Now see, if I told you that Governor Ron DeSantis would hold the first meeting of the Florida cabinet in Israel, you would call me an “anti-semitic conspiracy theorist.” But that is what happened.

DeSantis, Florida Cabinet’s trip to Israel will include top-tier lobbyists, academics — Emily L. Mahoney, May 22, 2019

.TALLAHASSEE — A historic visit to Israel by Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida’s top elected officials will include nearly 100 people, a massive group of top-tier lobbyists, business executives, academics and state lawmakers, who will have extended opportunities to interact far from the public glare. It appears this will be the first time a meeting of the Florida Cabinet will be convened abroad.

DeSantis said Wednesday he will also sign a bill (HB 741) to combat anti-Semitism during the meeting.

First Amendment Foundation President Barbara Petersen, who has questioned why a Cabinet meeting is being held more than 6,000 miles from the state Capitol, called the statement on the agenda “nonsensical” and “meaningless.”

“The Cabinet is a collegial body,” said Petersen, who represents a non-profit that includes the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald. “A meeting is any discussion of public business between two or more members of the Cabinet. I’m totally perplexed by this. But then, I’m perplexed by the whole notion of holding a Cabinet meeting in Israel.

‘Everyone in the Capitol is nervous’: Lawmaker says Florida Republicans fear they’ll be swept up in Matt Gaetz investigation

If I told you that a Jewish Florida politican, Joel Greenberg, was trafficking underage girls and paying them to attend “parties” with unnamed male guests, sneaking into government offices late at night to steal official Florida identification cards, and using state funds to engage in some sort of shady Bitcoin transactions, you’d call me an “anti-semitic conspiracy theorist.”

If I told you that Greenberg was a close associate of Republican Representative Matt Gaetz and he was also under investigation for sexually trafficking underage girls with his friend, Greenberg, you’d call me an “anti-semitic conspiracy theorist.”

If I told you that the guests at these “parties” where underage girls were paid to attend included the top levels of the Florida Republican party, you’d call me an anti-semitic conspiracy theory. But, there it is.

On Sunday evening, Jordan Zarakin of Progressives Everywhere on Substack released an interview with Florida state Rep. Carlos Smith, the first gay Latino member of the Florida legislature, in which they discussed the growing sex trafficking scandal surrounding Rep. Matt Gaetz.

During the segment, Smith noted that the Florida Republican Party, behind the scenes, is terrified that the investigation could sweep up more of their members.

The web of corruption that Matt Gaetz, Joel Greenberg, and [Ron] DeSantis are all wrapped up in is really a web that appears to tie up the entire Republican Party of Florida,” said Smith. “It seems like everyone in the Capitol is nervous about what the next revelation is going to be and who else is implicated in this sweeping saga of corruption that they’ve been a part of for so long.”

Gaetz faces allegations that he transported a 17-year-old girl over state lines for sex acts. Authorities are also reportedly investigating whether drugs or campaign cash were involved in his alleged transactions with women for sex. Greenberg, a former Florida county tax official and close associate of Gaetz, has reportedly been cooperating with the Justice Department since last year.

If I told you that the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, and long time Trump promoter, was in close contact with the Israeli embassy, who was giving him inside information about various things, including the investigations into Greenberg and Gaetz, and that Israelis were blackmailing Gaetz, demanding his father give them millions of dollars to help squash the investigation, you’d call me an “anti-semitic conspiracy theorist.”

But, whoops, there is it.

When did Matt Gaetz know? — Philip Bump, April 7, 2021

In this story’s tight competition for weird plotlines, the likely winner took place away from Gaetz’s apparent knowledge. Between the March 25 “Gaetzgate” tweet and the Times’s first report about the probe, an employee of the Israeli consulate in New York City reportedly contacted the conservative creator of the cartoon “Dilbert” to inform him that Gaetz was under investigation. The American Conservative, a right-wing blog, published the messages, in which the consulate employee told Scott Adams that Gaetz was “the subject of a secret Grand Jury probe of sex with minors” — a claim roughly matching the Times report. That message appears to have been sent March 27.

This story appears to have disappeared. Why wouldn’t the Democratic party aligned media popularize this huge, juicy, clickbait scandal about two of their most hated Republicans?

Oh, yeah, for the same reason they never covered Jared Kushner’s many, many crimes. Because they are working for the foreign state of Israel.