Adam Goldman: You know, individuals – we’re not exactly sure who was behind this effort [ed: Goldman doesn’t want to say ‘Likud’] – but it’s clear that they believe that, you know, H.R. McMaster was thwarting the president’s agenda [ed: Likud’s agenda on Iran] – right? – and, you know, that probably in terms of, you know, Iran – not pulling out of the agreement with Iran, the JCPOA, and, you know, McMaster, you know, wanting to keep, I guess, troops in Afghanistan. Trump, of course, wanted to pull out. And they thought McMaster had fired, you know, several people [ed: Goldman doesn’t want to say Ezra Cohen-Watnik, an Israeli asset] who the president had brought on and – or Mike Flynn, his former – his first national security adviser had brought on. And they – you know, I think they – it seemed like they were seeking revenge. [ed: not “revenge” just basic political operations bringing in Israeli assets and firing opposition figures]

How A Former Spy Trained Conservatives To Infiltrate Progressive Groups

So I’m listening to the latest FTN. They are going over the J-Op to try to get McMaster fired. McMaster was trying to keep the Iran deal and was standing in the way of the Likudniks around Trump.

So, the people around Project Veritas hired some “talent” – good looking young women – from the Israeli Ami Shafrir’s “Explore Talent” agency to stalk McMaster and try to get him on tape saying something disparaging about Trump, which would force Trump to fire him. Then, they could replace him with another Likudnik.

McMaster fired Ezra Cohen-Watnik – the man who was “QAnon” – because Cohen-Watnik was leaking to David Nunes, Israeli asset – and trying to undermine the America First foreign policy to replace it with Israeli Likudnik foreign policy.

Much of this we knew, more details continue to come out, and it’s always easier to understand things in hindsight. It looks like the Trump administration was very much like the George W. Bush administration. One faction represented an American establishment agenda, and the other were simply a Fifth Column – Israelis, working for Israel, directly. Just like it was said that Jared Kushner saw Netanyahu – not Trump – as his “boss.”

Readers here should be familiar with all this. But the interesting pattern here, that is in my wheelhouse, is how common it is to use honeypots – sexy women – to manipulate men in positions of power. This phenomenon is very much in my interests and I believe I may have a closer view of this than others, especially younger people, especially the more conservatives readers who may live in the Heartland, etc.

It’s actually really scary to think about it. Reading Nolen about the very weird triangle between Jack Parson, Aleister Crowley, and L. Ron Hubbard is instructive, because Parson’s own wife was almost certainly herself an “asset” with “her own agenda.” Where her ultimate loyalties lie seems frankly an open secret. Husbands and wives don’t have to testify against each other in court because that relationship is supposed to be a primary loyalty, similar to the loyalty between parents and children.

But that was always an aspirational view of family, not necessarily an operational view – it’s an idea, not really the reality. You never know.

Here’s a very obvious illustration that is, in one way, quite banal, but like many banal things is profound if you take an expansive view of it.

So back in the bad old days, my girlfriend … Well, see, that’s the problem right there. I’m not sure “girlfriend” is the correct word. “Wife” obviously doesn’t fit. “Lover” doesn’t either. I’m not sure what it was, frankly. There was nothing that even came close to “loyalty” on either of our parts. Maybe a term from “Pick Up Artists” might work – she was my “wingman.”

Or, even better. Gore Vidal, the legendary American writer, once did an interview a few years before he died. Gay marriage had just passed, and Vidal was asked if he and his long time partner, Howard Austen, would get gay married.

Vidal scoffed. He said, of course not, that is not the kind of relationship we have. We’ve never had sex.

The interviewer gasped. You’ve been together for 50 years and you’ve never had sex?

Vidal says, of course not, that would have ruined our relationship!

Now, my “girlfriend” – let’s call her “Candy” – well, we certainly had sex, that was all we did. But it did kind of ruin our relationship now that I think about it. Well, she was my “wingman” and one of our girlfriends was this pretty bubbly cheerleader type. She was about 25. Blonde hair, blue eyes, cute as a button. She had some dead end job, but while we knew her she had gotten a new job.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

Did she study Pharmacy in college? Biology, even? Chemistry? Medicine?

No, of course not, she studied, like, English Literature or something.

