Gilfoyle: That's a lie. I can tell because you subscribe to traditional Judeo-Christian mores of right and wrong. You're made uncomfortable by untruth.

Jared: (laughs nervously)

Gilfoyle: My commitment to LaVeyan Satanism grants me certain freedoms. There is no good and evil, there's only self. 

-- Silicon Valley, Daily Active Users

Let’s look at this dispassionately so we can understand the phenomenon for what it is. Virtually all of the coverage of this in alternative media tends toward outrage porn and pedophilia is the one phenomenon that people are still allowed to performatively denounce.

While I’m sure that the story of the CIA’s Finders cult includes pedophilia, child sexual abuse imagery, sex trafficking, and blackmail – one early report told of a picture of a naked child in chains – there’s something more here that I think points to the nature of certain aspects of the intelligence agencies, and my hunch is that it goes back a long way in the “British system of intelligence” but, in actuality, is in a sense as old as time.

There is a fascinating Chinese connection that likely speaks to the British nature of this phenomenon, Great Britain having long standing ties to Hong Kong. The original children rescued by Florida law enforcement were between the ages of two and six. They were reported to be “acting like animals.” They did not know how to use a toilet and defecated and urinated on the ground. Most of them had no language but one girl was reported to be able to count to ten in Cantonese. One of the original documents found in the raid of the Finder’s warehouse in Washington DC was about purchasing two children from Hong Kong.

So, putting aside all of the lurid, especially sexual, details, one can see a very significant pattern here. Imagine you are CIA. You kidnap a Chinese child from Taiwan, you raise them under strange conditions, you “brainwash” them. Then, as adults, you send these “agents” back to their home country to engage in your intelligence and espionage activities.

Children will believe absolutely anything you tell them. Just consider the Christian concept of Hell. Christian children are told they will go to hell after they die, to be tortured eternally, if they don’t accept Christianity or if they commit certain “sins.” There are plenty of fully functional adults that absolutely still believe in the concept of Hell and it must inform their own actions.

In the original US Custom’s report about the Finders, the warehouse is mentioned as having several rooms, one of which is described by the officer as an “indoctrination room”. We have the report of the bizarre “ritual” with the slaughtering of the pregnant goat and cutting out the fetus, all presided over by men in “white robes.” Clearly, this is interpreted by mainstream American culture as “the occult” or “satanic.” But, of course to these children, it is “religion” or even “our family” or “just the way things are.”

Presumably, the children would have no idea of the CIA connection. They would, presumably, know as they grow older their experiences were atypical; part of a cult is drawing very strong distinctions between “inside” and “outside” – “the System,” “Babylon,” “the World,” “the Muggles.”

Vos mentions that Marion G. Pettie, the founder of the group, was presenting as a “bohemian” going back all the way to the 1930’s. From the 1960’s to the 1990’s, the Finders cult presented as “eco-hippies.” She then notes that people associated with the cult later began presenting as “futurists.”

So here we have another interesting connection, an interesting pattern. As previously stated, children will believe anything they are told by adults. Beginning in the later Obama administration, ramping up during the Trump administration, and continuing into the Biden administration, we see the mainstreaming of “transgenderism.” Children are being told, by the “mainstream” culture, that a boy can really be a girl “on the inside” and vice-versa. The children are told that if they feel they were “born in the wrong bodies” by a course of hormones and surgery, they can “affirm their real gender.”

Many have noted the connections between transgenderism and transhumanism; transhumanist ideas are all the rage in Silicon Valley circles.

My hunch is that the Family of God cult that birthed so many Hollywood celebrities, such as the Phoenix acting family and #MeToo activist Rose McGowan is or was a very similar intelligence front. Indeed, to this day, Rose McGowan speaks of continuing “the work” of her father from the cult, to bring about some sort of spiritual reform to “the world.” So McGowan’s indoctrination still has a hold on her. If there exists Muslims that so intently believe their religion to commit a suicide bombing, there can exist “cult religions” that are fronts for CIA that can have such holding power on the minds of the members.

Indeed, the way certain radical Islamic sects recruit suicide bombers may prove useful in understand CIA’s Finders cult. The typical profile of an Islamic suicide bomber is a young man with nothing to lose, no ability to marry a wife and have children, and they are told that their family will be compensated after they die. And, of course, if they martyr themselves they will go to Paradise and have their 72 virgins.

We can imagine how similar sorts of inducements would work in the CIA intelligence “cults.”

We know that CIA, as OSS, was based on the “British system of intelligence” and indeed was founded by British and Canadian intelligence agents and Americans that could likely be described as “double agents.”

