I had the conventional liberal’s view of the CIA as a right-wing incendiary group, and I was amazed to discover that this was far from the case, that they were enlightened, liberal, non-partisan activists of the sort who characterize the Kennedy administration. — Gloria Steinem Discussing Her Time in the CIA

Douglas Valentine sent his book about his father’s experience in World War II, The Hotel Tacloban to former CIA director William Colby, who read it and gave an interview to Valentine and introduced him to several other CIA officers. The results was Valentine’s The Phoenix Program about the notorious CIA program in Vietnam.

Douglas explains to Webb the basic outline of the program. The US military in Vietnam were not supposed to kill civilians, so CIA set up Phoenix. They built a prison in each province to indefinitely detain people and engage in interrogation via torture. The targets were, ostensibly, civilian Communist cadres that gave support to the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong. CIA would ask its Vietnamese allies who the Communists were, then put them on a list. Then Vietnamese death squads would go hunt down the civilian Communists and either kill them and their wives, children, grandchildren, and neighbors, or bring them back to the prisons for torture. While under torture, they would be asked who else is a Communist, and they would blurt out whichever names they could think of to try to stop the torture.

Of course sometimes the Vietnamese would tell CIA that their business rival, or the guy that slept with their wife , or a political opponent, were Communists. CIA would put them on the list and send out the death squads. Torture, rinse, repeat.

This system ensures that anyone can be indefinitely detained and tortured and killed for arbitrary reasons, and in fact, like Mao’s sparrows, or Artificial Intelligence’s Paperclips, the system has perverse incentives that creates “Communists” where none might not really exist.

Valentine is very much a man of his time. He tells Webb about growing up under McCarthy and the Cold War’s Duck and Cover. He seems to believe that the domestic enemy was “secular humanism.” He seems to believe that the Civil Rights movement was suppressed, as opposed to steered by the same people who came to power in the 60’s. His perspective seems to end at the George W. Bush administration, although he does mention how tanks were rolled out after the Boston Bombings and how the psychological warfare has convinced many people to accept a domestic police state, even to welcome tanks in the street to protect us from terrorists.

Doing this interview in April of 2020, he missed the significance of the anti-lockdown protests and the subsequent state-supported Black Lives Matter/Antifa insurrection riots. The anti-lockdown protests, 100% peaceful demonstrations attended mostly by white middle and working class people in the heartland, were treated with extreme repression by the state. The BLM/Antifa insurrection riots, triggered via state media racial agitation propaganda about the death of George Floyd, were given exemptions from Covid lockdown policies from the state health authorities, who declared “racism” a greater public health priority than Covid.

Then, of course, after the January 6, 2021 demonstration and riot at the Capitol, the new Biden regime has turned the new police state on average Trump voters, and by extension, all white Americans except for a very select faction of the Professional Managerial Class that is regime-aligned.

Under Bush and Obama, the FBI were standing up fake “radical Islamic domestic terrorist” groups, always headed by an FBI informant taking direct orders from an FBI handler, used to entrap unsuspecting Muslims who were then paraded around the media as examples of FBI “foiling a terror plot.”

This changed under Trump. Now, FBI created and led groups, such as the Oathkeepers, the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Boys, and countless others, are used to entrap white Americans, who are then paraded around the media by the FBI claiming to have stopped a terrorist attack.

Unlike under Bush and Obama, now the full weight of Silicon Valley Big Tech corporations such as Google, Facebook, and Apple are, at the direction of state aligned espionage outfits like the Anti-Defamation League, engaging in surveillance and attacks on white Americans exclusively, while state media broadcasts non-stop anti-white racial agitation propaganda.

The Biden administration has announced they are surveilling even private text messages for “misinformation” and general wrong-think, all directed against only one group: white Americans outside of the urban Professional Managerial Class aligned with the regime.

A handful of Republicans, and even Vladimir Putin of Russia, have expressed concerns about the prison conditions January 6 protestors are being held in and rumors of torture and mistreatment have spread. Under the National Defense Authorization Act “are two provisions (Sections 1021 and 1022) that authorize the indefinite military detention, without charge or trial, of any person labeled a “belligerent”―including an American citizen.”

Which is why the Capitol protestors are constantly referred to as “insurrectionists” and “belligerents” by the state media and the ruling party.

Note how the term “insurrection” was preferred by the Left for the anti-police riots in Ferguson, elevating these protests above “rioting.” The term “insurrection” was imbued with revolutionary significance and authenticity.

But the term “insurrection” as used for the Capitol rioters is used in the opposite sense, as if that makes the protests illegitimate.

As Lenin said, “Who? Whom?”

Covid-19 has ushered in a new phase of the incremental domestic police state and all indications are that the state will require mandatory “Covid vaccines.” While African Americans and other non-white groups have the lowest rates of voluntary vaccination, the state media and the Biden administration say the opposite and portray the “vaccine hesitant” as white working class Trump voters, already demonized as “racists” and “white supremacists” and declared the great domestic terrorist threat.

What Boomers like Douglas Valentine misunderstand about the current era – and frankly, his own era – is that the police state in America, first set up under FDR, has never been “right-wing” but in fact increasingly mirrors the former Soviet regime in most relevant ways other than some economic decentralization labeled the “private sector.”

Since the new regime took over in the 1960’s, the political ideology has continued to shift from WWII/Cold War liberalism to the new ideology, variously characterized as Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness, Social Justice, and “Woke.”

At the core of this new ideology is the proposition that the white population of the United States is the “Enemy of the State” and that any organized resistance by them, peaceful or not, is “white supremacist terrorism” and “domestic extremism.” Regime academics openly call for the genocide of white Americans, sometimes “in jest” and increasingly quite forthrightly.

As predicted in Empire, by Communist state academics Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, a favorite book of regime Academia, the targets of the regime will be depoliticized and treated as simply criminals. This development, with the full support of virtually all regime academics including Hardt and Negri themselves, can be seen in how the regime increasingly denies any political motivations of their targets and instead treats them as simply thought-criminals, inspired not by their political interests but instead emotions such as “hate” and “racism.” “They chose whiteness.”

Valentine, pulling a Boomerism, gives the tired line “Fascism will come to America wrapped in an American flag carrying a a cross.”

No one aware of the post World War II history, and especially the post-Trump era, could fail to realize that instead, a Communist police state came to America wrapped in an LGBT Rainbow flag carrying a hypodermic needle.