All “conspiracy theories” exist for a reason. They typically are not true in and of themselves, but they always point to something quite real.

A lot of the times people are witnessing the emergent behavior in a complex system and personalize that into a “conspiracy.” Then, the people engaging in that behavior point to the people noticing it and say, “that’s a conspiracy theory.”

There is some saying when someone rises in any bureaucracy they will come to believe there exists an internal “conspiracy” against the goals of the bureaucracy itself. Typically, though, this is actually just a form of emergent behavior and conflicting interests.

There exists in the FBI something people have called the “Mormon Mafia.” Mormons are very overrepresented in the FBI and in intelligence circles generally. A while back a group of non-Mormon FBI officers sued, claiming their Mormon superiors were actively discriminating against non-Mormons – and they apparently won the lawsuit.

Of course, there was no “Mormon Council” that got together and “conspired” to discriminate. In individual cases, one of the Mormon officers may not even be conscious of his own nepotism.

Ron Unz documented a similar phenomenon in the Ivy League universities, and gave a lot of hard numbers proving it. All but one of the Ivies have Jewish presidents, Jews are vastly overrepresented in the management, and Jews are given entrance into the Ivies far, far in excess of what their objective grades would suggest. There is an active discrimination against non-Jewish whites – and Asians – by the Jewish management of the schools.

Of course when it’s pointed out, the Jewish management will cry “anti-semitic conspiracy theories!” There’s no “Elders of Zion” council telling the Jewish management what to do. It’s old fashioned nepotism and Jewish ethnocentrism.

I was just kidding with the Thomas Hobbes and John Calvin thing. I mean the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. Probably the greatest of the genre, it was so great because it truly captured the spirit of a young boy. My favorite gag they did was when Calvin would ask hid Dad something and his Dad would tell him something ridiculous. If I recall correctly, they are at the ATM and Calvin asks, “where does money come from?” Then his dad tells him, “I punch the numbers in the machine, and there’s a trained money inside the box that counts out the money and pushes it through the slot. That’s also how the garage door works, there’s a trained monkey in the garage.”

And Calvin goes, “huh, neat!”

Of course Calvin believes it because he’s a kid, he doesn’t know anything, and children naturally trust adults. But it’s far more than “just” trusting the information they are given. I read a fascinating piece from a mother about how to raise children to do their chores. She pointed out, when she is doing housework, her daughter of course wants to “help” her, but her natural reaction is to stick her in front of the TV and just get it done without interference.

But she pointed out that’s the wrong way to do it. Even if the chores takes twice as long, you let the child “help” because first, they want to, and second, it trains them to think it’s “natural” to do these chores. So as they get older, not only can they actually “help” – or even do the chores themselves – you no longer have to “make” them do it, because they take it as simply normal, that is “what people do.” They don’t even think about it.

Human beings are very much not a “blank slate” but nevertheless how children are raised has a significant influence on the rest of their lives. In the Striker article someone posted, it was shown that the “Frankfurt School” Jews absolutely believe that children should be exposed to sexuality as early as possible. They believe that this will lead to whites who are not “authoritarian” and “anti-semitic.”

But of course non-Jewish whites are scandalized by this – rightly – but of course when they point to the Jews doing this, they are met with cries on “anti-semitic conspiracy theories!”

Whether children exposed to sexuality very early do turn out “less authoritarian” I don’t know. But you can absolutely change the very nature of a society by how children are raised and indoctrinated.

Nolen points to a “subculture” at the very heights of European governments that are influnced by “Hermeticism.” I’ve witnessed an astonishing presence of “cults” with extremely direct ties to the intelligence agencies. These are different, but related, phenomena.

The scandal of “The Finders” from the 1980’s was dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” but the documents show quite clearly what was going on. There was a “cult” practicing “an alternative lifestyle” that was populated not just with employees of the Central Intelligence Agency itself, but their for-profit arm was actually contracting with the CIA to provide “computer training.” What was found was a kind of “early private Internet” that had nodes all over the world and even a professional level Television studio – all this in the 1980’s when such things were cutting edge.

So the story goes in that the local police witnessed two adult men and a bunch of children in a public park in Florida. The children looked disheveled, were covered in bug bites, and were clearly being either neglected or abused.

So as the police investigated, they also came across a video with a bunch of adult men in “white robes” and a bunch of children engaging in a “ritual” in which they killed a pregnant goat and cut out the fetus of the foal.

Of course this would be written off as “Satanic panic” – yet, there’s the video evidence.

Eventually the larger “cult” was discovered. Not only did they have an office in downtown Washington DC, they even had a compound in Northern Virginia, and the whole thing was run by people with clear and obvious connections to the CIA.

There were dozens of articles written about this, and a couple of features in the DC City Paper trying to paper over the whole thing. One member explained that, yes, it’s an “alternative lifestyle community” and while it’s weird to you you’re weird to us. The goat slaughtering, well, that was just teaching the children about “life on the farm.”

At first people assumed it was some sort of pedophilia thing, that the children were being sexually abused of trafficked. However my hunch is what we are really witnessing is a “cult” – a CIA created “cult” – that engages in a form of “trauma-based mind control” on children. This abuse induces in children certain psychological traits that CIA finds useful in “agents.”

And of course, the children are indoctrinated in some sort of “religion” and will, of course, believe it, because children will believe anything the adults tell them. They are likely raised to have certain beliefs that will prevent them from expressing publically what they experienced, and even if they somehow broke the “mind control” – no one would believe them anyway!

The children likely don’t even know who they are working for nor do they know the connection to CIA.

The CIA projects MK-Ultra, Artichoke, and Bluebird are documented – we have hard proof of what they were doing. They were also doing horrific experiments on children, trying to make “brainwashed” moles and the like.

They also constantly complained that they didn’t have enough subjects.

So, if you don’t have enough subjects, you can always birth your own.

Hence, the preponderance of “cults” that surround the intelligence agencies.

And this system goes back to early British intelligence, at least. But if you go through history, you see such things all the time. Think Janissaries.

While in the case of the Finders we find a very direct connection to the CIA itself, as in the people who work in the Bush building in Langley. But often we tend to use the term “CIA” kind of loosely. We probably need to find some word for the larger network of people stood up by FDR in the OSS days to fight World War II.

You know, all those “conspiracy theories” about Hollywood. Poor Britney Spears, she was brainwashed in the Mickey Mouse club and pimped out to the elites, then her brainwashing slipped and now they have her on some sort of weird “conservatorship” and she isn’t even allowed to have her IUD taken out so she can have another baby. She isn’t even allowed to retire – she is, in fact, a slave.

So … ask yourself … considering what is absolutely documented in other cases … is that story really so wrong? Is it really so off? There’s clearly, obviously, something happening that is quite sinister. While the “casting couch” is somewhat of an “emergent behavior” a lot of what we witness is absolutely people conspiring.