Sometimes, they can pack a lie, a distortion, and a misrepresentation all in one sentence fragment.

It’s astonishing. The entire Right, from the mainstream, to the faux-dissidents, to the phony alternative, are all just completely full of shit.

American Mind, a publication of the Claremont Institute – the people who hired Curtis Yarvin. It’s a “conservative” think tank. But what is it really?

The institute was founded in 1979 by four students of Straussian political theorist Harry V. Jaffa

OK, Leo Strauss, the Neo-Con Zionist. His student, Jaffra, a Neo-Con Zionist. His students. That’s your right-wing.

Joel Kotkin has been getting all sorts of coverage and media due to his new book, The Coming of NEO-Feudalism.

The new class structure resembles that of Medieval times. At the apex of the new order are two classes―a reborn clerical elite, the clerisy, which dominates the upper part of the professional ranks, universities, media and culture, and a new aristocracy led by tech oligarchs with unprecedented wealth and growing control of information. These two classes correspond to the old French First and Second Estates.

Of course, true as far as it goes, but it’s all just warned over Neo-Reaction. Part of the Right is supposed to be an acceptance of hierarchy. So is this “new” class structure bad? Well, for Americans – white Americans – it surely is, as this class is not just interested in wealth and power, as all ruling classes are, but they are actively anti-white.

Why? Yarvin explains it’s because they are all neo-Calvinists. Cough. Maybe Kotkin can give us something closer to reality. What’s Kotkin’s agenda?

Why Jews Are Confused, The American [sic] Mind, Claremont Institute

From missiles falling on Tel Aviv and the assault on synagogues during last summer’s riots to mob violence on the streets of LA and New York, the sense of well-being among America’s Jews has been shattered.

Right off the bat, a fucking lie. This writer, and numerous others, posted the evidence that synagogues were being actively protected by BLM leaders against even accidental vandalism; meanwhile – as right now in the North West and Canada – Churches are being specifically targeted. We saw great concern from BLM leaders that the media might portray them as anti-semitic – not a once did any show any concern for being anti-Christian.

So, Joel Kotkin is lying, trying to pretend that Jews are “victims” of BLM, as opposed to the truth, that they are the leaders of it, the funders of it, and the intellectual force behind it.

Attacked from the far right, as well as an increasingly vitriolic far left, Jews are pincered and suffering whiplash.

Lies on top of lies. You, Kotkin – you are the far right. The far left is literally led and financed by Jews. Jews are Presidents of seven of the eight Ivy League universities; it is precisely when they came to control the Ivy League they became anti-white and they started preaching Critical Race Theory – an ideology invented by Jews, starting with the publication of The Authoritarian Personality written by literal Communist Jews and published as “part of a “Studies in Prejudice” series sponsored by the American Jewish Committee’s Department of Scientific Research.”

Amidst what Hoover Institution fellow and Somali immigrant Ayaan Hirsi Ali describes as a rampant rise of “tribalism,” anti-Semitism is becoming normalized in America.

Just a bald faced lie. The Anti-Defamation League has literally been put in charge of not just censoring the Internet, but can now even tell financial institutions to close someone’s bank accounts. The BDS movement is illegal – in dozens of states, the government requires you to sign a pledge to support Israel – a foreign state – before you can get aid or do business with the government. That’s anti-semitic?

Lies on top of lies – typical for right-wingers, who exist, as far as I can tell, only to support the foreign state of Israel. Where exists any “right wing” anything that exists to support, you know, Americans?

The Jewish establishment has generally focused on white nationalists as the prime threat and, to be sure, lone racists have expressed their anti-Semitism lethally from Kansas City and Pittsburgh to Poway. To a people who have experienced centuries of persecution from the Tsarist regime to the Nazis and the Klan, the far right’s elevated profile fueled by the power of social media—if not the actual size of the white nationalist movement—is nevertheless terrifying.

My god, even this. There was barely any persecution of Jews under the Czar – that has been shown quite clearly. Jews murdered more Russians than Russians murdered Jews, the persecution went the other way. But that’s how you do it – accuse your opponents of doing what you yourself are doing.

As far as the “White Nationalists?” How did they “persecute” Jews? One time, at one rally, a group of people chanted “Jews will not replace us.” Why? Well, just read anything by Jews on the right or the left, and they openly explain that they are replacing American with “immigrants” and specifically – again, right and left – give Jewish reasons for doing so.

Yet this is not the real measure, or even the bulk, of the threat. Groups like the Anti-Defamation League focus on Islamists and right-wing hate groups, but their statistics have been roundly criticized in such respected magazines as Tablet, and are widely thought to reflect their increasingly progressive bias. The reality, missing from the mainstream narrative, ignores the arguably more potent threat from an aroused, and increasingly radicalized, left.