So how did she become a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative? Well, because the pharmaceutical companies – Big Pharma – they hire attractive women to go flirt with doctors and sell them their products. The doctors wouldn’t give some earnest chemistry professor the time of day. But some pretty, flirty blonde with big boobies? Sure, she’s a sight for sore eyes, and now there’s a professional excuse to take a break from work and flirt with, and look at, a pretty lady. You know, to get educated about Pfizer’s newest whatever thingamajig.

In Silicon Valley, Trade Shows are staffed with “Booth Bunnies” because all those nerdy computer programmers can flirt with a beautiful woman for the first time in their lives and have her flirt back, instead of calling the police. In the Boomer era, the Car Shows would have the beauty pageant winner, standing next to the car, sometimes in a swimsuit, and the Boomer would ask, “do you come with the car?” And she would giggle and answer, “no, you silly!”

This is everywhere, at all levels of culture, and like fish don’t see water, no one sees it because it’s the environment we exist in.

After all, the Epstein thing – hinted at in the famous film Eyes Wide Shut – is just this same sort of system, taken to extreme levels.

“Espionage” in general – it’s not just for CIA. Major companies have entire departments devoted to “Competitor Research” and politics have “opposition research.” “Detective Fiction” – from Sherlock Holmes to Agatha Christie to Philip Marlowe – have been some of the most popular fiction in the Anglo-American world, and the “Hard-Boiled Private Detective” is a stock character.

Isn’t it interesting, however, that to notice this constant espionage – surveillance, online too – to discuss it, is to be a “conspiracy theorist?”

Your average college bar will have “Ladies’ Night” where gals get two free drinks. In Manhattan nightclubs – and swinger’s clubs – no man gets in without a woman, and women are quite often paid to be there. In fact, aspiring “models” and “actresses” make most of their income this way, paid to attend parties and be eye candy.

It’s just a feature of life. But the idea of using this same system for espionage purposes – for intelligence gathering, for honey traps – that’s still a “conspiracy theory” even though it’s obviously endemic.

It can work the other way too. Listen to any interview with Susan Lindauer and it’s impossible to fail to notice she had quite the crush on her CIA handler, Richard Fuisz, the handsome, jet-setting millionaire playboy – she sometimes giggles when she discusses him and relates the stories he would tell her.

Sure, the Internet changed the game and the NSA has eaten everyone’s lunch because they have audio, video, and all emails, all phone calls, all chats, of everyone, everywhere in the world. But there is still a space for Human Intelligence – HUMINT – at least for people that matter.

The story of the Trump administration also confirms what I said from the very beginning, something that the entire Mainstream Right and the entire Dissident Right exists simply to deny.

Quick – what is the difference between Nick Fuentes and Ben Shapiro?

Groyperism is Basically Christianised Ben Shapiro-ism – Duns Scotus

Politically, they are more or less the same. Their target audience is mostly the same. Their gimmick is mostly the same. Duns Scotus, in the article, speculates that neither are “sincerely” religious. Their religion is a cover, a fig leaf, for their racial and ethnic interests.

The difference is, of course, Ben Shapiro is given a huge audience, the Youtube algorithm spams his videos to anyone tagged as “political” and “not left-wing.” He can say controversial things and never gets “canceled.”

Nick Fuentes was put on the No-Fly List, along side of Muslim terrorists, has had his bank accounts closed, is banned from all major social media platforms, and is called a “Neo-Nazi” by the ADL.

Despite both Shapiro and Fuentes saying mostly the same things, one is promoted by the Regime, and one is suppressed by the Regime.

The difference is, of course, Ben Shapiro is Jewish and Nick Fuentes is Christian. That is really the only substantive difference. Which tells you the nature of the Cabal, the Regime, the State, and Capital. Who has power, and who does not.

Despite the frantic denials of the so-called “Dissident Right” the facts are clear as day.

There is something else that became somewhat obvious just a couple of years ago, and in this particular story, when some politico blamed the #FireMcMaster hastag campaign on “Russian Bots.”

In the Trump era, “Russia” was used, by both sides, as a code word for “Israel.” The Democrats weren’t about to go after the Trump campaign for its ties to the Likud Party of Israel, so they talked about “Russian collusion” instead.

It worked, didn’t it?