I don’t particularly have too much to say about the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir’s smash hit, “We Are Coming For Your Children” in and of itself. It is what it is. It is exactly what it appears to be. Everyone knows it, but it’s one of those things that is just extremely taboo, because – like race – once the taboo gets broken, well, the war breaks out.

All I’ll say is that it really pays to take a bit of advice from traditional Chinese philosophy:

Confucius was asked what he would do if he was a governor. He said he would “rectify the names” to make words correspond to reality. The phrase has now become known as a doctrine of feudal Confucian designations and relationships, behaving accordingly to ensure social harmony. Without such accordance society would essentially crumble and “undertakings would not be completed.” Mencius extended the doctrine to include questions of political legitimacy.


In medicine, they use a phrase, “men who have sex with men.” The reason they use this phrase is because they were treating all these men with venereal diseases. They would ask these guys, “so are you gay? Because I’m seeing a lot of gay men come in with these diseases” and the guys would say, “hell no I ain’t no fucking fa**got how dare you! I have a girlfriend!”

No one has to ask about women, bisexual women, or lesbians … because it’s irrelevant and men and women are not “opposites.” Therefore, lesbians are not the “opposite” of gays.

This is a one hundred percent true fact. I was told of this by an eyewitness, and I personally read a couple of editorials in the newspapers regarding this subject.

Sometime in the mid 1990’s, there was a “protest” held at a Protestant Church in the city of San Francisco. Some pastor had been accused of “hate speech” for a sermon that was “homophobic.” So the LGBT – or, to be more precise, Gay Males, held a protest in front of the church on Sunday morning. And one of the things they started chanting was, “We Want Your Children!”

This caused quite a scandal even in “LGBT activist circles.” Some of them were like, this is a really bad look guys, let’s not do this. The other ones were like, no, these people are haters, we DO have to convert their children so the next generation isn’t homophobic.

Homosexuality is actually a complex set of behaviors. Not all people are “exclusively homosexual.” Not all homosexuals engage in the same sexual acts.

My wife made me watch this TV series about four gay men in Pittsburgh called “Queer As Folk.” I have to admit, after the first episode I actually thought it was really quite interesting – the acting was good, the script was good, and the message was utterly subversive.

It’s a typical story, young blonde 16 year old “twink” boy is clashing with his father and “coming out” as gay. He runs away to the gay disco and gets picked up by a 30 year old. They go back to his house and he asks his age, playing a “guessing game” starting at 20 and counting down to 16. Then the “twink” admits he has just run away from home. So the 30 year old says, ok, I can’t have sex with you because that would be exploitative, so you sleep on the couch. Here’s a blanket, don’t jerk off on it.

Remember – this was made in the 1990’s. It’s based on a British show in which the “twink” wasn’t 16, he was 14. But just like the movie Lolita, they upped the age two years because Americans wouldn’t put up with it.

So the next day, they start having sex, and then the 16 year old “comes out” to everyone by taking the 30 year old to the prom. There is the gay dancing scene, then the “homophobic” football player – who previously had seduced the 16 year old in the locker room – runs up and punches the 16 year old.

The next day the 30 year old’s car has been vandalized by someone spray painting “fa**ot” on it, and they drive to the hospital where the 30 year old’s lesbian ex-girlfriend is having his baby – he impregnated her via artificial insemination – and he has to stop his ex-girlfriend’s Jewish lesbian girlfriend who will be the “father” from circumcising the baby. The 30 year old says, “my son is only one day old and they are already trying to change him.”

Again – it was a really great show. Quite interesting, good acting, fascinating plot, and utterly subversive and degenerate. Scary, in fact.

So the director of that TV show about the family of undertakers, who is himself a homosexual, criticized the makers of “Queer As Folk” for depicting all the gay men in the show all constantly having anal sex and always pushing the line on having sex with younger and younger boys. The makers of “Queer As Folk” responded, saying, “if you want to watch a TV show about gay men committing suicide, watch his show. If you want to watch a show about gay men fucking and having fun, watch our show.”

They even did an entire episode on “Queer As Folk” about the incident and did a rather hilarious bit about “respectable gays” vs. “subversive gays” and essentially calling the “respectable” ones a bunch of hypocrites.

There is a difference between “homosexual” and “gay.” Take the gay cowboy film, I forget the name, which was directed by the Asian guy who did “The Ice Storm.”