Later he is going to let slip the big lie here, too. But first, this:

The roots of leftist anti-Semitism are nurtured in anti-Zionism that has been brewing for a half century on the left. But now, for the first time, even Congress has a band of anti-Zionists who denounce Israel’s strong response to missile attacks as a war crime. The assault on Israel’s right to self-defense—though still backed by President Biden—comes from the ascendant left faction of the Democrats—led by such figures as Rashida Tlaib and the openly anti-Semitic Ilhan Omar. They assign exclusive blame to Israel for their response to the mass missile attacks on their cities from groups like Hamas, whose genocidal urges are well demonstrated and enshrined in the group’s founding documents, and whose Judenrein territorial goal, “from the river to the sea,” is now chanted by street mobs around the world, and tweeted by none other than the labor union at the New Yorker magazine.

So, Israel has passed a law declaring that it is a Jewish state – non-Jews are second class citizens. Jews have Palestinians locked up in a concentration camp in Gaza and settlers shoot little kids in the knees and wear T-shirts about shooting pregnant women, “one shot, two kills.” But Kotkin is calling other people genocidal? Now, that is chutzpah! Do they give an award, because if so I want to nominated this fucking guy.

Israel appears to have lost support among American Jews, particularly the younger and less affiliated. Having alienated the Obama administration with their West Bank settlement policies and opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement, Israeli policy-makers now worry more about Democratic Administrations. A former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. recently opined that Israel should prioritize the “passionate and unequivocal” support of evangelical Christians over that of American Jews, who he said are “disproportionately among our critics.” Certainly the new administration’s intent to return to the Iran accords are troubling, as are charges that John Kerry, the president climate czar, gave intelligence to the Iranians, who openly promote eradication of the Jewish state.

These divides are particularly dangerous as the community is aging rapidly, faces increasing pressures to assimilate, while major institutions are under pressures not seen in generations. Overall, the American Jewish population—unlike that of demographically robust Israel—is unlikely to grow by 2050. There is no likely replacement for the influx of Persian, North and South African, and Russian Jews who rescued the community from demographic decline over the last half century. It is also a community that is no longer the global center of Jewry, and has been replaced by Israel, a state that acts primarily in its own self-interest, sometimes in ways that upset many American Jews.

I mean, there are so many lies here, one wonders where to begin. No one is “pressuring” Jews to assimilate. It looks to me what is happening is all those pretty Jewish gals in Brooklyn have taken a fancy to those handsome Italian boys. What’s wrong with that, Kotkin? You some kind of racist or something? Why do you hate love? You’re just jealous of all those Italian Stallions, apparently.

Secondly, what, Jews in America are not supporting Israel enough? So what you are saying is, Jews don’t have enough dual-loyalty? Fascinating, that. Jews are not being traitors enough for you.

Here’s a question. Why the hell are you in America, Kotkin? Why the hell are you, a foreign agent, lecturing Americans on anything? Why haven’t you made aliyah, yet, you miserable traitor?

So, those pretty Jewish gals in Brooklyn don’t like Israelis genociding Palestinians in their name? Well – good for them.

Obviously, what is really happening here, what Kotkin is complaining about, is all those poor kids who were brainwashed in the abusive Jew cult are rejecting that brainwashing and joining the rest of the human race. They are becoming American. And Kotkin, a disgusting religious fanatic, doesn’t like that his child abuse is no longer working.

Leading progressive Jews often embrace the notion of tikkun olam (“healing the world”) as the mission of the faith.

Yes, “leading progressive Jews” are racist bigots who claim that the “goyim” are “broken” and need a Jew to fix him. I got news for you, Kotkin – you’re the one that is broken, and your daughter will be fixed by the aforementioned Italian Stallions. She is going to reject your disgusting cult of hate. We are rescuing her. We are the ones “healing the world” – a world that has been torn by your evil cult religion and your hateful Zionist ideology.

It’s inevitable, Kotkin. You are losing, and we are winning. LOVE WINS.

n their mind, Jewish values are intrinsically progressive and point with pride to the community’s support for the African American civil rights movement, and their more recent unrequited backing for the Black Lives Matter movement and the Women’s March.

Well, there you go. When I say it, I’m “anti-semitic.” But Kotkin is being honest here. The entire left-wing is run by Jews and they are anti-white.

Yet many of these groups are led in part by enthusiastic backers of the most influential anti-Semite of our time, National of Islam head Louis Farrakhan, who smirks that he is an “anti-termite” and insists that Jews controlled the slave trade

Where’s the lie, Kotkin? Jews did run the slave trade.

and other leaders who accuse Israel of genocide, and of running an apartheid state.

