The idea of elite factions, uprisings and lumpen is quite a bit broader than progressive vs conservative in Preston’s view. Take the good old furry v brony divide. In a civil war one could argue that the furry clan would side with the trans left statists, while the brony defenders of white masculinity would hit the mountains like yourself. BUT who’s to say they would join forces and have a orgy in sticky love together against all sides of neo puritanism?! Naturally, this could be extrapolated to all sorts of weird subclasses, and in really, we have a real shit show of a civil war on our hands! — Billy,

Here’s the problem. Despite leftist pretense, all factions of the elite – Capital, the State, Media, Academia – all support the Furries and all of them openly repress the Bronies. Despite leftist pretense, there are lots of open Commies in Academia, there isn’t a single “fascist” – not a one – and even some professor that voted for Trump would be immediately fired for “making bodies of color unsafe.”

Look at the morons in Proud Boys. It’s a Zionist front group that were all about loving Gays and hating Muslims. They got into a few scuffles with Antifa, and they get long prison sentences while Antifa gets profiled in loving puff pieces in the New York Times.

Leftists are all just posturing, they are the establishment, they are kept pets of the elite, like the guy Matthew N. Lyons. This guy pretends he’s fighting against the state and capitalism while he’s literally cashing paychecks signed by Silicon Valley oligarchs at Google and Obama administration officials. What is he being paid to do? Tell everyone that white Christians are evil sexists, that feminists who don’t want to share the restroom with female penises are “fascists” and of course, Trump is literally Hitler and everyone who voted for him is a white supremacist neo-nazi terrorist.

So, it’s Silicon Valley Corporate Social Justice, literally paid for by the most elite of the elite, and they don’t have to worry about anyone coming after their money, because hey, they hate Trump too!

So we see exactly what happens. When the Brony says to the Furry, hey, let’s cuddle, the Furry Force says, “no you can’t do that! Fascism! Racism! Sexism! Antisemitism! Transphobia! The Red-Brown coalition! Hitler!”

The Offical Left has tight, tight control of the left, making sure that white working class people are the enemy of the Left. Anytime a class first leftist, like say, Aimee Terese, says, “yeah you know white working class people sometimes make racist jokes but you know working class people are rough-and-tumble, let’s meet them where they are.”

What happens? Aimee Terese is platforming FASCISMS! Deplatform! I’m calling up the ADL to tell Google to shut it down!

That’s the problem with the left. They are nothing but tools of the Oligarchy, living in a fantasy world where they are “fighting the man.”

And besides – who the hell wants to hang out with a “crustpunk anarchist who reads a lot of Marx?” What the hell good are those people? They can’t even be bothered to take a shower, much less overthrow the state. It’s just a stupid subculture, a substitute religion, and they can make themselves feel better about being a barista at Starbucks by pretending they’re an “activist.”

Who was the big bad boogey man of the “Alt Right?” That fat ass named Matt Heimbach. I’ve followed him for years. He literally never actually did anything, except for give interviews to the media about what a radical he is. The media loved it, they needed a bad guy “fascist” and he’s straight out of central casting.

The Empire is leftist, it the same as the old USSR, they just pretend to be capitalist instead of pretending to be socialists. And the activist left in America is there to make sure the white working class never organizes, because that’s “fascism.” The idiot leftists, some of them don’t even seem to realize it, because they are all a bunch of narcissist downwardly-mobile wanna be professional managerial class but there aren’t enough jobs left.

The Left will never, ever, ever point to the real ruling class, because not only are they being paid to not do that, they are literally the children of the ruling class.

The system is surprisingly stable.

Say, when is Antifa going to protest AIPAC? Oh, right, that would literally be protesting their own fathers. So, let’s go find some plumber that voted for Trump and attack him for being a “fascist.”

What a joke.