The Affirmative Right is explicit Nazism, run by Jews instead of Germans. It shares all of the major features of Nazism, and not merely implicitly, but often quite explicitly. Colin Liddell has simply repackaged Nazism and made Jews, not Germans, the “Master Race.”

Colin Liddell styles himself an “anti-fascist” – Antifa – and even a “Nazi Hunter.” Anyone who discusses Jewish power, the Israel Lobby, America’s Zionist foreign policy, he calls a “Nazi.” Even liberals are “Nazis” if they show insufficient deference to Jews. Indeed, like mainstream conservatives say, “liberals are the real Nazis.”

Since I’m not a Nazi, nor a Fascist – nor even adjacent to any of those ideologies, the exact opposite, a classical liberal – Colin “Antifa” Liddell instead accuses me of “implicit Nazism.” This is, of course, a standard Antifa talking point, anyone who is not an “open Nazi” is just a Nazi on the inside, hiding it for public relations purposes.

A test for good faith is to find out if someone is accusing you of what they themselves are doing, and in the case of Colin Liddell, and his Affirmative Right, the answer is a resounding yes.

We can take the major writers and demonstrate it quite clearly. Managing editor of Affirmative Right is James Lawrence. Lawrence – who supports “orthodox Neo-Reaction,” meaning Curtis Yarvin – openly advocates the Nazi Führerprinzip.

The Führerprinzip, German for ‘leader principle’ prescribed the fundamental basis of political authority in the Government of Nazi Germany. This principle can be most succinctly understood to mean that “the Führer’s word is above all written law” and that governmental policies, decisions, and offices ought to work toward the realization of this end.

This is explicitly the fundamental feature of Yarvin’s Neo-Reaction, and he has not just advocated this for over a decade, but details many variations of this idea historically and offered many ideas about how it could work in his proposed dictatorship.

Affirmative Right’s James Lawrence’s neo-reactionary ideas follow Yarvin here. Neo-reactionaries do not just oppose democracy as a system, but even any idea based on what they call “demotism.” Any idea that a government derives its legitimacy from the people it governs, the classical liberal principle that I advocate, is demotism thus illegitimate. In fact, even the Ben Franklin idea that “the government that governs least governs best” is suspect, because the idea that a government should even be good for the people it rules is demotism.

Instead, the selling point that Neo-Reactionaries like Affirmative Right’s James Lawrence use is that if you are a slave, the property of the dictator, he will take care of you and treat you well because it is in his self-interest to maintain his property, the way he maintains his trophy sports car.

This is not a new idea at all, it was of course the talking point of the Southern Plantation class in antebellum America, and an argument that the system of Negro chattel slavery was superior to the Northern system of wage slavery.

But this is merely a selling point, an inducement to get on the slave ship. If the Dictator wishes to dispose of his property, or if he is merely a sadist, that is his right, because under an Affirmative Right system, you are a slave, thus merely property.

A second way that Collin Liddell’s Affirmative Right is repackaged Nazism is that is shares, with Hitler’s Nazis, mysticism. Not only has Liddell himself often write about Freemasonic mysticism and its use in the British Navy, another Affirmative Righter, Brett Stephens, uses the language of religious mysticism, “God” and “the gods,” to define the moral place of human beings under an Affirmative Right dictatorship.

For Affirmative Right’s Stephens, you have sinned, by trying to “take the power of the gods” and attempting to rise above your position as a “natural” slave. Under the Affirmative Right dictatorship, as in under Yarvin’s Neo-Reaction, the Führer is not simply a political dictator, but a spiritual leader. Colin Liddell and his fellow Nazis deny any freedom of speech to criticize the Führer, just as a radical Muslim would not allow criticism of the Prophet, as that is religious blasphemy.

A third example of how Colin Liddell’s Affirmative Right is merely repackaged Nazism is its imperialism and expansionism. This is both implicit and explicit. James Lawrence has declared that nationalism itself leads to imperialism and expansionism by the very nature of nationalism, thus – just as did Hitler – every nation will automatically make wars on its neighbors for reason of Lebensraum.

Colin Liddell, along with his fellow Nazi Zionist Anders Behring Breivik, the terrorist who murdered 77 mostly children for their political party’s support of the human rights of Palestinians, advocates including “Israel” in their Nazi Empire.

While Breivik made this explicit and even included in his terrorist manifesto a map of the proposed invasion and occupation of Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon to geographically include Palestine in the Empire, Colin Liddell – relying on the geographical ignorance of his audience – simply declares that “Israel” is already a part of “Europe” and leaves Breivik’s terrorism and expansionism merely implied – just as Hitler did until his invasion of Poland. Liddell, perhaps because he lacks freedom of speech living in the United Kingdom, merely dog-whistles at the future imperialism once his Affirmative Right regime takes power.

Then, of course, a fourth way that Colin Liddell’s Affirmative Right is merely repackaged Nazism, is that, as under Nazism, one race or ethnicity is privileged above all of the others. Under Hitler, that was of course Germans. Under Colin Liddell’s proposed Nazism, the privileged “race” is “Jews.”

Of course, “Jew” is a social construct. For years in America, if someone said, “that guy looks Jewish” the answer would be, “what, he looks like Sammy Davis Jr.?” When people use the term “Jew” in an ethnic sense, they clearly mean “Eastern European Ashkenazi.” Due to intermarriage and conversion, many “Jews” in America are barely one quarter ethnic Ashkenazi, but nevertheless identify as “Jewish” and – more importantly – are accepted by other Jews as “Jewish.”