Where’s the lie, Kotkin?

BLM protests have also led to rioters vandalizing synagogues and trashing Jewish owned businesses in Los Angeles, New York, and Kenosha, Wisconsin.

He’s doubling down on the lies. The truth is BLM specifically protected synagogues and attacked churches.

The challenge extends beyond Congress and the ADL. Last week, a group of 100 rabbinic students from the major non-Orthodox seminaries signed an open letter denouncing Israel’s “violent suppression of human rights and … apartheid in the Palestinian territories, and the threat of annexation.”

Wow – a bunch of religious Jews do something righteous, and Kotkin complains they aren’t defending evil.

The disconnect between Jewish interests and the current progressive dogma extends beyond Israel. One major theme of “anti-racist” ideology, which a growing number of Jews support, is the imposition of racial quotas in schools, and a gradual campaign to strip the primacy of merit—based on such factors as talent, test scores, getting the right answer, science skills, aptitude for math, or even basic diligence. Historically, merit has allowed Jews and other minorities, today notably Asians, to thrive.

Wow – this guy is doing my job for me! Yes, Jews are behind “Critical Race Theory” which attacks white people – NOT JEWS. Remember, Jews are “not white” – they are “people of color” according to CRT dogma – which Jews invented.

As for merit? What a joke. Ron Unz proved it with hard numbers: the Jews who run the Ivy League actively discriminate against “white” – “goyim” – and against Asians, and discriminate in favor of Jews. That’s not “merit” – that is ethnocentric nepotism.

Even the reality of the street violence directed at Jews as well as Asians have been grossly distorted into proof of pervasive “white nationalism.”

Um, yeah. When Blacks beat Whites and Asians in the streets, the Jews in the media blame it on “white nationalism.” Why don’t they blame in on “Jewish Nationalism” – Zionism? Because they are anti-White and pro-Jew, that’s why.

African American celebrities such as media host Nick Cannon and NFL star DeSean Jackson feel little compunction not to utter their disdain for Jews.

My god, the lies. Nick Cannon spews constant hate for “white” people, but he once said something not terribly positive about Jews, and what happened? His Jewish boss made him apologize or he would lose his show. Little compunction? There isn’t a single paragraph in Kotkin’s screed that doesn’t contain at least one lie, and typically numerous lies. It’s astonishing! This guy is like an Olympic League Liar! Give this guy an award or something.

figures like Nick Fuentes and Richard Spencer are persistently gaining anti-Semitic support through online chatter and major media attention. The historic connection with Jewish conspiracy memes long popular on the far right does surface periodically, particularly the targeting of liberal Jewish billionaires like George Soros or Michael Bloomberg by prominent conservative figures.

Nick Fuentes read a cookie joke someone had texted him and now he’s an “anti-semite?” Richard Spencer said he wanted for Whites what Jews have, and he’s “anti-semitic?”

And when someone complains about George Soros funding the left – that’s “anti-semitic?” You can’t criticize Michael Bloomberg, a viciously hateful anti-white, because that’s “anti-semitic?” So, in other words, Jews cannot be criticized, ever, for any reason, by a lowly goyim?

This fucking guy!

The rise of Christian nationalism presents its own risks

This guy writes an entire screed supporting Jewish nationalism then complains about Christian nationalism? There’s that chutzpah again!

In contrast, less traditional Jews will have to navigate a world where many people around them —including the well-educated—are hostile to Israel, and to Jewish identity.

This, from the guy who hates White identity and Christians!

The growing separation from our own faith and our own, distinct diaspora heritage may pose a greater long-term threat than politics. This faith has to be more than mindless embrace of militant Israeli nationalism or by transmuting “Jewish values” into an echo of Progressive ideology. The key to the future survival lies in the ability to see ourselves as a unique people and focus on what holds us together as Jews, rather than transitory affiliations with increasingly demented politicians.

Well – there it is. This guy wants Jews to see themselves as a “unique people” and he wants Jews to be traitors to the US and have dual loyalty to Israel – and no one else, no lowly goyim are allowed to be a “unique people” or support nationalism for a non-Jewish religion.

This is the “right-wing.” This is the same sentiment expressed by right-wingers from Curtis Yarvin to Colin Liddell, from TPUSA to CPAC, from Ron DeSantis to Matt Gaetz, from The Federalist to National Review.

The entire right-wing is all about attacking White people and worshipping Jews.

Glad I’m not a right-winger. I’m not on the Right. Fuck them, they should all get the hell out of America and move to Israel if they love it so much.