Some silly anarchist site posted my article about the NSA, and I followed some links to this … let’s call him a “commie” although he probably calls himself a “Progressive” … named Matthew N. Lyons that runs a silly blog called “Three Way Fight: AN INSURGENT BLOG ON THE STRUGGLE AGAINST THE STATE AND FASCISM.

Despite being self-important, he is obviously not fighting “against the state” at all, he is literally employed by the state and his entire output is nothing but Democratic party propaganda. One of his patrons is Alexander Macgillivray, whose bio reads thusly:

Alexander “amac” Macgillivray has worked with or supported trust and safety professionals over the last two decades. He was Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States in the Obama administration, General Counsel at Twitter, and Deputy General Counsel at Google. He has processed removal requests, crafted successful and unsuccessful content policies, and reviewed more terrible content than he would like to remember.

So, literally, the Obama administration, Google and Twitter. Literally, the State and Capitalism. Literally a censor working for the State and Big Capital.

But of course Lyons postures as some sort of edgy “anti-statist.” Surely he believes that “Fascism” is the “merger on state and corporate power” – which is based on a quote falsely attributed to Mussolini and on Trotsky’s communist propaganda.

Lyon’s analysis of the “far right” is textbook Obama rhetoric and Trotsky. It’s so predictable at this point I could write this crap myself. Let’s do a bit of analysis of Lyon’s speech to Macgillivray’s conference.

To be clear, this is very much of the “Trump is Hitler and anyone who voted for him is a Fascist” genre.

When I use the term “U.S. far right,” I’m talking about a set of movements defined by two things. First, these movements embrace human inequality as something natural or desirable or inevitable. Second, they reject the legitimacy of the existing U.S. political system.

Let’s address the second point first. Who “reject[s] the legitimacy of the existing U.S. political system?” Well, the Democratic party and its “progressive” movement, for one, who declared that Trump was an “illegitimate” President put into office by Vladimir Putin. They always reject the legitimacy of the U.S. political system when they lose an election, every single time, “Not My President.”

Now to the first part, “embrace human inequality as something natural or desirable or inevitable.” Just like political legitimacy, we see the clear cut patterns of projection by the left. First, what does “human equality” even mean? It’s just a glittering generality. “Equality” is a mathematical concept that literally just means “2 + 2 = 4.” Obviously, human beings cannot be reduced to a math problem. Some people can run faster than others, thus, there is no “human equality” in running. Go through the other features of humanity and it is much the same.

When the American Founding Fathers said “all men are created equal” they were clearly referencing the European aristocracy who claimed a right to rule because of their birth. Generally, North Western Europeans, as Kevin MacDonald noted, are by instinct “egalitarian individualists” so political “egalitarianism” expressed itself in such ways as “equality before the law.”

You see this purposeful misunderstanding when leftists – and conservatives – discuss the Three-Fifths Compromise. This rhetoric is particularly galling, when they say “black people were considered 3/5ths of a human being.” That isn’t even slightly true. The Three-Fifth Compromise determined that for the purposes of the House of Representatives, 3/5ths of the slave population would count toward the proportional representation. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the humanity of African people, none of whom could vote anyway, just like most white people couldn’t vote either.

Just to see how stupid this rhetoric is, if the North had their way, zero percent of the slave population would count towards representation, if the South had their way 100% of the slave population would count toward representation, therefore the slaveholders thought Africans were fully human and the abolitionists though they were not human at all. Libs owned! Democrats are the real racists!

Nobody at all believes that “all human beings are the same” therefore nobody at all believes in “human equality.” It’s a catchphrase for something else. We can see that all leftism in America is based on hatred for, and the desire to politically disenfranchise (and genocide) people racialized as ‘white’ but not ‘Jewish.’ Ashkenazi Jews are white but are not included in the attacks on white people by the left because Ashkenazi Jews are the leaders of American leftism and their interests dominate.