This is of course similar to Hitler’s Nazi Nuremberg Laws, in the Jewish version of these racist laws, Curtis Yarvin is only “half Jewish” because his mother was not Jewish, nevertheless, if Yarvin wants to identify as “Jewish” he would be fully accepted in “the Tribe” except for certain orthodox religious sects. Indeed, if Yarvin wanted to make Aliyah, it would require merely some paperwork and perhaps a payment to a Rabbi; Yarvin could live in Tel Aviv “as a Jew” with no problem whatsoever.

Colin Liddell’s Nazi Affirmative Right works in a similar fashion as Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws. As Hitler thought of Slavs as “untermenschen” so are “goyim” – people of European ethnicity who are not Jewish – second-class citizens under Liddell’s Affirmative Right regime. As the Nazis sometimes granted certain non-German groups, e.g. the Japanese, “honorary Aryan” status, so in the Affirmative Right dictatorship would some Europeans who are not Jewish be granted a second-class, but partially privileged, status of Shabbos Goyim, a “goy” who has proven their loyalty and usefulness to Jews.

Nor is this writer the first to notice Colin Liddell’s Neo-Nazism. Indeed both the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League have called Colin Liddell a “Neo-Nazi” but will – for obvious reasons – not explain that for Liddell, Jews – not Germans – are the “Master Race” and “anti-Semites” – as opposed to “Semites” – are the enemy that must be liquidated.

When Colin Liddell calls himself “Antifa,” for him, the “fascists” that he opposes are anyone who will not submit to a Zionist totalitarian dictatorship. While Liddell merely dog-whistles his advocacy for totalitarianism and stripping all “goyim” of their human rights, like the right to free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and even human dignity, Liddell’s fellow travelers, like James Lawrence, Brett Stephens, and Curtis Yarvin make explicit what Liddell merely implies.

As someone who is well within the mainstream of American and European liberalism, and an advocate for civil liberties, I am quite concerned at the growing impact of Neo-Nazi Zionists like Collin Liddell.

Curtis Yarvin’s latest article, The real Great Reset, lays out a strategy to overthrow the US government and institute a totalitarian police state based on Liddell’s Affirmative Right Neo-Nazi principles. Liddell’s and Yarvin’s similarities to the original Nazis are eerie and a cause for serious concern.

Hitler did not take over Germany via the German military, he created a paramilitary organization, based in the Nazi party, Schutzstaffel, called “the SS” in English. Similarly, Curtis Yarvin does not propose for America a direct military dictatorship, as he supports for Egypt. Instead, Yarvin gives his followers ominous advice on creating an American Zionist version of a paramilitary Schutzstaffel.

The third obstacle is that Americans, not being Egyptians, Burmese or Thais, have no military which knows how to govern its own country. Americans cannot exercise their popular sovereignty to transfer power to a new regime—they have no such institution.

Previously, Yarvin has advocated using the Covid Pandemic to strip away American’s civil rights and put a “Covid Czar” in “temporary” control that would have direct and unlimited authority over all aspects of the government and the economy. Yarvin is well known as an advocate for wealthy, Silicon Valley oligarchs taking direct power in American society. In this latest article, Yarvin makes an ominous plan for shock troops to “accept power” after some crisis of confidence.

And as for designing an alternate regime designed not to capture power, but to accept power—who better but conservative and traditionalist intellectuals?

Curtis Yarvin’s former employer, the Zionist Neo-Conservative Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel, a protege of the “Godfather of Neo-Conservatism” Irving Kristol, has said he believes that “democracy is incompatible with liberty” and is precisely the kind of “conservative and traditionalist intellectual” that Yarvin would like to see “accept power.”

And, of course, the billionaire oligarch class in the United States have personal “security services” – paramilitary forces. Erik Prince’s Blackwater, the “private military contractors” infamous for committing massacres in Fallujah during the Iraq war, also provide paramilitary forces that provide “security” to the Silicon Valley oligarchs.

Thus Yarvin’s – and Liddell’s – dog whistles can be heard by anyone with sensitive enough hearing. “Conservative and traditional intellectuals” – like Peter Thiel – will “accept power” after a “crisis of confidence” in the government, and this class already has a paramilitary force, with proven ability to suppress domestic resistance via massacres of civilians, at the ready to enforce the rule of the new regime.

Colin Liddell, James Lawrence, Brett Stephens, and Curtis Yarvin are advocating, quite openly, a totalitarian dictatorship, stripping citizens of all of their civil rights, a creepy cult religion that teaches the population that their dictatorship rules by “divine right” and that the “goyim” are the personal property – slaves – of the Führer, and they have a well thought out plan on how to enforce their rule via battle tested paramilitary forces like Erik Prince’s Blackwater.

The threat is quite real. As a liberal, and an advocate for the traditional American liberties such as free speech, I do not want Liddell, Lawrence, Stephens, and Yarvin censored. I prefer them to be open about their plot against Americans and Europeans, so Americans and Europeans are prepared in the case one of their fellow travelers, like Anders Behring Breivik, commits another terrorist attack and massacres their political opponents, so Americans will not be fooled when a Peter Thiel type character tries to “accept power” in the aftermath. Because once Colin Liddell, Brett Stephens, James Lawrence, and Curtis Yarvin get their way, it will be very difficult to remove their regime from power and re-establish civil rights and our traditional European and American civil liberties.

Don’t let their rhetoric fool you, these people are Nazis hiding behind the pretense of being “anti-fascists.” Just like the Antifa they themselves admit to being.

Sic Semper Tyrannis.