I have to digress, I quite liked “The Ice Storm” and the greatest and funniest scene is when the two couples are going to the “key party” – old fashioned “wife swapping” – and the wife sees her Episcopal minister there. He is this long haired, “liberal” and “modern” touchy-feely kind of guy.

The wife says, “Father, I’m surprised to see you here.”

He says, in a self-important, “spiritual” and “empathetic” kind of tone, “Sometimes, sister, the shepherd needs the company of the sheep.”

The wife says, “I don’t even WANT to think about the implications of that!”


OK so the point of the “gay cowboy” movie is that those two guys had no connection to the “LGBT movement” and no connection to “gay culture.” They were “in the wild” so to speak.

There is a real difference between “men who have sex with men” – either exclusively or “bisexually” – and “gay men” in the “gay culture” that are part of “LGBT.” As we can see, there are now lots of just regular straight girls claiming to be “Queer” and pretty actresses putting on a baseball cap and claiming they are now “transgender men.”

For years, there’s been a hilarious thing called “lesbian until graduation.” You know, some gal kisses another gal at a frat party while all the guys are cheering, and feels up her boobs once. She actually isn’t particularly interested in having a boyfriend yet, so she says she’s a lesbian. Then, she meets a guy and turns straight again. Or she’s “bisexual.”

Or, as the gals told me in my misspent youth, they are “bi-sensual.” That means, sure, they will kiss and feel each other up – especially since it turns you on so much – but they aren’t going to like, become a carpet muncher.

In my day, there was a hipster film about it called “Chasing Amy” which was ok – not great, but ok. Kevin Smith. The gal gets drunk and has a threesome, gets “slut shamed,” so becomes a lesbian, but then meets Ethan Hawke (the celebrity I most resemble according to two different women) who turns her straight. When she admits it to her gaggle of lesbian friends, one says, “well – there goes another one!”


Look, folks – no one makes you read this blog. I’m not in any fucking “movement” and I’m not advocating any sort of political change or reform. I’m simply writing for my own amusement and because writing helps me put my own thoughts in order and understand the things I have observed in this life.

I write all the time about the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell thing because it is directly tied to the 9/11 cover up and the Israel lobby and espionage and intelligence agencies. Personally, I am outraged by the sexual exploitation of young girls – and adult women. They are my mothers, my sisters, my wives, and my daughters. They are “my people” and I don’t like seeing them abused.

But of course nor am I naive about women; women use their sexuality in an instrumental way all the time. Notions of “consent” are notoriously vague; prostitution is not only the oldest profession, it’s also one of the most common women’s sexual fantasies.

I read the neo-reactionary Jim Donald with a mix of interest in some of his analysis and horror at some of his claims. Yes – of course – little girls “flirt” with adult men all the time. How do normal men react? They find it adorable. They find it cute. They smile, and say, “well aren’t you pretty” and things like that.

But no normal man finds that behavior “seductive” because normal men are not sexually aroused by nine year old girls. What kind of man does find that behavior “seductive?” A pedophile, that’s who – and no one else.

The cult of personality around Jim Donald’s blog has what they call the “little girl pill.” You know, it’s like “the red pill” on race, or the “Jewish pill” on the “JQ” or the “woman pill” on the differences between men and women.

To join Jim Donald’s cult of personality, you get a test on the “little girl pill” and if you don’t claim that little girls seduce adult men then you aren’t properly “based” and you aren’t a real “reactionary.”

As I’ve been outlining in the “Right-Wing Occult Sexual Imperialism” posts, these cults of personality are essentially narcissists all giving each other “narcissistic supply” – and only a narcissist, who is also a pedophile, would claim that it’s the children seducing the adult. That is exactly what actual pedophiles say, and no one else does.

So it’s fucking obvious what those people are.

Pedophilia is at the heart of “Queer Theory” – it is literally all about normalizing “pederasty” which is a mix of homosexual pedophilia and homosexual “almost pedophilia.” It is the center of the “woke” movement.

Literally, the NAMBLA people – were absolutely mainstream in the “LGBT” movement, until the lesbians – many of whom were molested by just such people – and the saner males said, “no we can’t do this.”

Harry Hay, the Jewish Communist gay activist, was angry and when he was named the leader of a gay pride parade, infamously wore a sign saying “NAMBLA Walks With Me.”

Not all homosexual men are pederasts or pedophiles. But a LOT of them are. There is clearly and obviously a kind of “cycle of abuse” where someone who is abused as a child grows up and “acts out” on children. Anyone who denies it is lying and acting in very bad faith.

