A longer version of the viral Twitter thread that Tucker Carlson and even Trump himself talked about. It’s a rundown of the Trump administration and how “normie” conservative understood what they were observing.


Throughout 2020, the corporate press used its platform to excuse and encourage political violence. Time Magazine told us that during the 2020 riots, there were weekly conference calls involving – among others – leaders of the protests, local officials responsible for managing them, and members of the media charged with reporting on the events. They worked together with Silicon Valley to control the messaging about the ongoing crisis for maximum political effect. In case of a Trump victory, the same organization had protesters ready to be activated by text message in 400 cities the day after the election. Every town with a population over 50,000 would have been in for some pre-planned, centrally-controlled mayhem. In other countries we call that a color revolution.

Whatever you may think of George Floyd, in the very middle of a Lockdown pandemic, the entire mass media engaged in non-stop racial agitation propaganda then said that Black Lives Matter rioters – unlike the peaceful anti-lockdown protests – were somehow immune to Covid. They said that “racial justice” is a “public health matter.” As said, it’s beyond just lying, it’s gas-lighting.

I’m not a normie conservative and I always hated Donald Trump and still hate him – I never voted for him, never supported him. I’ve spent the last five years constantly writing about all of his shady, treasonous ties and activities. No one can accuse me of partisan blinders on this one.

2020 was a Color Revolution. The Covid lockdowns, the BLM/Antifa rioting, the collusion as described in the NYT and Times, the coordination of the BLM/Antifa riots – the collusion of the Republican party and traditional Republican factions like the Chambers of Commerce – this shook regular old normie conservatives to their core. The fallout from this is far from over.

As mentioned in the previous thread, when Steve Jones started Scholars for 9/11 Truth, he was approached by an academic named James Fetzer. What Jones didn’t know was that Fetzer is a spook of some kind – he is a disinformation specialist – and he worked immediately to undermine S911T. Jones figured it out, as did everyone else, and quit and formed a new group, but the damage had been done.

Similarly, with Trump, he was surrounded by these bizarre lawyers like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. I’m guessing – I don’t know, I’m speculating – that these two were similar to Fetzer; they pretended to be Trump’s friends and purposefully sabotaged his election fraud lawsuits and the “Stop the Steal” movement in general.

Trump himself is a bad man, a sleazy sex trafficker, fraudster, dirty tricks artist, intimately involved in CIA, Mossad, Epstein, and Jewish organized crime for his entire career – so was his father.

But Trump was clearly way over his head. Most of the time Trump just submitted and did whatever the Cabal told him to do. When the Republicans had all three branches of government and two thirds of the state governments, they did nothing on the “America First” agenda. They just got tax cuts for big business. Every time Trump tried to do anything good, like stem the illegal alien invasion, he was stopped cold. The Pentagon just straight up disobeyed orders whenever Trump tried to wind down the wars or shake up NATO.

Trump thought he would have power but he had none. The Cabal – the Deep State – just ignored him whenever he tried to implement any of his campaign promises.

Normie conservatives are shocked by the whole thing. Not me. I’m not a normie conservative. 9/11 radicalized me. I was just a typical libtard, but 9/11 changed all that. So I’m glad the normie conservatives are catching up. Bush stole 2000 and stole Ohio in 2004. George H. W. Bush tried to push back against the Israel lobby and complained about “thousands of Jewish lobbyists on Capitol Hill” undermining his Middle East policy.

That spelled the end for him. Even a giant like George H. W. Bush, former CIA director – probably involved in the Bay of Pigs and JFK assassination – was no match for the Cabal. The Jewish media – ABC, NBC, CBS – they blanketed the media with demoralization propaganda about the economy. Then, they allowed a major Bush enemy, Ross Perot, to get on TV for the first time. They never did that with Ralph Nader, notice. It was just enough to split the vote and get Bill Clinton in.

And we know Bill Clinton’s cabinet was the most Jewish ever up until that point. We also know that Clinton was compromised by Jeffrey Epstein since the day he took office and the Israelis, and the Jewish media, were threatening him with a “Bimbo Eruption” that he wouldn’t be able to control if he didn’t give in. Which he did.

The Cabal – the Deep State – it is the third generation of the “networks that were stood up by FDR to fight World War II.” It’s the CIA, certainly, but it’s also the FBI. It’s all of the media. Jewish organized crime is at the very heart of it, but they are hardly the only ones, merely the best organized and most anti-American faction.

Trump represented a very narrow Zionist interest; the Likudniks. Jared Kushner was given free reign to remake the middle east in Israel’s interests. But there are other Zionist factions, and other agendas, that pushed back.

Throughout the summer, establishment governors took advantage of COVID to change voting procedures, often over the protests of the state legislatures. It wasn’t only the mass mailing of live ballots: they also lowered signature matching standards, axed existing voter ID and notarization requirements, and more.