We have the bizarre celebrity of the British intelligence agent Aleister Crowley. Crowley’s “cult” gimmick had a major rebirth in the 1960’s “counter-culture” and was promoted heavily in Hollywood and media circles, and a major point man was the cult film director Kenneth Anger, himself seemingly heavily involved in homosexual child pornography and child sex trafficking. The Finder’s leader Marion G. Pettie was doing a similar “counter-culture” and “bohemian” act going back to the early OSS days in the 1930’s. Indeed, the “founder” of the British Empire itself, the 16th century John Dee, was heavily involved in “occultism.”

Much “occult” literature can be read as an early form of “mind control;” Crowley explicitly spoke in such terms. I think what we are seeing is a system that stretches back to likely even the ancient world, but in our modern age, there is a pretty direct connection to the British Empire and it’s “system of intelligence.”

One of the main leaders of CIA’s infamous MK-Ultra project, Sidney Gottlieb, retired and took on a persona of an “eco-hippie” and he and his wife moved to a “ecologically correct” home in Culpeper, Virginia, right next door to the rural compound of the Finder’s cult.

Indeed, it seems obvious that the Finders was MK-Ultra, or a related project used for much of the same purpose.

In a Christian society, being raised as a “Satanist” would be a quite extraordinary thing, in a more secularized society, it would likely simply be seen as comical; “Satanism” is itself based on Christianity, outside of Christianity “Satanism” makes no sense, as it is simply a kind of “reversal” of Christianity itself.

The move into “Futurism” would make sense in a secularized, post-Christian society, where the religious aspects would no longer be particularly powerful. Crowley’s Thelema would have been seen as quite transgressive in the Anglo Christian culture of the 1930’s, even in the more Christian America of the 1960’s. Today, a Thelemite would be seen as a nerd, something in the province of awkward geeks playing Dungeons and Dragons unable to get a girlfriend.

But “Futurism” will get you invited to speak at a Ted Talk conference with an audience full of Silicon Valley executives.

I think an illustration of such things can be seen in the career of Oprah Winfrey. In the beginning of Oprah Winfrey’s career, she was one of a dozen day time talk show hosts doing what was at the time called “trash TV” and a recurring theme of both Winfrey’s show and all the rest were regular features about “Satanism,” now considered part of “the Satanic panic.”

After a very significant incident on one of her episodes, Winfrey underwent a rebrand. She announced she was no longer doing “trash TV” and would cover more “serious” issues. Winfrey went from an also ran to, over the course of a year, the leading daytime TV show and then went on to become “the Queen of Daytime TV” and an international celebrity, not to mention one of the wealthiest people in America.

The incident was an episode of her show where she interviewed people “raised in Satanic families.” One young woman explained that, from the outside, her family seemed like “normal Jewish people” but were, in fact, Satanists, engaged in occult blood rituals and child abuse. Considering the nature of that brand of television, essentially “reality TV,” there is no reason to take her story at face value; indeed, one would likely be better off just assuming she was making up a story, or even coached, that would fit with the theme of the episode. Most of the guests on such TV shows were aspiring actors; like professional wrestling, most of the audience knew they were watching a “work” – a “performance” – as much as anything “real.”

Well, this episode caused a great ruckus among the Jewish community in America. Oprah Winfrey was approached by some Jewish activists, and she did a follow up show where she apologized for that guest, made it clear to her audience that Jewish people were not Satanists, and did not engage in any “blood rituals” and began regularly hosting “Holocaust survivors.” She rebranded away from “trash TV” and began pushing what might be called “mainstream” liberal politics, heavy with Jewish interests and Holocaust culture, and denouncing “racism” and “white supremacy” and even just regular Republicans.

This began Winfrey’s amazing rise from also-ran to Queen. It also essentially called an end to “the Satanic Panic” just as this second wave of revelations about MK-Ultra and related intelligence agency activities were peaking.

I think I can imagine the scenario. That young six year old girl rescued from the Finders cult who could count to ten in Cantonese. I speculate she was trafficked out of Hong Kong, brought to the United States. She was raised in a “cult religion” and in a very abusive environment that leads to a certain belief system and behavioral patterns that are useful for CIA, as an “agent.” As an adult, she returns to Hong Kong and lives, more or less, a normal life. Until she is needed for some sort of operation; perhaps she receives a visit from another cult member, whom she perhaps believes is some sort of “magical being” or “spiritual guide” that gives her some sort of assignment. She complies, perhaps fearing the same sort of thing a Christian fears about “going to Hell.”

Of course, she never knows, and never suspects, she has been raised in a CIA front. If she is somehow caught, she can “confess” everything to the police, who will simply assume she is crazy, hallucinating, perhaps suffering from schizophrenia.

If you heard her story, you’d likely believe the same thing. But sometimes, truth really is stranger than fiction.