The concepts of “right” and “left” barely mean anything anymore, if they ever really did. I have always considered myself to be more or less a “liberal” – not by ideology, simply by instinct. I like the concepts of “traditional English liberties” such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

My thoughts about economics are far more nuanced. People spend most of their waking lives engaged in the exchange of labor, thus, if you have some sort of centralized system of the political economy you are simply making slaves of everyone. Nevertheless, I have always simply reject, by instinct, “Reaganomics” as the obvious fraud that it is. I don’t have particularly strong opinions on, say, “socialized health care” but I just rolled my eyes at the Tea Party types freaking out about “Obamacare.” So I will simply position myself as a “moderate” on the economy.

Apparently, however, I am actually “the Far Right” for reasons I hardly understand. I didn’t even vote for Trump, and spent the last five years calling out his direct ties to Jewish organized crime and the Likud party. I really only ever engaged with various “right-wing” authors simply because they were the only ones saying anything that had even a passable relationship to observable reality. But nevertheless, I’m “Trump adjacent” therefore I’m “Far Right” to these lunatics I don’t even know what to call. The “Far Left?” There is certainly nothing “leftist” about their economic ideas – they don’t even have any economic ideas other than some vague, limited support for the welfare state. Their entire ideology is basically “anti-whiteness” even though most of them are white themselves. A huge, huge part of it is simply traditional Jewish hatred for the goyim, but most of them are not Jewish either.

Matthew Lyons’ review of Robyn Marasco’s “Reconsidering the Sexual Politics of Fascism” is a great example of these people’s analyses. Perhaps the best way to understand it is simply projection, which appears to be endemic among these people.

Immediately, this phrase stuck out to me:

the far right’s … calls to subordinate all relationships to the demands of the state

In what universe is any “Far Right” anything calling to subordinate all relationships to the demand of the state? In fact, name a single “left-wing” movement in America that is NOT calling to subordinate even personal, sexual relationships to the demands of the state? Indeed, that is a key feature of their own movement, which they project onto their perceived enemies, the “white supremacists, militia men, and proud boys.”

Of course, Trotsky was referring to Mussolini, but the readers of Trotsky simply ignore the actual, specific case of Italy, which was hardly ever, throughout history, a unified state, and had institutions, such as the Church, that were often more powerful than the state itself. Hence, Mussolini’s “statist” ideology. But the situation in Italy, at that time, is not some “universal thing.”

As mentioned before, this is simply Trotsky with a little bit of Freud thrown in. Trotsky’s pamphlet, a trite little piece of Communist propaganda, is taken as gospel for these people. Trotsky’s analysis of “fascism” was, frankly, a little bit correct but mostly wrong. It was propaganda, explicitly, never a serious analysis. Yet, it is the founding document of these people today. They – like the Communists before them – have an Antifascist hammer, thus everything around them is a Fascist nail.

It is astonishingly shallow, unbelievably trite, yet it is taken quite seriously in the mainstream establishment of the US.

The Freudian analysis is also quite telling. Freud was a pseudo-scientific quack, a fraud, and a con man. No one in real psychology or medicine takes him at all seriously, but the left wing cranks surely do. Due to the very high incidence of sexual molestation of Jewish girls by their fathers, Freud – knowing who paid the bills – made up the extremely ridiculous theory that little girls all want to have sex with their fathers, so if a little girl was complaining about being molested by her father, it was just fantasy.

Yes, he was literally paid to say this by child molesters.

Really, you should be proud, Progressives, for continuing this tradition.

The Freudian analysis of “fascism” is similarly a mix of complete nonsense and a huge amount of projection. The infamous Authoritarian Personality was similarly a piece of Jewish – not “just” Zionist, but Jewish – racial hate propaganda against “the goyim” in which they did a huge amount of projection of their own authoritarian and totalitarian ideologies on to “the goyim.” Yet, even non-Jewish leftists take this as gospel, despite their being zero proof of any of it, and a lot of evidence to the contrary.

The infamous film, a leftist classic, Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, came from the mind of two men, both of whom were far leftists. Marquis de Sade was a far-left French revolutionary and a life-long leftist. The director of the film, Pier Paolo Pasolini, was a Communist. The film purports to be an expose of “fascist sexuality” but it is nothing but the leftist sexual imagination projected onto their enemies.

Indeed, it is hard to not notice how much of these sexual fantasies about “fascists” are masochistic and submissive fantasies created about the “right-wingers” who feature in them. That says far more about “the left” than it does right-wingers.

Stalag was written by Jews and was hugely popular in Israel until they banned it. The plot lines were all the same, Jewish men being sexually tortured by buxom blonde “Nazis.” Again, it takes no great analysis to see this for what it is, and it takes a whole lot of gibberish to obscure the obvious.

Can we comprehend a political situation in which Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) do the bidding of religious fundamentalists and cultural nationalists? Will we grasp why trans liberation is not only a feminist but also an antifascist project?”

What is there even to say? In this one particular case, the “TERFs” are obviously correct. Teen girls who decide they are “trans” are typically either budding butch lesbians, or just girls reacting to the over-sexualization of the culture, and pornography culture, both projects of the left, not the right, and specifically, Jewish anti-fascists, as they themselves proudly proclaim to anyone who will listen..

As for men claiming to be women, every single time the concept of autogynophilia is discussed, it is claimed to have zero relationship, except virtually all of them “admit” to autogynophilia all the time. If they say it, it’s “lived experience” if you say it, it’s “transphobic.”

