cathedral. The Jews who run Harvard aren’t really Jews anyway, even when they practice open nepotism and openly discriminate against “white goys.”

It’s actually your fault, white man, for daring to think you should have a say in your own government. You should simply vote yourself a King, a CEO of America, and then just shut up and go back to work. Never mind that the CEO of America is surrounded by Court Jews telling him what to do. Jews are in the business of government, you are in the business of producing goods and services.

Ultimately, this is the secret of Jewish power in America. Any Jew that has a job less prestigious than Dentist isn’t a real Jew. He’s likely to marry a nice Episcopalian lady.

Just like CEO’s don’t do whatever it is that their companies do, they specialize in managing people, so Jews, as political actors, are in the business of power, of ruling people. It is part of the culture. There is nothing magic to it, and it wouldn’t even be a particularly big deal if Jews were not so genocidally hostile to Americans.

When Bill Gates and Warren Buffett hide their money from the tax man, they create a charity that gives vaccines to Africa. When Larry Fink and George Soros put their money to work, it is 100% in Jewish causes.

So when you see something like the Neo-Reaction, you always see at the core is a group of Jews. They are the inner circle, the Inner Party. Their agenda is power, Jewish power, Jewish rule.

The outer party are “gentiles” that have whatever exoteric agenda the group is supposed to be about. They are not organized “as whites.” They do not have a White Identity. They are “conservatives” or “libertarians” or “futurists” or “transhumanists” or “democrats.”

Jews are highly ethnocentric. North Western Europeans are not, we are the opposite of ethnocentric. As MacDonald said, we need an “overarching moral structure” in order to cooperate, without that, we revert back to our natural state of Individualist Libertarianism.

Too many people are waiting for a collapse. It just doesn’t happen like that. In fact, the collapse already came. Remember 2008? Remember 9/11? 2020? Things “collapse” all the time. Then they get rebuilt.

Don’t think you can run off to Idaho either. In fact, the Israeli military officer that tells Colin Liddell what to do on AffirmativeRight, he is already scoping out Boise right now, trying to infiltrate the White networks forming there.

When it comes to politics, you have to fight against immigration, and you have to fight against anti-white policies.

But we should, in fact, take a lesson from Curtis Yarvin and his Neo-Reaction. It’s actually the same thing that I’ve been saying “we” should do, back even before I had a blog, back when I was just a poster on Mind Weapons In Ragnarok.

I said build a Fraternity. Build a Mannerbund. You use the same model that the Southern Baptist Convention uses, which is called “anarcho-syndicalism” when it’s labor unions instead of churches.

That comment I made on MWIR, that was when everyone told me, start a blog, your ideas are good.

Incidentally, this is also Yarvin’s “Become Worthy, Accept Power.”

Guess what? The Boers did this. The Boers had a fraternity that later became the Deep State.

What do you think Skull & Bones is?

Look at what our Freemasonic forefathers did. The Lodge has no interest in politics or religion. You cannot discuss politics or religion in the Lodge. The Lodge is about nothing other than friendship, male bonding. That’s it.

There is no scheming at a Skull & Bones meeting when they go to Deer Island. It’s just guys hanging out, hunting and fishing, drinking beer, not discussing politics, and not discussing religion. Not, even, discussing business.

You do your scheming with your brothers outside of Lodge time. Once you have a good solid relationship with your brother, you don’t even really need to “conspire” do you? You have aligned interests. You know what is good for your brother and your brother knows what is good for you.

If you are young and you want to start a family, yes, move to Idaho. But there is no other choice than the do the Long March Through The Institutions.

You know what? Just about a decade ago all of the Ivy Leagues banned all fraternities. Now why do you think that is? Because they know the power of the Lodge, the Brotherhood.

Hide your power level, and engage in ruthless nepotism by promoting your brothers in the institutions. Always disciminate against Jews in the institution and always ruthlessly try to undercut them at every level. If you can, get one fired for being racist against blacks, or homophobia. It’s an occult war. MindWeapon always said think like a Muslim and use Taqiya.

In Islam, Taqiya or Taqiyya (Arabic: تقیة‎ taqiyyah, literally “prudence, fear”) is a precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief and practice in the face of persecution.

It’s pretty easy to mimic all the SJW mumbo jumbo. It’s easy to fool blacks, you can just talk over them. Brahmin Indians, who are even worse than Jews, just smile and keep your distance.

Back in the day, one guy said the best way to deal with Jews? Tell them you love Israel. Pat them on the back and say, “Moishe, buddy, glad to see you!” Lie to their face.

Think of yourself as an undercover CIA officer. Learn to blend in.

All of these Diaspora communities do this. You ever have to talk to one of the call center guys in India? In an accent thicker than the Simpson’s Apu, you heard, “Hello being my name is Mike Smith!”

His name isn’t Mike Smith. It’s some unpronounceable and unspellable Hindi name with two dozen letters. But to Americans, he’s Mike Smith.

Jews are given “Hebrew names” by their parents, and then they have legal names that sound like normal American and English names. They have two identities. Jonathan Stuart Liebowitz becomes Jon Stewart. To the Gentiles, they are just Americans. To other Jews, they are the anti-white activists engaging in “Tikkun Olam.”

We in the European Diaspora need to adopt the diaspora mindset. Frankly, Europeans may have to as well.

So, on the outside, to the public, you’re Mike Smith. You hate Trump and you’re a big supporter of LGBT – and Israel’s right to defend herself. But in private, among your brothers, you are Based Thor.

Hell, I actually really do advocate you join the Freemasons. Don’t misunderstand, Freemasons in the South are just typical conservatives, and Freemasons in the North are just typical liberals. But it will help you understand that insider/outsider mentality that we must adopt to survive and thrive. It will help you learn a type of tradecraft, the secret handshakes and signals that allow you to recognize a stranger as a Brother Mason.

And – for God’s sake – never put anything online, ever, that you don’t want the NSA and the Antifa to know about, because they will know. NSA will read it, and then they will leak it to an Antifa “journalist.”

Is it really that important for you to post silly gas chamber memes on 4chan? Grow up, son. And parents, your kids shouldn’t even see a screen until they are about ten. Then, you give them filtered Internet and maybe let them watch some classic films, maybe let them do some gaming.

Be quite clear with your kids as soon as they are able to understand the message. Tell them to never engage in racial jokes because it will just get them in trouble. Don’t instill the taboo, explain the taboo and why it exists. If it’s taboo they will want to break it, and that’s when they get into trouble.

Yarvin’s Passivism is correct. You “become worthy” by building the institution. That institution is the Fraternity. You don’t even need a clubhouse. Only people matter.

When the fit hits the shan, your Lodge will be the only game in town, and people will naturally turn to you to lead hem out of the mess.