I’ll take “things that didn’t happen for $500, Alex.”

Apparently, there are studies that have been done. If you ask a conservative, “what do liberals believe,” they will be able to give a more or less accurate response. Conservatives know what liberals believe – they don’t agree, obviously – but they know.

But if you ask a liberal what a conservative believes, they have no idea. Instead, they have a cartoonish projection of “bad beliefs.”

So, liberals, the left, they are absolutely convinced that your average white Republican is a secret member of the Ku Klux Klan – and the Nazi Party – and when they get together they sit around saying “the N-word.”

Remember, there are a lot of black people that believe in witchcraft, that white people’s thoughts psychically affect them, but not the reverse. This is similar to the old medieval belief in the “Evil Eye.” It only affects blacks, not whites, but white people’s “racist thoughts” magically hurt them.

So this black Capitol Police officer, telling this story, is about as believable as Jussie Smollett getting lynched by a couple of white MAGA hat wearing Trumptards, in the middle of a Chicago ice storm.

Anyone who knows an actual, real MAGAtard knows they are the most politically correct people. They are terrified of being thought of as “racist.” They worship any black person who will claim to be a conservative. Candace Owens, a two bit grifter without a sincere bone in her body, is worshipped as a goddess.

Then, of coure, liberals are convinced that conservatives are “anti-semites” and hate Jews, when the exact opposite is the case. Conservatives worship Jews, as God, and they put the interests of Israel above the interest of their own country.

So, this black guy, he’s lying through his teeth. The only people who ever, in his entire life, called him an “n-word” is other black people.

But, this is what liberals and Democrats want to hear, they want to hear about how all Trump voters are secretly “racist” just waiting for a chance to Establish White Supremacy.

LOL! I wish. That would never, ever happen. Conservatives are sniveling cowards and the dumbest people in America. They won’t do anything but pay for overpriced pillows because some guy told them Trump won.