I’m sure many readers are familiar with Christopher Bollyn. Bollyn was a very early 9/11 Truth journalist and one of the first to document the Israeli connections. He received serious harassment by the government in the years he was writing about 9/11, including an obviously illegitimate arrest meant merely as an intimidation tactic.

The Bollyn Trial

They were stalking his family, goons sitting in an unmarked car in front of his house at weird hours. He calls 911, they come and arrest him and charge him with some nonsense.

He then takes he family and flees the country and moves to Europe for a few years.

While this is happened, Bollyn gets a “fan” who wants to “help” him.

Some guy calling himself “Eric Hufschmid” puts up a website, Huge Questions that basically takes a lot of Bollyn’s work, then adds the maximum amount of “anti-semitism” and then even attacks Bollyn for “not telling the whole truth about … the Fake Moon Landings!”

Hufschmid even makes up this weird story that Bollyn and his entire family have been kidnapped and are being held in some Gitmo-type CIA Black Site. Then, he starts a rumor that Bollyn has been assassinated. Bollyn has to send a bunch of emails to his fans and correspondents that he is alive, his family is ok, living in Europe. Bollyn has to tell people, this “Eric Hufschmid” guy seems to be stalking me and trying to discredit my work – ignore him.

When I discovered “Eric Hufschmid’s” site, I was younger, more naive about things, and new to trying to understand “government conspiracies,” 9/11, the Israel Lobby, all of it.

Apparently, “Eric Hufschmid’s” site is still up, but doesn’t seem to have been updated in a decade. Back when he was still writing there, I kind of followed it for a while. His book, which I skimmed years ago, seems it was just taking half of what Bollyn had written and added all sorts of nonsense and antisemitism.

So at one point, I’m reading his updates, and he starts saying that the Jews are poisoning him and – I still remember the line – “the liquid poop is back.”

OK, then I’m thinking this guy is just crazy.

But of course it’s more than just that, if it is even that. The entire purpose was to “Google hijack” Bollyn’s name and work, to mix 9/11 truth with crazy antisemitism and even fake Moon Landing stuff. Anyone trying to research Bollyn and the Israeli 9/11 connection finds themselves on a site full of pictures of burning Israeli flags, stuff about the “Holohoax” and some crazy guy talking about how the Jews are turning his poop into liquid.

It’s a very effective tactic, even more so back then.


As I described in other files, such as this, I think that Christopher Bollyn and his family were kidnapped by an international network of criminal Jews and Israelis on 11 June 2007. I also suspect that the Jews have been getting away with murders, kidnappings, pedophilia, and other crimes, for centuries, but now that the Internet exists, each of us can easily investigate and expose their crimes.

You get the idea.

Interestingly, the last update to his site is about George Floyd.


So, you question the Official Narrative about George Floyd and Derrick Chavin? Congrats, you’re now in with the “liquid poop” crowd!

Sometimes you just have to laugh.