They are told all of their lives that they are God’s special, chosen people. That they are the most moral people, a “light unto the Gentiles.” That “Gentiles” – the “goyim” – are simply animals with no souls, not fully human. They teach their children that the “goyim” are simply jealous of their special status with God, thus these goyim are “anti-semitic.”

“There is a reason to kill babies [on the enemy side] even if they have not transgressed the seven Noahide Laws because of the future danger they may present, since it is assumed that they will grow up to be evil like their parents.” They can be killed indirectly to put pressure on enemy leaders, or if they are “in the way”. They can also be harmed if they “prevent a rescue, because their presence contributes to murder”. He also writes that children of the king can be harmed to pressure him if he is wicked and harming them will prevent him from acting wickedly.

Their holy book, the Talmud, tells them that the goyim have no rights that a Jew need respect; indeed, that all of the property of a “goy” rightfully belongs to Jews.

Of course, in America, few people who identify as Jewish are particularly religious, in the sense of following the complicated rules in the Talmud. Instead, they are “culturally Jewish.” As one self-identified “American Jew” – not “Jewish-American,” note – said, “Moses didn’t make me a Jew, Hitler made me a Jew.” This modern, more “secular” version of the religion teaches pretty much the same thing that the older cult taught. Jews are special, everyone in the world in a giant conspiracy to genocide the Jews, so therefore, as the book about Mossad says, they must “Rise And Kill First.”

Please read Karl Nemmersdorf’s piece, Leather-Jacketed Coke-Snorting Jews in the Soviet Secret Police Torturing, Raping and Killing Gentiles: the Evidence. Take your time, look at the pictures, read the grisly descriptions of the tortures.

Note the desire to “take revenge” on the wider society, whom they believe has wronged them in some way. Notice how Jews in America exhibit this same desire.

When I wrote the sentence that introduced this short essay, I was predicting what a Weatherman takeover in America would look like. The communists in Weatherman had important similarities with the Bolsheviks: a smug and fanatical superiority complex, a messianic ideology, slavering hatred of Whites/Christians, and plans for “re-education” camps. The Weathermen have mostly passed away, but the spirit that produced them is far stronger than it was in the 1960s; it is the same ancient and murderous hatred that propelled the Bolsheviks. A powerful desire to avenge the evils of the old social order. The Weathermen were not alone on the Jewish left with fantasies of hatred and revenge.

For many Jewish New Leftists “the revolution promises to avenge the sufferings and to right the wrongs which have, for so long, been inflicted on Jews with the permission or encouragement, or even at the command of, the authorities in prerevolutionary societies” (Cohen, P. S. (1980). Jewish Radicals and Radical Jews. London: Academic Press., 208; here, p. 85). Interviews with New Left Jewish radicals revealed that many had destructive fantasies in which the revolution would result in “humiliation, dispossession, imprisonment or execution of the oppressors” combined with the belief in their own omnipotence and their ability to create a non-oppressive social order (Ibid.).

A horrifying aspect of this desire for “revenge” on the goyim can be seen in the treatment by Jewish men of so-called “shiksas,” their demeaning term for non-Jewish women that means “a piece of unclean meat” – perhaps, in modern English, a “dirty piece of meat.”

Yuri Slezkine reviews some of the works of early Soviet Jewish writers that illustrate the revenge theme. For example, the amorous advances of the Jewish protagonist of Eduard Bagritsky’s poem “February” are rebuffed by a Russian girl, but their positions are changed after the Revolution when he becomes a deputy commissar. Seeing the girl in a brothel, he has sex with her without taking off his boots, his gun, or his trench coat—an act of aggression and revenge:

I am taking you because so timid
Have I always been, and to take vengeance
For the shame of my exiled forefathers
And the twitter of an unknown fledgling!
I am taking you to wreak my vengeance
On the world I could not get away from!

Indeed, this is much of the theme of the highly celebrated book Portnoy’s Complaint by Philip Roth. Roth’s entire output is burning with sadistic hatred for Americans, the goyim, and in this particular case, an astonishingly misogynistic view of “goy” women.

Alexander Portnoy pursues gentile women out of spite (“I don’t seem to stick my dick up these girls, as much as I stick it up their backgrounds”)

Philip Roth’s Revenge Fantasy

Nolen tells an astonishing tale about the sex trafficking at the very heart of the early film industry, and Broadway before it. They would hold “beauty contests” for small-town girls around America, the winners would be given an opportunity to live in New York and perform as showgirls for Ziegfeld’s Follies. While there, they would be pressured into performing in pornography and engage in prostitution.

A film, Glorifying the American Girl” (1929), itself a form of soft-core pornography, has some astonishing religious themes.

