Reddit and the rest of the mainstream media tell me anyone who doesn’t want to take an experimental mRNA injection is a stupid crazy Trump voting fundamentalist white supremacist neo-nazi QAnon-er putting us all in danger and undermining our democracy.

But apparently the New York Times and Reuters is doing a huge amount of scaremongering over vaccines – but only the ones that aren’t mRNA and aren’t made by their major advertisers, Western pharmaceutical corporations.

Corporate Media Joins the Anti-Vaxxers When It Comes to Chinese- and Russian-Made Vaccines

“It’s striking how similar the techniques [are] that Fox News uses to frighten people about the U.S. vaccination campaign and those that The New York Times, Reuters and others use to scare people about Chinese vaccines.” — Jim Naureckas, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

This is far from the first time that Reuters has pushed anti-vax paranoia against Chinese vaccines like Sinovac or Sinopharm. In January, they published an article titled “Peru volunteer in Sinopharm vaccine trial dies of COVID-19 pneumonia, university says.” Yet buried in the article is a statement from the university noting that the participant was in the control group, which received only a placebo, meaning that they had died because they didn’t receive the vaccine, not because they did, which was the clear implication of the headline.

In May, Reuters also printed a piece headlined “WHO experts voice ‘very low confidence’ in some Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine data.” Yet reading the report, the WHO maintained that it had “overall confidence in [the vaccine’s] ability to prevent the disease.” The piece’s only gripe was that the testing phase did not include enough people from certain at-risk groups, such as pregnant women or the elderly, meaning that they had very little confidence that the trialing had categorically demonstrated that the vaccine was indisputably safe for certain people with comorbidities. What, however, would a lay person, unfamiliar with scientific terminology, take from that headline?

As someone here speculated, maybe these vaccines – sorry, “vaccines” – aren’t a nefarious plot by Bill Gates to sterilize and depopulate the planet by injecting everyone with tracking microchip magnets.

Maybe it’s just a big money grab. It’s a huge transfer of wealth from the taxpayer to Phizer and Johnson & Johnson. It’s a way for them to engage in large-scale human experimentation of the new mRNA technology completely exempt of any liability.

Ben & Jerry’s: Israel-backed app urges ‘troll army’ to criticise company

An Israel-backed app is directing a “troll army” in an attempt to influence the online conversation surrounding Ben & Jerry’s decision to halt operations in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

The Israelis are hardly the only ones with a “Troll Army.” Considering that Big Pharma are some of the biggest advertisers on the mass media, the entire mainstream media – ABC, CNN, etc., – are all pushing the vaccines so hard.

And Internet platforms with comments are similarly just spammed by bots repeating professionally written talking points.

You know, really, where are all the leftists? The number one leftist talking point, repeated like a brainwashing mantra by everyone from “crustpunk farleft Marxist anarchists” to “classically liberal conservative Republicans” is, “Mussolini said fascism is the merger of state and corporate power.”

Of course, Mussolini never said that. It’s a fake quote. The idea actually comes from Lev Davidovich Bronstein, nom-de-Zionist “Leon Trotsky.” Apparently, much to my dismay, the entire American political spectrum, left, right, and center, is all Trotskyist. We Are All Trotskyist Now.

Well, if that is true, isn’t this Covid vaccine exactly that? It’s the merger of state and corporate power; it’s the Big Government working directly with Big Pharma.

Besides, how did all these people all of a sudden demand everyone take Trump’s vaccine? It was Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. He’s the one that gave Phizer and J&J their immunity from liability. He’s the one that “rushed” them to develop the vaccine.

I’m anti-Trump, so I guess I’m anti-Trump-vax too.

So you can take the vaccine, but you can still get Covid, and you can still spread Covid. The only way you can be immune is to get the virus, natural immunity.

OK, then what’s the point of the vaccine? In some places the only new Covid cases are in people who are already “vaccinated.” So what’s the point?

The Western Press is telling us that the Chinese and Russian vaccines are bad, but the “jabs” of their advertisers, Phizer and J&J, they are good. Presumably, because they are being paid to say that.

And various countries that refuse Western vaccines, like Cuba and Haiti and a half dozen other small countries, well they coincidentally get some good old fashioned Color Revolution, as in Cuba, or Merka-trained mercs just assassinate the President, like Haiti.

An offer they can’t refuse.

And despite the hysterical fearmongering, Covid is hardly worse than the flu. You get it, you get sick for two days, then you get better. The death rate is like 0.0001% and it only kills old people already on death’s door and people with compromised immune systems. Maybe the, “just the flu, bro” people were right after all.

First they told us masks don’t work. Then they told us masks do work. Now they tell us masks don’t work, but you have to wear them anyway, just because, if you don’t you’re a white supremacist that attacked our democracy on January 6.

Now I don’t know spike proteins from Spike Lee, but I can smell bullshit and it really stinks in here.