Adam Smith of the Myth of the 20th Century podcast mentions my theory about why, and how, the CIA is using “LGBT rights” to recruit “gay networks” in foreign countries. The rainbow flag on the embassies act as a sort of beacon.

In cultures where homosexuals tend to be “closeted” a gay man could make an excellent spy. He already leads a sort of “double life” and he knows how to keep secrets. Gay men are practiced at arranging clandestine meetings. And the appeal of American “freedom” and the purported support of the US for reforming politics in their home country could be powerful inducements.

As the Cambridge Five were mentioned, I don’t know anything about Soviet policy towards homosexuality at the time. Maclean, Burgess, and Blunt were homosexual or bisexual, Philby was not; but relatedly he married a Jewish woman. Nolen referenced someone claiming that powerful narcissist men often attract a group of gay sycophants. Cairncross, not gay. The group apparently had Marxist sympathies since university.

There is plenty of reason to believe that Victor Rothschild was running the whole ring, and burned them when he stopped cooperating with the Soviet Union due to a change in Israeli policy and alignment.

Of course it’s called the Cambridge Five because those were the ones that were caught, it likely should have been called the Cambridge Five Plus.

It’s also probably worth noting that we have this confluence between Jews, Zionism, leftist ideologies, and sexual non-conformity. One gets the sense the Cambridge Five – along with Rothschild – would feel quite at home in the Biden administration.

I remember reading 20 years ago that gays were heavily over-represented at State.

Indeed, a gay diplomat having official cover would be perfect CIA. You go to the gay bars and recruit, and depending on the legality in the particular country, your official cover just means at worst you get sent home.

I’m sure this understanding among diplomats and spies goes back a long way.