This definition of the far right does a couple of things. First, it emphasizes that the far right encompasses multiple ideologies, because different branches of the far right focus on promoting different forms of inequality.

This is a lie, the opening lie to what will be a long list of lies about the political opponents of “Obama Progressive Democrats” and the Silicon Valley Oligarchy. No one “promotes” inequality. What is being opposed is leftist attempts to disenfranchise – and genocide – people racialized as white but not Jewish under the rubric of “promoting equality.”

White nationalists, for example, focus on race, and promoting a system where people of color are not just subordinated, but more or less completely excluded.

A lie. I’ve been reading “White nationalists” for well over a decade now, and none of them want “people of color” (remember, the term “people of color” means “everyone except for people racialized as white but not Jewish”) “subordinated.” The most extreme White Nationalists want a white ethnostate in the North West that is exclusively the domain of people racialized as white but not Jewish; they do not want other races “subordinated” – they want to be left alone, for obviously good reason, because other races are extremely, well, racist against white people, and none of them have the same instincts of “egalitarian individualism” that white people have, thus, under a system of multi-racialism, white people do not get any reciprocity from the other races.

Surely, the White Nationalists promote a system in which non-whites are excluded, but it is leftists like Lyons himself that want people racialized as white but not Jewish “subordinated.”

But other far right currents don’t address race explicitly, or don’t focus on race at all, because they put other forms of inequality at the center of their politics. The theocratic Christian right is concerned with enforcing gender inequality first and foremost.

A lie; the theocratic Christian right, of which I am very familiar, is not concerned first and foremost with “enforcing gender inequality.” What they want is more-or-less “middle class Anglo-Protestant family and sexual values” to be normative.

Again, the notion of “gender equality” is simply a glittering generality and a kind of motte-and-bailey. If one accepts that men and women are different one accepts that they are “unequal” because things that are not the same are obviously not “equal.”

No one, not even Lyons, actually believe that men and women are “equal.” In fact, all of these leftists who claim they want to “break down social hierarchies” are lying because every policy they promote is meant to establish a social hierarchy in which people who are racialized as ‘white’ but not ‘Jewish’ are at the bottom of the hierarchy. And we can also see that the supposed support for white women is immediately dropped as soon as they have politically divided white men and women; “white feminism” is now considered a form of “white supremacy.”

The Patriot movement includes both white supremacist and theocratic influences, but its unifying theme, I would argue, is about enforcing inequality based on individual property rights.

A lie; the Patriot movement is not based on property rights, but they certainly support property rights. Clearly and obviously, Lyons – betraying his Communist ideology – opposes the property rights of people racialized as white but not Jewish. It is clearly him, and his fellow travelers, that want people racialized as white but not Jewish “subordinated” even to the point of stealing their property. Those who resist, no doubt, he wants in concentration camps before they are killed. We have all seen this movie before.

Here we again see the astonishing projection these people engage in; always accuse your opponents of doing what you yourself are doing.

My definition of the far right also emphasizes that its movements have a contradictory relationship with the established order in the United States. On the one hand, they are about reinforcing and intensifying the systems of social hierarchy and dominance that have always been at the heart of U.S. society. On the other hand, far rightists want to bring about dramatic political and social change, because they believe that the existing political system has failed to protect traditional systems of power and privilege. Far rightists believe that sinister elites are actively working with—or orchestrating—movements to overturn traditional hierarchies, and therefore these elites must be overthrown and the political system must be radically overhauled.

Once thing we can say about Lyons is that while he, like all leftists, reject the legitimacy of the US government whenever the Democratic party loses and election, he has no “contradictory relationship” to the established order; he is their faithful servant, willingly working for the State and Capital by attacking what they perceive to be their greatest threat, Americans racialized as white but not Jewish.

And of course if “far rightists” really do believe that “elites are actively working with—or orchestrating—movements to overturn traditional hierarchies” – they are mostly correct. Lyons himself, employed by the State and Capital, is explicitly doing just that – participating in a movement that wants to “overturn traditional hierarchies.”

