I really enjoy listening to E. Michael Jones interviews and I’ve read a fair bit of his work. While I do take his ideas seriously, quite a bit of the enjoyment is simply the entertainment of listening to a cranky old drunk rant about Jews, gays, and “oligarchs.” He gets himself into a high dudgeon in virtually every interview and his favorite fallacies are the false dilemma and “argumentum ad exasperated tone of voice.”

Since Pete Buttigieg is from EMJ’s home town of South Bend, Indiana, he used to regularly go off when Buttigieg was mayor. He would bring in all these Black Protestant preachers to call Buttigieg “racist” and point out how he fired the Black police chief to bring in some Israeli mercenary. He even did a long shpiel about how Buttigieg is a “ringer” – he has no local connections or friends from his upbringing in South Bend, he is instead an “agent of the oligarchs” and he didn’t do anything to help South Bend – it was merely a preparation for his career in the federal government. His greatest accomplishment as mayor was putting up some LGBT Rainbow Flag display.

Essentially, Pete Buttigieg’s role in the media has been little more than normalizing “gay marriage” and getting people used to seeing two men kissing in public.

But that is for public consumption. What Buttigieg’s role is for insiders is likely quite different. Obviously I’ve never seen a paycheck made out to Buttigieg from CIA, but if someone gave me odds, I’d bet yes. (I’d make the same bet for AOC, in fact.) As Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, he runs the Federal Aviation Administration, which means he can appoint CIA approved drug traffickers and fire any honest aviation agents that might try to interfere with the cocaine shipments. Similarly for the secret renditions flying American citizens overseas for torture in CIA black sites and weapons for State Department approved terrorist groups like ISIS and PKK.

Then there’s Buttigieg’s Rhodes Scholarship. In 1903, Cecil Rhodes set up this scholarship to pick out promising future leaders in the English-speaking world and bring them to Oxford so they would have relationships with future British leaders. Rhodes saw this as a way to promote the British Empire. It also introduces British spies to up and coming leaders in other Anglo countries. It has a networking function similar to Skull & Bones at Yale, long a feeder into CIA.

The most famous contemporary Rhodes Scholar is, of course, former President Bill Clinton. Some of Buttigieg’s contemporaries are Jared Cohen of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trump’s Staff Secretary Rob Porter, and Chesa Boudin, the child of Weatherman terrorists and convicted murderers Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert. Boudin is now the District Attorney of San Francisco and introduced pro-criminal policies destroying the city, presumably to lower real estate prices in yet another generation of the “block busting/gentrification” scheme engaged in by his parents and grandparent’s generations.