Sometimes it’s easy to miss the obvious; it’s hard to see what is right in front of your face.

Back in the early Obama years, the notorious Cass Sunstein wrote his famous paper about how the government should “cognitively infiltrate” online “9/11” and “conspiracy communities.”

I think, not coincidentally, during this campaign Youtube and the “conspiracy theory” Internet sites were flooded with very high budget “Flat Earth” videos. This is also about the time that “Crisis Actors” became a meme.

The Edward Snowden leaks from the UK’s GHCQ revealed that the various intelligence agencies were engaged in trolling – literally, Internet trolling. Some tactics were even revealed, how and when to use profanity. Emotional abuse – personal targeting of people, gaslighting, were tactics.

So it’s interesting to me that I’ve seen both of these behaviors on my blog, going back to when I first started writing seriously about intelligence and espionage topics, and 9/11.

I don’t know anything about the “Condo Collapse” in Florida from last month. Some guy posted a long comment, with all sorts of names, and I posted it as an article, without endorsing it. It seems the condo was a nest of Mishpucka – Jewish Organized Crime – and cutting corners in the original construction, and failure to finance maintenance, is what led to the collapse.

That the Israelis showed up to take control of the “rescue” operation makes on wonder if there were objects or documents or even bodies that the Israelis very much wanted control of so they wouldn’t fall into the “wrong hands.”

But, of course, the commenter added “controlled demolition” into the mix. This takes what is a possibly interesting crime and espionage story and turns it into a “conspiracy theory” and, of course, associates it with 9/11. No other commenters, nor myself, found the theory particularly compelling, while the crime and espionage angles were seen to be the real scandal.

Well, the same commenter came back, over and over again, with similar “conspiracy theory” type rhetoric. Surely, some are familiar with “pseudolaw.”

Pseudolaw consists of statements, beliefs, or practices that are claimed to be based on accepted law or legal doctrine, but which deviate significantly from most conventional understandings of law and jurisprudence, or which originate from non-existent statutes or legal principles the advocate or adherent incorrectly believes exist. Donald Netolitzky defined it as “a collection of legal-sounding but false rules that purport to be law”, a definition that distinguishes pseudolaw from arguments that fail to conform to existing laws such as novel arguments or a ignorance of precedent in case law. The features are distinct and conserved. It is sometimes referred to as “legalistic gibberish”.

Surely, readers have come across such rhetoric. “The United States is a private corporation.” “Capitalized names on birth certificates make you a financial product.” “The IRS can’t tax your income unless you make this particular voluntary disclosure.” A new one – “Zionism is unconstitutional because the Foreign Emoluments Clause.”

“Sovereign Citizens.”

When I was young I discovered the stuff about the IRS online, and spent a few weeks occasionally reading about it – who wants to pay taxes? – before realizing it was all, more or less, “legalistic gibberish.”

So the first troll, he may or may not be sincere – there seem to be real, “serious” people who believe every mass shooting is a false flag, all victims are crisis actors, and anyone with an Ashkenazi grandfather has full membership in the Elders of Zion. But my long involvement in 9/11 Truth has shown me that plenty of those people – like Jim Fetzer – are doing a “work” – throw as much shit into the conversation as possible to make anything outside of the Official Narrative seem crazy.

Israeli Hasbara is its own thing. In the late 90’s, I read an article from someone who was not Jewish who got paid to do official Hasbara. She said it paid really well for a college student. They gave her a binder with talking points and answers to questions, and she sat in front of the computer typing in these talking points on any online discussion having to do with Israel. She said she came to agree with most of it, and came to be a sympathizer of Israel, but otherwise wasn’t particularly invested and quit, sold the article about her experience, and got a real job.

Then, there is the typical “American Jew” type Hasbara, where if you say, “damn the Jews are doing this” he will respond “oh yeah you’re just jealous of Jewish success! We’re just smarter than you dumb conservatives/liberals/nazis whatever.” That’s also pretty easy to spot and dismiss.

But then the other guy. This is a weird one and I’m sure he’s reading.

Right when my blogs first started to take off, I had a few partners, and we were getting into some very serious stuff, this guy shows up. First comment, he says, “stop talking about the CIA. You should instead deny the Holocaust.”

And I’m like, what? Anything at all to do with World War II, Nazis, Hitler, or the Holocaust, has always bored me to tears. I’ve always avoided it like the plague because I really can’t stand either “side” of the equation. It’s all Reductio ad Hitlerum in one way or another. Who can possibly bother with all that? Someone else, not me.

So this guys sticks around FOR YEARS constantly trolling me – even though, as we’ll see, “trolling” is not quite what it is. I even caught him doing a really sneaky trick – he would find some issue my blogging partners and I were disagreeing on, and he’d attack me and suck up to them. I stopped approving his comments; clearly he had an agenda.

Well, as soon as I start this blog, he’s back, doing the same shit. Constant personal attacks, then a bit of sucking up, then back to the attacks. Then, weirdly, out of the blue, he starts telling me how wonderful the new CIA director, William Burns is. How everything is going to change now that Trump’s Likudniks are out.

I guess that should have been the tell. In any case, I start responding to him for a while, but he goes back to the same shit. He even mentions some throw away piece of rhetoric I wrote about five years ago that I barely remembered, and he’s like, “yeah five years ago you said this, but now you say some other thing!”

And I’m like, what? Then I sort of remember, I had taken some line from an “Atheist Community Controversy” and re-tooled it as a Bob Whitaker style talking point. And I’m thinking to myself, this guy remembers a five year old post from a long since deleted blog that I don’t even remember? This guy knows my blog more than I do? He reads me this closely, for over five years, he remembers that much?”

Then it sort of hits me. The style is what would be called “emotional abuse” and “gaslighting” if it were a personal relationship. Not trolling, it’s quite different. It’s kind of like how Jack talks to Wendy in The Shining – how an abusive husband would talk to the wife he is abusing.

Gaslighting. “You are crazy! Why do you keep breaking these dishes you clumsy bitch! Why are you so mean to everybody, what you’re crying again? I wouldn’t hit you if you didn’t always try to make me angry! Do you ever think about MY needs?”

And I’m thinking to myself, what the hell? How could anybody spend five years reading my blog – saving the posts, apparently – and even want to try to engage with a stranger on the Internet in such a way? Is this stalking? Is this some gay thing?

Then, of course, I remember. This is exactly what is in the GHCQ documents leaked by Edward Snowden, in the Powerpoint presentation about how to “split online consensus” and how to “target online activists.”

So, I will pat myself on the back. Here I thought I was just a fifth rate blogger, but I’m much more than that. I’m enough of a threat that the Cass Sunstein crowd have me in the database, and some Army grunt – really, more likely, some $15 dollar an hour intern at an NGO fighting “online extremism” – is sitting at the desk, going through my files, and using all the textbook disruption and personal attacks. For five years. That is how important I am. Amazing.

I’m actually costing some NGO a certain amount of money by just talking about 9/11, the CIA, and the Israelis.

You get flak when you are over the target.