Some leftist Jewish law professor once wrote an article; in it he was discussing the “conservative” view of jurisprudence and “original intent” versus the more Democratic party ideas of expansive interpretation. As for himself, he was quite straightforward: “if I were a federal judge, I would simply rule in whichever way would help establish socialism.”

There you go – you are dealing with a serious political actor, someone who is interested in victory and understands the Carl Schmitt idea of politics; the friend/enemy distinction. For him, the anti-socialists are the enemy, and he leverages his political power to defeat them. It is a war; it is about victory, it is not an abstract argument over ideology.

Conservatives do this too, but instead of being truthful, with themselves and others, they take liberal political rhetoric and attempt to “prove” why they are the “real liberals.”

A perfect example of this is when Republicans declare that they are the Party of Lincoln and the Democrats are the party of slavery. Democrats – and Black people – simply laugh at this because they can acknowledge what Republican conservatives are simply too cowardly to do.

The White Men of the South East, who live in states and localities where the demographics are nearly half white, half black, are the Real Conservatives. They deal with the racial issues up close and personal. Once, they were Solid South Democrats. As liberals took over the Democratic party in the post-FDR era, they eventually switched to the Republican party. Strom Thurmond started it and by the time Nixon ran in the middle of the Cultural Revolution – the “Sixties” – the rest of them switched parties too. They lost the fight over Segregation; they regrouped and tried to assert their interests in different ways.

A perfect illustration of this conservative idiocy can be found in the comments section on this thread:

Specifically, the commenters William Whitten, who blogs here:

In fact, the comments on that thread are quite interesting, as it is a mix of conservatives and “not woke” liberals. One liberal complains that Republicans are “anti-LGBT” and against unions (as if the Democratic party has lifted a finger to support unions since Carter began the financialization of the economy.) This woman thinks it’s 1992. The conservatives are just as bad, simply lying about the reality of conservative white men in the south and posturing as the party of Lincoln and Liberty; sheer moral posturing without any connection to political reality whatsoever.

The dissidents who complain about conservatives doing the “Democrats are the real racist” gimmick just misunderstand the nature of political rhetoric. In that thread, the most ideological conservatives and liberals are simply morally posturing against each other, throwing around frankly outdated phrases and slogans just to one up each other. None of these people care particularly about the issues – indeed, their rhetoric shows they barely understand the issues. They are simply engaged in rhetorical one-upsmanship based on moral ideas. The conservatives, as usual, always lose because they cannot admit that they are white, and their opponents are anti-white.

What White Nationalists have wrong, something that Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent has understood, is that white people – Americans – are not racial reductionists. “White” is not an identity. Richard Spencer used to say, “race is real, race matters, and race forms the foundation of identity.” But that is all it is – a foundation of identity.

White Americans are the least “racist” people in the world, and they always have been. Every other racial group is overtly and brashly “racist.” Han Chinese are all Han Supremacists and make no bones about it. Black people? Blackity black black 24/7 Black. “Hispanic” is a made up category, but in Southern California, the “Mexican-Americans” cheer for the Mexican soccer team, not the American soccer team.

However, we are seeing, right in front of our eyes, a kind of “defensive” White Identity forming. This is of course that natural and inevitable result of increasing racial diversity. This is why “the left” is increasingly screaming about “white supremacy” or why they say that the Trump rioters at the Capitol “chose their whiteness over democracy.”

The Republicans are also in a panic over this; it is why they hated Trump so much, as Trump was Likud’s Hail Mary pass (no coincidence Netanyahu was ousted just after Trump was.) The hard core of Likud overruled the typical Jewish establishment in America and had Trump run a “populist” campaign. Of course, the Democrats and the left claimed Trump was “appealing to racism” but that’s a lie. Trump not only won more non-white voters than the typical Republican, he got even more the second time around.

Back in the bad old days of 9/11, there was a revealing “gossip” story about Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who recently arrived in the lake of fire. In the aftermath of the Abu Ghraib scandal, Rumsfeld and his wife attended a DC cocktail party, where some of the other guests actively harangued him over the Gitmo and torture policies. It was apparently so bad he and his wife left early.

This illustrated a real conflict within the ruling class. Democratic and Republican elites socialize together and they don’t bring work in to it, the Abu Ghraib scandal was a huge embarrassment to the Empire, indeed, one general literally said that Lyndie England had “lost the war.” (Pentagon brass are scumbags of the highest order, the worst people on the planet.)

We saw something similar happen with Trump. Trump represented a real conflict in the ruling class, and we saw the elites threatening anyone working with him.

You can tell what the real conflict was over in what Trump represented. One of Trump’s campaigners said he was tasked to find “three issues” for Trump to run on. He listened to hours of right-wing talk radio and came up with three: Obamacare, Common Core, and illegal immigration.