Everything about Covid has been a lie; it’s impossible to know what the truth is. But it’s almost certainly a bioweapon. We know, for a fact, that they were planning this “Lock Down” and “Great Reset” – the “New Normal” – in 2019, a full year before the pandemic broke. As Ron Unz noted, the Israelis, perhaps accidentally, confirmed that the Pentagon knew about the Wuhan outbreak even before the Chinese did.

In 2012, Xi Jinping became “Paramount Leader” of China. His policies were far more independent of, and confrontational to, the West than Hu Jintao’s had been. US imperial policy began to shift to deal with these new realities. When Jinping announced the Belt and Road Initiative, the West went into a panic as they realized China was no longer going to play a subservient role as cheap labor manufacturing.

Despite years of frank warnings from many sectors that the rise of Russia and China would simply require a new form of multi-polarity, the Western Elites doubled down, as all Empires do as the sun begins to set on them.

Over the following weeks [after the elections] [Trump fans] were shuffled around between honest critics, online grifters, and media scam artists selling them conspiracy theories. They latched onto one then another increasingly outlandish theory as they tried to put a concrete name on something very real, of which election day was only the culmination. Media and Big Tech did all they could to make things worse. Everything about the election was strange, confusing, and unprecedented – the changes to procedure, unprecedented mail-in voting, counting delays, etc – but rather than admit that and bring everything into the open, they banned discussion of it (even in private messages!), and launched an absurd propaganda campaign telling us that it was – I’m not making this up – the most well-run and secure election in American history.

Conservatives know – again, I think probably everyone knows – that just as Don Jr.’s laptop would have been the story of the century, if everything about the election dispute was the same, except the parties were reversed, suspicions about the outcome would have been taken very seriously. See 2016 for proof.

The normie conservatives have now caught up to me. They could never admit to themselves that 9/11 was an “inside job.” But now that they see even the top military officers cheering as mobs tear down statues to their histories and call them all “racists” – not just Democrats, they expect that, but Republicans, conservatives, the military – they are started to realize they are under occupation by an Empire that hates and fears them. That their votes are meaningless – even if they do manage to elect a candidate they like, he won’t lift a finger for them, and if by some miracle he tries, he will simply be shut down by the Deep State, the Cabal. One can imagine idealistic liberals felt the same way when JFK was assassinated.

Even the judiciary had forfeited its credibility with these voters because of the opposition’s embrace of political violence. Trump supporters say, with good reason: What judge will stick his neck out for Trump knowing he’ll be destroyed in the media as a violent mob burns down his house? Maybe most judges would do their jobs, but given the events of the last four years it’s not an unreasonable concern, and the concern itself is enough to cast the whole system in doubt. Again, we know, thanks to Time Magazine, that riots were planned in cities across the country if Trump had won. Sure, they were “protests”, but they were planned by the same people as during the summer, and everyone knows what it would have meant. The Chamber of Commerce took the threat of a second round of destruction of its members’ property seriously enough to offer its assistance to the “well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information” – Time’s words, not mine.

There were a bunch of good ole’ boys itching for a fight with BLM and Antifa. But they mostly held back, still afraid of being called “racist.” Next time? Who knows. Despite decades of attempts, they have never been able to disarm Americans. A huge number of regular white guys – and gals – have AR-15’s, the standard infantry weapon. They aren’t ever going to give them up.

Now that normie conservatives realize they are under occupation and that they are just another population subject to the Empire – well, it’s their move.

The Black Pill? What the Biden administration fears, “neo-nazi white supremacist domestic extremist violence,” is not at all likely. It’s very easy to get black people from the inner city ghettos riled up to burn down their own neighborhoods. White people don’t riot like that. Most normie conservatives are law and order types. They will only use violence in self-defense.

But their faith in the institutions is gone now. Sure, probably, they will just be suckered into voting for another Zionist-controlled candidate like Ron DeSantis and it will be business as usual. But it’s never going back to “normal.” The push back against “Critical Race Theory” is truly grassroots – the GOP establishment is trying to tamp it down. But I already see it, white people are simply sick and tired of being called “racist” and “haters” by the sniggering elites of Academia and Media.

No Revolution. But something is going to change. The Left, the Commies, they did a slow march through the institutions. It took them 50 years until they came to control virtually everything. But things are very different now.

The elites are signaling they are going to take down the electrical grid, the Internet, and the financial system. They are running all sorts of “drills.” Empires always overreach, and it is precisely this sort of thing that is going to cause real chaos – and in that chaos we may see something emerge, bottom up, that may turn into a real liberation movement against the Empire.

When China decides to take Taiwan and a bunch of US Navy carriers wind up at the bottom of the South China Sea, the military itself – the only institution that regular normie conservatives love – will lose that loyalty. Then, it Breakin’ 2, Electric Boogaloo.

Don’t blame me – I escaped America years ago, because I was under threat because of 9/11. I will have nothing to do with any of it.