“Her writing has been rightly criticised for its neglect of the powers and privileges that give white women a significant stake in white supremacy…. [Yet in Right-wing Women] she recognizes that ‘female antifeminism’ takes shape in opposition to the interests of Black women, lesbian women, trans women, poor women, all sorts of women for whom the protections of the patriarchal family are unavailable.”

Notice “poor women” in there, as if poor white women can’t get married and have families due to “patriarchy.” Leftism is an elitist project, funded by upper class capitalists, staffed by the professional class, yet they all posture as if they care for the poor when they cannot hide their contempt and hatred for the working class they pretend to advocate for. This is simply lies on top of lies, and quite obvious lies, too. One assumes that is why these leftists are so long-winded, it takes a lot of words to obscure obvious truths.

The martyrdom of Ashli Babbitt,” Marasco notes, “underscores Macciocchi’s argument about a ‘death drive’ at the root of fascism and its peculiar expressions in women.

Give me a fucking break.

In particular, along with the usual suspects of white nationalists and Proud Boys, Patriot groups and QAnon conspiracists, I believe it’s also important to include the hardline wing of the Christian right—direct descendant of Andrea Dworkin’s “Ultra-Right”—whose goal of a full-blown theocracy is every bit as authoritarian and dangerous as calls for a white ethnostate.

What do you know, it’s 1980, and Jerry Falwell, when he isn’t flying in the private jet he was gifted by the Israelis in return for shilling for Zionism, is out there trying to establish a “Christian Theocracy” by suggesting that pornography is bad for children.

In New Apostolic Reformation, a powerful theocratic network within the Christian right, patriarchal traditionalism coexists uneasily with calls to “empower” women, some of whom are among the network’s top leaders.

Lies. New Apostolic Reformation is a fringe group of preachers struggling to keep the money coming in as Evangelical Christianity increasingly shrinks numerically.

More broadly, the far right promotes and feeds on both conformity and rebelliousness, because it embodies a contradictory relationship with the established order. It wants to bolster and intensify social hierarchies, but it challenges established elites and attacks political and cultural structures that it believes stand in the way of its supremacist (or genocidal) goals.

Here, again, the crystal clear example of projection. It is the New Left, the Social Justice Warriors, the “woke” types, that “wants to bolster and intensify social hierarchies,” indeed, it is their obsession. Racial and sexual hierarchies are at the very core of their entire project, and they are constantly engaged in a low level civil war over each subgroup’s place in their “Hierarchy of Oppression.”

To defeat the far right, the left needs to take “female antifeminism” seriously and counter it with a genuine and militant feminist politics.

Yes, to be led by people assigned male at birth who are now women. You just can’t make this shit up.

You know, there’s a certain stereotype about “homophobic men” that exists for a reason. There are men who seem to have homosexual tendencies themselves that are often the most virulent and outspoken homophobes. Although not particularly “virulent” a good example might be the former Pope himself. It is what it is.

Again, I have always basically considered myself to be a typical libtard, not really by ideology but really just instinct. So most of my life I’ve run in social circles that are all more or less liberal, some quite left-leaning, “progressive.” I’ve also run in the “BDSM circles” enough that I can make some observations about them.

The “Professional” Doms (obviously, women do not pay them money but it’s more than just a ‘hobby’) are, to a man, outspoken, self-identified feminists. The subbie gals that go to them, to a woman, are self-identified feminists.

One of the most common women’s sexual fantasies is being “married off” to a rich and powerful man, against her will. There is a very deep and wide masochistic streak to virtually all (at least white) women’s sexuality. Everyone knows it.

So it is simply impossible to not notice how, like the homophobics, certain feminist women with their talk of “rape culture” and “male oppression” are quite often – just like the homophobes – suppressing something inside themselves. Thus, they project outward their own desires and fears.

No less than celebrity Leftist Noam Chomsky complained that the “left” which is supposed to be anti-authoritarian seems to draw so many outrageously authoritarian people. Well, Noam, it seems quite obvious to me why it does, because it is, and always has been, an authoritarian and totalitarian movement that attracts sociopathic sadists and meglomaniacal narcissists.

Upon her death, a feminist writer noted that some of Andrea Dworkin’s own writing bordered on erotica, and even said sometimes reading her she wondered, “am I supposed to be masturbating right now?”

As far as I can tell, the entire “far left” to include frankly rather mainstream people, project their own project of a radical authoritarian, totalitarian police state on to the “right.” They project their own fanatical religiosity on rural white Christians. They project their own sexual sadism and masochism on “Nazis” whom they literally write S&M fiction about.

Who do these people think they are kidding? Apparently, only themselves.

It’s trite to say it, but it is true. Antiracists are the “real racists.” Antifascists are the “real fascists.” Jews are the real Nazis. Feminists are the real misogynists. Left wing “male feminists” are the real sexual assaulters and abusers.

Normal men and women continue to have normal intimate relationships, with diverse dynamics, even as these left-wing fanatics point and sputter. They cannot have normal relationships with people because they are bad people with personality disorders, narcissistic sociopathy, and totalitarian agendas.

They are a hate movement, full stop. Which is why they are always projecting that hate onto everyone else.

There is something called The Theory of Bullshit. It takes far more time and energy to debunk bullshit than it does to create it. Which is probably why the left wing spends so much time writing utter bullshit.