In Trump’s famous elevator announcement, he talked about Obamacare and some people politely applauded. He talked about Common Core and everyone yawned. Then, in his delightfully inarticulate way, Trump talked about illegal immigration and everyone went nuts.

You will find there is one policy, and one policy only, that the elites will never budge an inch on, and that is mass immigration. There are several reasons for this.

First, contra cowardly so-called “dissidents” – mass immigration is strongly supported by the Jewish establishment, and they are not in the slightest bit shy about telling you why. Mark Potak of the SPLC has a chart on his desk showing, year by year, the demographic decline of “non-Hispanic whites.” That is what he is working for. When the Sierra Club started promoting immigration restriction to prevent ecological catastrophe, it’s largest donor, David Gelbaum, said, “I cannot support an organization that is anti-immigration. It would dishonor the memory of my grandparents.”

Gelbaum, like most Jews of his generation, hated America, hated Americans, and resent the immigration restrictions of the 1920’s, which were – frankly – designed to keep people like him out – for obviously good reasons.

One Jewish oligarch explained why Jews have pushed for “gay marriage.” He was frank, it was not because Jews particularly approve of homosexuality, but they want a culture in which “many various practices” are acceptable. Drag Queen Story hour makes Jewish genital mutilation and chicken-swinging seem not so weird.

And of course, Jews – who hate America and hate Americans – feel more comfortable in a “diverse society.” Those cowardly “dissidents” who think that is just irrational anti-semitism are of course wrong. Jews are not shy about openly saying this over and over. They believe that a diverse society will prevent an American Hitler. Just read Philip Roth’s groteque anti-American screed, The Plot Against America for a wonderfully explicit example of Jewish racism and bigotry and unhinged hate for Americans.

There are various “Hispanic” groups that want a more or less open border so they can bring family members and go back and forth – although they are hardly united on this. There are quite a lot of “Hispanic-Americans” that are strongly immigration restrictionist. There is virtually zero support for mass immigration among African Americans, who rightly fear their special place in American society will be supplanted by other groups.

The second big motivation for mass immigration, after Jewish power, is finance capitalism. Also known as “usury.” The entire economy is enslaved to the abstract mathematical formula for compound interest. People who have capital want it to grow, magically, without having to engage in work; they want their money “to work for them.” The entire financial system is a massive, global house of cards, that crashes on a regular basis.

The US dollar is captured by the Triffin Dilemma. There is simply no other option but to continue to grow the quantity of money forever until there is a kind of collapse, at which time they will simply issue another kind of currency.

Ethnic conflict is inevitable, it is natural consequence of ethnic diversity.

Neo-Reactionaries, especially – since the Neo-Reaction was started by neo-conservative Jews in order to tamp down on the growing anti-war sentiment among white Ron Paul fans – go to great lengths to obscure the nature of what used to be called “Political Correctness” and is now called “Woke.”

The Neo-Reaction claims this is an outgrowth of Progressivism, which is a lie, and many neo-reactionaries knowingly lie about this. Woke clearly does use similar rhetoric that the old Progressives, like Teddy Roosevelt, used. There are certainly similarities. But the Progressivism of the old ruling class was not anti-white. The key feature of the new Woke ideology is not “equality” – it is anti-whiteness.

And anti-whiteness is merely another permutation of anti-goyimism. Conservatives sometimes use the term “Cultural Marxism” – which is somewhat accurate, but also a bit dated. You can trace the ideology from those original Frankfurt School Jews that mixed Marxist rhetoric with Freudian pseudo-science as it develops later into “Political Correctness” and now “woke.”

Jews were always at the forefront of this ideology, although were hardly the only ones; some of the most vicious anti-whites have been homosexuals, which if you will note, have long been courted by Jews and neo-conservatives. Indeed, Peter Thiel, the sugar daddy of NRx, is himself a homosexual who was selected at university by no less than the Godfather of Neo-Conservatism, William Kristol.

You can also see people with personality disorders and simple grifters, such as Robin DiAngelo of “White Fragility” infamy, and her predecessor Jane Elliott. Elliott can be understood quite easily by simply watching interviews with her: this woman hated children, especially white boys. She was a sadist and enjoyed emotionally abusing the children in her care.

When they interviewed her and some of her former students, she admitted to one of her now grown students that she “hated” him and thought he was a “little fascist.”

So, an eight year old boy is a “little fascist.” That is, of course, an expression of hatred for a child and nothing more. Just like pedophiles are attracted, for obvious reasons, to working with children, so are sadistic child-haters like Elliott.