But, not quite. That is the rhetoric he uses, of course, but he is in fact working to sustain a very traditional hierarchy, a hierarchy in which power in concentrated in the hands of the State and Capital, and “Jews” (a social construct) are a privileged class. That is a very traditional hierarchy indeed, one that existed in Europe for much of its history.

In 2020, Patriot movement groups, Proud Boys, and other far rightists carried out a wave of physical attacks, including murder, against Black Lives Matter protesters.

Against, projection and a complete reversal of reality. White Trump supporters were the victims of numerous physical assaults by non-whites and leftists starting at his earliest campaign rallies; we’ve all seen the videos. Black Lives Matter and Antifa have a long record of extreme violence – to include dozens of murders – since the Trump campaign began in 2016. The violence coming from the “far right” has been minimal, to include, what, three? killings all examples of clear self defense and in one case, an obvious accident. Not a single murder.

After November 3rd, Trump’s false and baseless claim that the presidential election had been stolen was embraced by tens of millions of people.

Please note, the man who claims to be an “insurgent” struggling against the “state” is using a propaganda phrase taken directly from the state itself. This writer makes no claim at all that the election was “stolen” from Trump, but note that this is yet another example of projection, it was the leftists that made the false and baseless claim that the election was stolen from Hillary Clinton by “Russian hackers” – a ludicrous lie treated as obvious truth by the Democratic party, the State’s “intelligence community” and the entire Capitalist media.

President Biden and his allies, with support from the security agencies, are promoting a struggle against so-called domestic extremists on both the right and the left—a framework that falsely equates fascists and anti-fascists, racists and anti-racists.

Another bald-faced lie. Biden has openly praised Antifa and even used their propaganda phrase that it is “an idea not an organization.” The Biden administration – in fact, the Trump administration – has not once opposed Antifa or restricted their activities in any way. The FBI has not arrested a single Antifa for anything, and the Trump fans who protested at the Capitol on January 6 have gotten the exact opposite treatment – extreme state repression – from the hands-off approach, and official assistance, that Antifa has received for the last five years.

some far rightists—notably the boogaloo movement—are trying to form alliances with leftists against the state, while other far rightists dismiss the left as adjuncts of the Democratic Party

Now this is quite telling, isn’t it? The “boogaloo movement” – to the extent it even exists – is a FBI front group meant to entrap people racialized as white but not Jewish, using the same tactics the FBI used against Muslims in America during the “War on Terror.”

It’s also quite an obvious truth that the left is nothing but an adjunct of the Democratic Party; Antifa is led by the children of Democratic party politicians, it is an arm of the state, literally state-sponsored terrorists staffed by members of the government and their families.

The problem is that the Reactionaries take these leftists at face value. They claim they are “egalitarian” therefore to fight them they must be “anti-egalitarian.” They claim to be anti-fascist, so to fight them you must be fascist. They take ever leftist claim at face value and then think that since the leftists are wrong, the opposite must be true.

There are so many things wrong with that, but the first mistake is taking these leftist claims at face value. They do not work towards “human equality.” They do not “oppose the state.” They do not believe in equal rights for white women. They do not want to eliminate “social hierarchies.”

As we can see, a huge amount of their rhetoric is projecting onto “the right” their own ideology and accusing their opponents of what they themselves are doing. They are also obviously not opposed to the State and Capitalism – they are literally employees of the State and Capitalists.

How many times do they have to say “eliminate whiteness” before it becomes quite obvious they are actively working to genocide people racialized as white but not Jewish? How many more white people do they have to beat and murder before their message is received, loud and clear?

This guy Michael Lyon is nothing but a hack working for the State and Capitalism, posturing as some sort of “dissident.” He’s obviously an intelligent guy, so he knows he is lying. He is acting in bad faith. Of course, someone who is trying to murder you is going to lie to you, too.