Yet I find many on the right to still be pro capitalist who tend to blame the problems of the world on “Cultural Marxist” when it comes to mainstream conservatives or X racial group when it comes to more radical elements of the right.

The “Cultural Marxist” trope is a slight misunderstanding mixed with the biggest taboo in American society.

When the Communists failed to take over Germany, and the German proles decided to throw their lot in with Hitler, a bunch of Communist Jews came to America as the Frankfort school. They mixed Marxism with Freud. Later, the American Jewish Society wrote the famous paper, the Authoritarian Personality, based on this mix of Marx and Freud.

The Authoritarian Personality is nothing but a racist hate screed against “the goyim” based on traditional Jewish racism. It’s not science, there is zero science in it, it’s all pure ideology. The point was, those filthy goyim with their strong nuclear families and patriotism, they’re all a bunch of fascists, so here’s how to destroy their culture so they will be good commies and not bad nazis.

Wilheim Reich’s Mass Psychology of Fascism was an early predecessor to this, where he says, yeah, let the adults molest children so they won’t grow up “authoritarian” and they will instead be “liberated.”

This is all true, it’s all on the record, you can read these books for free online now.

But you can never say it, because you can never criticize a Holy Jew, because if you do, you’re a “fascist.”

Now mix this with warned over Trotsky, and anytime a white working class person tries to organize without being supervised by a Holy Jew, that’s “fascism” because he is not literally embracing full fledged communism, so it must be a plot by Big Business to prevent revolution.

Once you take away all the theoretical nonsense, it’s a very straightforward racist attack by racist Jews against people racialized as white but not Jewish.

But if you ever say it, whoops, now you’re Hitler!

Since conservatives worship Holy Jews as gods, they don’t understand why when they complain about George Soros, they are all of a sudden “anti-semites.” But they know they can be against “Marxism” so they use this convoluted and confusing language.

It’s all because of the taboo about noticing Jewish bigotry and racism – endemic in the American Jewish community – against those filthy fly over red staters.

Everyone is simply too cowardly to talk about it, because they will get fired from their jobs and smeared by the ADL. Which – if Jews didn’t have power – would not happen. So it proves the case.

Guess what? If you are reading this, now you’re a Nazi! Ha ha I got you!