The Ziegfeld Follies portion of the film is what I’m going to focus on now, because it has a very definite message about the Follies and consequently has a message about Otto Kahn’s preoccupation with Ziegfeld’s stage-shows, too. After a few minutes of crotch-flashing from the chorus line, we get to the meat of the presentation with a tableau vivant. This tableau is untitled, but it is staged as one would expect a masterful oil painting to be staged, and the focus is on a mermaid caught by fishermen in a net. The tableau is filmed close up in the following clip:

Two thirds of the tableau (center and RHS) focus on nubile, mostly naked fishermen, the mermaid and female companions. The LHS, the remaining third, is filled with people in Catholic Church-related uniforms— there’s a representative of the Pope, a cardinal, nuns. I probably don’t need to remind readers that the LHS in a painting, from the perspective of the principal figure, is traditionally the disfavored side, (e.g. an heir apparent will usually appear to the RHS of a king from his perspective, not the perspective of a viewer, while less important family members to his left side.) The mermaid has her back turned toward the “favored” side, and gazes on the naked bodies to her left. Behind the standing bishop is a regal lady seated on a throne, behind her a uniformed soldier— clearly representing the power of a Christian head of state, given her relation to the Catholic figures. One senses the ghost of Maria Theresa.

Glorifying the American Girl is strangely preoccupied with taking everyday girls out of their work, out of their domestic roles, out of church pews, and putting them in risque costumes on stage. The opening segment of the film, which I find quite eerie, shows shade-like figures marching across a cartoon-map of the USA in long, solemn lines to New York City— quite similar to common artistic depictions of souls marching to judgement. Images of girls washing dishes, doing their hair, frying pancakes, and praying in church melt away to show the same girl decked out on stage in a revealing costume. One gets the impression that Ziegfeld and Kahn were on a conscious mission of debauchery more than glorification— an exercise of will projecting Kahn’s vision of the future.

Feminists and conservatives have for years been sounding the alarm about the themes appearing in modern, hard core pornography. Far from simply showing naked bodies and explicit sexual acts, an increasingly large amount of hard core pornography amounts to the ritualized humiliation of young women in astonishingly sadistic and misogynistic ways. Some pornography could be characterized as racial hate speech, in fact.

A very revealing incident occurred during the beginning of the BLM riots in 2020. A BLM leader, a black woman, related an incident where a young white Antifa had thrown a brick at a building, and immediately she, and others, told him, “don’t, that’s a synagogue.” The women relayed how he immediately felt scared and ashamed, and she pointed out she didn’t want their riot characterized in the media as anti-semitic.

So this women knew, who runs their movement, and who runs the media.

Average, every day conservatives are puzzled when they complain about George Soros’ funding of the left and they get called “anti-semitic.” They are confused when they complain about “globalism” and get called “anti-semitic.” They don’t understand why when they demand an end to illegal immigration or complain about demographic change, they get called “anti-semitic.” When a conservative onces complained on social media about pornography, he was shocked to get a response from the official Twitter account of pornography giant calling him “anti-semitic.”

Well, the obvious reason is the Democratic party, and the “left” in general, is controlled by Jews. Jewish donors account for nearly 80% of the funding of the DNC. The Republican establishment – nearly half of RNC funding comes from Jewish donors – is well aware of this, including the media control, which is why there is so much over the top support for Israel – a tiny, insignificant state 6,000 miles distant from the United States.

This is why the Jewish music industry goes into conniptions when a guy writes a song about the American flag. Jews hate our culture, they hate our country, and at the bottom of it all, they hate us. As people. They hate us and they want us dead. They constantly attack everything about our country, our religion, our culture, our people. It’s constant, non-stop hate from every Jewish mouthpiece.

The anti-white racial project, in which everyone around the world is called “People of Color” – except for white people who are not Jewish – is led by Jews. Anytime a Black Lives Matter celebrity starts discussing Jews, they are immediately shut down. The only black group a Republican will ever criticize is the Nation of Islam, which is acceptable to oppose because it’s “anti-semitic.”

Ilhan Omar can spew vicious hate speech against white Americans constantly, but only when she criticizes the foreign state of Israel do Republicans immediately jump into action calling her an “anti-semite.” Republicans never breathe a word when she makes anti-white statements.

This is all, quite obviously, a product of Jewish power.

How many more times are you going to hear the phrase abolish whiteness until you understand that what they have in store for us is exactly the scenario in Leather-Jacketed Coke-Snorting Jews in the Soviet Secret Police Torturing, Raping and Killing Gentiles.

So why do they hate us? It is because of their cult religion, which is all based on extreme narcissism and unhinged hatred for the goyim. They indoctrinate their children into this cult – and the modern, secular version of it, the Holocaust Industry.

Their expressions of hatred and contempt for us appear everywhere in culture and politics.

They must be removed from power before they do to us what they did to so many Russians and Ukrainians, and what they are doing to Palestinians, right now, as you are reading this.

The first step is admitting we have a problem and breaking the taboo against discussing Jewish power. Yes, Jonathan Greenblatt at the Anti-Defamation League will call you an “anti-semite.” But they call everybody that. Sing a country song about the American flag, they will call you an anti-semite. That’s just what they do.

They always project their own hatred onto everyone else. It’s just blaming the victim. The dehumanization of white people, using slurs like “racist” and “white supremacist” and the highly anti-white false American history of the 1619 Project are the dehumanization that always precedes genocide.

But you don’t have to believe in the Jewish religion, or in their secularized version of it, in which they are cast as innocent victims of irrational “anti-semitism.”

They are not acting in good faith and you don’t have to act as if they are either.

You can just say no.