There is no “ideology” that can fix these issues; indeed, ideology merely obscures the issue. Capitalism is destroying our country – this does not mean the solution is “socialism.” When Americans use the term “socialism” that merely mean the welfare state. Leftists always said, “real communism has never been tried” – which is true, in its own way. The USSR was indeed “state capitalism.” But Communism is merely Christian utopianism, straight out of the book of Acts, “from each his ability, to each his need.” The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock and immediately established a Christian Commune, it lasted until the boys hit puberty and wanted their own property so they could attract their own wives.

But just because socialism and communism “don’t work” hardly means we have to simply sit back while Google and Goldman Sachs rule us with an iron fist.

The second thing that has to be done is to understand, explicitly, that “Woke” and “Critical Race Theory” are simply anti-white. Those in the know – like us – understand this is based on anti-goyimism, although it can hardly be reduced to just that.

The activist Blacks, like Ta-Nehisi Coates, are simply “racist” – they are simply anti-white. There is zero substance to his ideology, he can’t even define “racism.” He is given a platform by the Jewish media in order to attack the goyim from another angle.

Mexican-Americans don’t particularly hate “Anglos” – they merely take their own side in the argument. Indeed, Mexican-Americans will praise their children for marrying a light-eyed, light-haired, white skinned spouse and they use the phrase that translates directly to “improving the race.”

The only Latinx that are truly anti-white are those indoctrinated in academia.

Everyone except for “white” Americans will, more or less, take their own side. White conservatives – and also some liberals – will sometimes attempt to take their own side, but always use rhetorical misdirection because they are afraid of not just being called a “racist” but also because they cannot admit to themselves that they are, indeed, a race, an ethnicity, because then … oh my god, HITLER!

Of course, all of this happened, more or less, because of the rise of mass electronic media during the FDR administration. FDR was also the turning point, when the old WASP ruling class and their Progressivism began to lose power to the new Jewish ruling class and their anti-goyimism. By the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s, the Jews were firmly in control and the WASPs became second place, to be further reduced as time went on to being openly discriminated against in their own institutions that they built, such as Harvard..

But we do not have to believe in the Jewish religion. We are not “goyim.” Jews are not our moral superiors. On the contrary, nowhere, throughout history, has any group of people driven by such a hateful ideology accomplished what we have accomplished. The Jewish state cannot even make peace with her neighbors and cannot survive without the sponsorship of America, via the Zionist occupation.

We don’t need any ideologies, indeed, ideologies are merely a way to avoid making hard choices and judgement calls. We have biological interests; we want to survive and for our children and grandchildren to thrive. Our existence is its own justification; the world works via a harsh, Darwinist logic.

It’s kind of pointless to even talk about “taking back America.” What we have to do is stand against anti-whiteness – and it pays for at least some of us to understand and know it is based on anti-goyimism.

The grassroots push back against “Critical Race Theory” is a very welcome development. The fact that so many people voted for Trump, despite all of the hysteria over illegal immigration is a good sign. The fact that most white people, outside of indoctrinated liberals, hate the media is a good sign. The mass media is completely controlled by self-identified, self-conscious Jewish Zionists; the fact more and more whites distrust the media is indeed a welcome sign.

The early Soviet Union similarly had a Jewish elite that expressed their hatred of their neighbors, the goyim, with astonishing brutality and sadistic glee But it did not last, eventually, Stalin took them out of power and Russians once again gained control of their own country.

When the USSR fell, the country became controlled by eight “oligarchs” – seven of them Jewish, and the joke was, “how did the goy sneak in?” The rise of Putin saw the system stabilized, although Putin is himself supportive of, and reliant on, certain Jewish oligarchs, but he seems quite opposed to anti-goyimism.

Something similar will happen in America. The rise of the Internet and the decline of traditional, one way mass electronic media have very much changed the game – which is why the Jews who run Facebook and Google have partnered with the Anti-Defamation League to commit mass censorship.

Five years ago when social media was more or less free, pro-white ideas were absolutely popular and there was a huge outbreak of “anti-semitism” – really, anti-anti-goyimism – which absolutely terrified the Jewish establishment.

Ignore the liars of the neo-reaction and the right-wingers trying to blame “progressivism” or “egalitarianism.” They are literally paid by Jews to distract you from Jewish power. What happened in the 20th century was mass electronic media, the greatest brainwashing tool ever invented. Frank Sinatra was making movies attacking “anti-semitism” in the 1950’s, indeed, the earliest radio program, Superman, was all about attacking the Klan for opposing immigration.

That is what happened, control of the media. Finance, too, but that is a bit more complex.

White people can and do take their own side when they are not brainwashed and indoctrinated to hate themselves. As the Empire declines, the Zionist occupation will lessen here too. The political repression we have seen since 2020 is a sign of absolute desperation.

Which is good, they are scared. Their power is declining and they are lashing out. All we have to do is survive, and we will win by default.