From the always interesting American Buddhist:

Remember when the “conspiracy theorists” told you that the PCR tests were fraudulent and everyone that was testing positive with no symptoms weren’t actually sick, and it was meant to justify lockdowns? … They knew all along. Used first to exaggerate case numbers then to diminish vax infection rates.

Federal regulators revoked the authorization of a COVID-19 test that has been given to millions of people for free across the country, including hundreds of thousands in Los Angeles.

The Food and Drug Administration said Curative, the Southern California startup that had brought in more than $1 billion in revenue through the test, had asked the agency to pull its authorization. The company says it no longer needs to use the unique mouth-swab test.

Turner was just 24 when his privately held startup created a test for COVID-19 early in the pandemic. He got a big break when L.A. city officials chose the company’s test to be offered at Dodger Stadium and other mass testing sites in the spring of 2020.

Let’s start calling it the “Covid Coup.”

They locked everyone inside their homes, and Trump’s personal banker, Larry Fink of BlackRock, straight up looted trillions from the economy.

So they let you work as “essential workers” throughout the entire pandemic where you could literally become infected and die. And now that the vaccines are here, you must all get one or you can’t work anymore…where you already were working.. during the entire deadly pandemic… and you didn’t die.

Don’t forget many companies refused to give hazard pay for being forced to work during it all.

Yup. I was essential and worked through the whole thing with no vaccine. Now all of the scared office workers are coming back and demanding everyone that’s already been here get vaccinated.

I worked every day and never wore a mask at work, including my co-workers. Nobody got Covid. I was even around people that had gotten Covid, and I never got it, and they recovered with no issue, despite them being elderly. In my experience, Covid seems preferable over influenza. There are groups of people that are susceptible to both, but for the average person, neither is a big deal.

I like how they called them essential workers but now that the “pandemic is over” they are just regular fast food and service workers