Why Do White People Hate Themselves?

Looking at the protests wrecking America, it becomes painfully obvious that most of the people promoting these events are White, and hate Whites. Why have Whites become as self-hating as Jews are rumored to be?

Most people in America are not politicians, therefore, politicians have no power, because they are a minority. Do the “majority” of the leaders of this movement identify as “White?” Where does the funding for the anti-white movement come from? From self-identified “Whites?” Is the electronic mass media that promotes this movement controlled by self-identified “Whites?” Do the people in charge of censoring opposing views online identify as “White?”

It certainly does not seem so.

In my view, people become self-destructive when they are frustrated and see no way out. White people have strapped themselves to a system based in equality from which there is no escape because it enforces itself through peer pressure.

Ah yes, the right-wing shibboleth. The problem is the abstract concept of “equality.” Typically, these right-wingers use “egalitarianism” but it’s all the same.

The point of this right-wing propaganda is to say, “don’t pay any attention to anti-whites, the actual people being and doing anti-white things. Instead, focus on this abstraction and blame yourselves for believing in it.”

I don’t know how anyone can actually believe that anyone believes in “equality.” Did Robin DiAngelo give all the money she made from her anti-white books to black people? Of course not. So, she clearly does not believe in “equality.”

“Equality” is just rhetoric – no one actually believes it. Even normie conservatives will say, “equality of opportunity not equality of outcome.”

Civilizations decay when they become complex enough to lose sight of their goals.

This is just pure rhetoric. Civilizations do not have “goals.” No one sits down and plans out a civilization. This entire Neo-Reactionary rhetoric, started by Curtis Yarvin, financed by Peter Thiel, and given wide publicity by the Neo-Conservative Zionists at The Atlantic was started to disrupt the Ron Paul movement around Justin Raimondo and AntiWar.com.

I’ll also point out that while the “Dissident Right” spends all of its time whining about “Western Civilization” and abstractions that no one really believes in, like “equality,” just regular “Normie Republicans” – not “dissidents” – are actually out there at the school boards fighting against “Critical Race Theory” – aka “anti-whiteness.” Meanwhile, the “Dissidents” are hunting around for non-existent “Nazis” – just like Antifa, in fact!

the West faced several crises which pushed us in the wrong direction: 1. Mongol invasions

Oh my god, give me a fucking break. That was 700 years ago. We’re supposed to believe that we got off on the “wrong track” 700 years ago?

In 1924, the US passed The Johnson-Reed Act, which “limited the number of immigrants allowed entry into the United States through a national origins quota. The quota provided immigration visas to two percent of the total number of people of each nationality in the United States as of the 1890 national census. It completely excluded immigrants from Asia.”

Before the era of Television, the United States was a self-confident society that identified itself as explicitly for “white” – European, even Anglo, sometimes “Nordic” people. Australia had the “White Australia” policy up until the 1970’s.

We hardly have to go back to the 1300’s to find out “where we got off track.”

Things basically cracked up after the medieval period


Culture declined each time a bureaucratic, economic, or political solution took the place of social hierarchy and direct power, by which those who were obviously the best leaders commanded the rest, with the lowest 90% having no say in how anything was done.

This person doesn’t want to perceive reality, but instead take rhetoric at face value. We exist in a system that is characterized by “social hierarchy and direct power” but uses the rhetoric of “equality” to pacify the 90% who have “no say in how anything was done.”

It took until the 20th century for things to fully fall apart, at which point they patched up what was left and adopted the middle class bourgeois attitude of social liberalism, paired with the libertarianism of functional markets and socialism for the poor.

For Americans, the 60’s immigration acts opened the floodgates and anyone who complained was demonized on TV. This was not “democratic” – the average American did not ever vote for mass immigration, every single time they were given a chance they voted against it. So it sure as hell was not “democracy.” And again – in Australia they held out until the 1970’s.

So why try to obscure all this with rhetoric about “democracy” and “demotism” and other Neo-Reactionary ink-squirting?

In addition, we feel a sense of massive guilt for having risen above the rest despite being wracked by so many problems.

Horseshit. No one feels “guilt” in this way. Does Bill Gates feel “guilty” for being a billionaire? To be blunt, no one feels “white guilt” either – they may feel shame – which is very different than “guilt.” They feel shame because the status system is controlled by anti-whites – a lot of that being, again, mass electronic media.

Furthermore, egalitarianism has made us a nasty society since, born of the tendency to manipulate each other, equal societies continue this manipulation and encourage people to use each other to get ahead. Competition for status, power, wealth, and fame makes us hate each other.

I mean, welcome to humanity. Guess what? All male mammals fight for the right to breed the female. Competition is part of nature. It’s a Darwinist world.

It is not a pretty picture — a frustrated race which got too clever and decided to play God without remembering that the source of the power of the gods is that they tend toward the natural, wise, honest, and good.

Until we stop trying to steal the powers of the gods, and instead focus on adapting to reality and emulating the goals of the gods, we will forever serve as monkeys, sabotaging each other with cleverness and taking revengeful delight in the failure of it all.

Dungeon Master, I have rolled a 14 on my 25-sided die! I cast the God-Power spell!

All this horseshit is to protect the anti-whites he mentions right in the first paragraph. Notice how they can never, ever, fail to mention those people, to distract from their power and attack anyone who ever mentions them?

Of course, that is why their movement was started in the first place. 2007, if I recall.

Who is impressed by this bloated verbiage? Who finds this profound? Surely, it is occasionally insightful – Hobbes was right about a lot of things. Plato was surely correct about many aspects of democracy.

But what is the point of all this, anyway? It’s not actionable. Neo-Reactionaries were right about one thing: “passivism” is actually quite a good strategy for individuals.

But you can, right now, go down to the school board and stop them from teaching anti-whiteness – “Critical Race Theory” – in the schools. You can, right now, support a Republican politician complaining about the border crisis.

Sure, it’s not a “solution.” But it does a hundred million times more good than pretending that Western Society has been going downhill since the freaking Mongol Invasion because we don’t have an aristocracy anymore and peasants are occasionally allowed to vote.

Which they don’t really believe anyway. Again – real the very first paragraph to figure out what these people are really doing. It’s quite obvious. Just read their leader, Curtis Yarvin, he can’t shut up about it.