VoxDay was totally right about gammas.

Overnight I’ve got several dozen comments from two weirdo freaks who have been trolling me for years. They both push bizarre religious nonsense.

Kevin MacDonald once complained, and suggested that no one should be allowed to discuss Jewish issues unless they have an IQ over 120.

Just consider the “Black Hebrew Israelites.” These people are nuts, they are insane, and really quite dim. There are white versions of these people too. I guess I blame it on the Bible, being a central mythos of Western culture since Vespasian had the stupid idea of keeping Palestine in the Empire. He should have just let them go.

I don’t get it. I was raised in a pretty conservative Christian environment – I got over it. I’m the opposite of a Redditor, I don’t have any hang ups about it – I quite liked it. I think it was a great, supportive, loving environment to raise children in. I understand exactly where my parents were coming from.

But, like Saint Paul, when I became a man I put away childish things.

I’m quite a huge fan of E. Michael Jones, he really has some very interesting perspectives on culture. But you can always tells when he is simply reading the party line.

He denies that race even exists, so, he is basically an advocate of Critical Race Theory. He gives the leftist line that the Virginia Planters invented race to “divide the working class” so they wouldn’t join forces and rise up.

That is standard issue Trotsky, of course. Well – that was Trotsky’s public line. In private, in his diaries, he was a full blown Jewish Supremacist, even a Zionist, who expressd raw racist hatred for all those Eastern European “goyim.”

Of course the term “white” began to be used during the Age of Exploration, when the Dutch discovered African people. They called them “black” because of their skin color. Then they started calling themselves “white” because of their skin color.

Really, that’s it. There is no great mystery to any of it.

My jaw drops when I read various right-wingers and left-wingers discussing Black people. As far as I can tell, these people have never actually met an African-American.

Now, just as Spike Lee said in his absolutely great film, Bamboozled: “These are Negroes we are talking about. They do not all think and act alike.”

Amen, brother Spike. I totally agree.

But there is very much a “type” – a “subculture” – of African-Americans whose very existence is very, very inconvenient for various political actors.

So back when Bernie Sanders was running against Hillary Clinton, someone did a funny Youtube video of Bernie going out on stage to the soundtrack of a song titled “Where The Hood At” by a rapper called DMX. That is all it was, a funny juxtoposition of Bernie Sanders – so memorably portrayed on SNL by Larry David – with the ghettoist of the ghetto rappers.

Then the Hillary Clinton campaign picked up on it – the DMX song includes some “homophobia” that if I said, I’d be banned from Twitter, as I was for using the “F-word.” But DMX, the ghetto rapper, he can be as “homophobic” as he wants. Why? Well, because the Elite, the Establishment, they don’t give a damn about ghetto black people. They just don’t care, their very existence is a nuisance to them. Occasionally, they can be leveraged, as in BLM rioters. But other than that, they are just in the way. Hence, Planned Parenthood and mass “Latino” immigration.

Anyway, here is the original video. Please watch it:

Now you know what? I’m not the type of guy to go around using the “N-Word.” That is their word. I look at people like in that video, and you know, I don’t want to be anywhere near them. Damn right, I’ll cross the street at night to avoid them. I’m perfectly “race realist.” I understand the Bell Curve.

But I have no need to hate on these people. I mean, there are clearly not me and mine. Biology is real, they are a different breed, a different culture.

But of course it’s maddening, the gas lighting, when people say “race isn’t real.” “It’s a social construct.”

I also get annoyed with the White Nationalists who say “Jews aren’t white.” I mean, of course they are. Jared Taylor is right, they look white to me too. Jared Taylor always said, “Jews can be men of the West.” I agree, but Taylor’s problem is that Jews do not agree. Their entire identity is based on rejecting European “goyim.” The Jewish identity is both racist as well as culturally bigoted.

But then you have the religious nutjobs like E. Michael Jones who just can’t see it for what it is, and have to say “Jews reject the order of the universe.”

What does that even mean?

Jews are subversive because they are racists, they are ethnic bigots. They are supremacists that induce a culture of narcissism in their children. It has nothing to do with “the Order of the Universe.”

So because of this bizarre problem, I have to put up with weirdo White True Hebrew Israelites and “Trad-Caths” spamming literally thousands of words into my blog comment box because they have to believe in some Bronze age mythology from the Roman Empire.

Get a grip, people. The Bible is a mix of mythology and history. Moses never existed, neither did Abraham. Neither did Hercules or Zeus. Same with Jesus. Sure, all of these characters are likely inspired by real life figures, but the characters as we have them from literature are clearly and obviously mythological.

I cannot fail to be astonished that otherwise normal, reasonable adults act like children when it comes to these historical mythologies. It goes for “Jews” as well.

Jews have nothing to do with the people who were conquered by the Roman Emperor Vespasian. That is historical LARPing to an absurd degree. Ashkenazis are Polish immigrants who at some point in history converted to one particular sect of Abrahamism – Christianity, Judaism, Islam – and added their own mix of extreme narcissism, racism, ethnocentrism and fabulism.

I’ve seen those people in Brooklyn – they literally swing chickens around their head as some sort of sacrifice to Satan. What freaks.

And I’ve known people who are basically refugees from that culture. My girlfriend’s girlfriend was like that. Man, she HATED Jews. She didn’t want anything to do with those freaks – nor those awful Israeli settlers – nor those awful ADL type Jews whining about “anti-semitism” every day.

She was just a regular American white liberal chick. She liked handsome Italian guys – and guys like me, apparently. She liked goth nightclubs, a very white subculture, incidentally. She never experienced any “anti-semitism” because she wasn’t going around being an “anti-goyimist.”

E. Michael Jones likes to say that a “white guy” is just a “Protestant who doesn’t go to church anymore.” There’s a lot of truth to that, but I have another term for those people: “American.”

E. Michael Jones just hates America. He should go back to where the hell his grandparents came from, Ireland or Germany, he can take his pick.

So can the Jews like Jonathan Greenblatt. He just hates America. He is a nasty, racist bigot, completely full of hate, and the ADL is nothing but a front group for Jewish organized crime, like Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. He can fuck off back to Poland, or Tel Aviv, take his pick.

I just don’t give a shit about ancient “Hebrew” whatever bullshit, anymore that I give a damn about King Arthur. The neo-pagans, truly they are annoying, but at least they aren’t trying to get into any arguments about “the Historical Odin.” Good lord, these people.

As for the Blacks like DMX? Well, they are Americans – African-Americans. There are plenty of states that have two nations. They are clearly not me. Segregation existed – and does exist – for a reason, and anyone who watches that “Where the Hood At” video knows damn well why. You just can’t say it, because, whatever bizarre taboos.

You know what else? I don’t have to declare my love for Candace Owens to prove how “not racist” I am either. If Candace Owens wants to vote for Republicans, have at it, lady. I couldn’t care less. Sure, I’d have a beer with Owens. She seems like a smart lady and I’ve seen enough of her stuff to know she has a sense of humor. But you know, I don’t want to, like, marry her or anything.

Why can’t people just be normal?