In the previous article about the 13 year old girl who “acted out” in front of her mother’s friends – that is a clear cut sign of sexual abuse.

The most famous of the women testifying about the Epstein ring is Virginia Roberts, and what really broke the scandal was the picture of her, at 17, with Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew. Normal men can look at Virginia Roberts at 17 years old and think, “wow, she’s sexy.” That does not mean it would be in any way moral to seduce her or have sex with her – it is absolutely immoral to basically bribe her with money for sex. Nor is it particularly normal to obsess over “jailbait.”

Narcissists are attention-seekers and have a need for constant flattery – thus, they are easy to manipulate, you just pay attention to them and flatter them. It’s a story as old as time, the king is surrounded by a court full of suck-ups and flatterers. No one comes out and says to Bill Gates, dude, you’re being an asshole and this idea is stupid. No, because he is powerful, he is surrounded by “yes men” that tell him what a genius he is – even when he is being stupid and clueless and making a mistake. It’s a problem in human relations as old as time.

Look – human sexuality is complex and in a sense it is at the heart of humanity itself – of course – it is the evolutionary imperative. It’s long been said that all art, to include music, etc., is men wooing women. Like in the Dead Poet’s Society, it is why men write poetry. In animal terms, it’s all just a mating call. Because humans have a really big frontal cortex, we can endlessly elaborate on it and abstract it.

What you are seeing with the Gay Men’s Chorus and their song is a cult. Not all homosexual men are “culturally gay” and even most of them that are are not “activists.” What you are witnessing is a mix of things: homosexual men, many of them pedophiles and pederasts obsessed with “jailbait,” people who have based their entire identity around sexual non-conformism – AND a bunch of narcissists acting as a cult.

Just as Nolen said, these cultists are “power-seekers” and these gay pedophile activists are, in a sense, imperialists that really DO “want your children.”

For sex? Absolutely. Also, for narcissistic supply, for the thrill of having ultimate power over a “slave.” That is absolutely what “gay marriage” and “gay adoption” are all about. I followed a link to the LGBT site The Advocate and they had an article on “Gay Dads” and the picture illustrating the post was two adult men and three little boys – all shirtless – hugging each other. It is absolutely “pedophile” and everyone knows it.

They are “rubbing your face in it” for the same reason that the winning tribe humiliates the losing tribe in a war. They are doing it for the same reason that the Soviet troops gang raped as many German women as they could – and they probably made the German fathers watch. That is the entire point of the “humiliation ritual.”

There’s a great hipster pop song by a band called “Custom” titled, “Hey Mister.” It is a wry mix of sinister seduction and gloating – and the video also manages to be quite romantic. Some lyrics:


Hey Mister I really like your daughter,
I'd like to eat her like ice cream
Maybe dip her in chocolate

Hey Mister on your way to work
In your Volvo, suit, and tie
We'll, be crawling in your bed soon
Messing around, maybe getting hot

It's not what ya did,
It's not what ya didn't
God gave her a perfect body
And now I'm all up in it.

It's not she's a tramp.
It's not she's not pure.
She just likes getting her fuck on,
And it's good one of that I'm sure

Hey Mister I really like your daughter.
When I'm horny like thirsty
She's a bottle of water.

Hey Mister how'd it get so bad
You raised her so well
And now she's calling me dad
In the back seat naked of a new Volkswagen
The perfect little gift for high school graduation.

I can't lie I have to tell the truth
Man to man mister it's all a total spoof
Your daughter's a freak
Your daughter's a pro
When I'm done with her
She'll do one of your bros

I hope I never have a daughter
I hope I never have a daughter
I hope I never have a daughter
I hope I never have a daughter

Part of my gimmick has always been “BDSM.” I lie through my teeth pretending to be a “dom” but frankly I find the entire “BDSM subculture” to be ugly and freakish. Nevertheless, it’s totally true – most women, hell all women as far as I can tell, really do get off on a Dominant/Submissive kind of dynamic. 50 Shades was a best seller for a reason; they all want you to tie them up, blindfold them, spank them, pull their hair, “ravish” them.

Orgasm, at the end of the day, is really just caused by friction on the penis and clitoris. But obviously, human sexuality is far more complex than that. Sexuality exists at the base of the lizard brain, and also in the “higher” level frontal cortex.

Remember the old saying? “A fat girl is like a moped, it’s fun to ride but you don’t want your friends to see you on one.” Clearly, that’s an ego thing more than it is a sexual thing.

“LGBT” – to be distinguished from “homosexuality” – is a kind of imperialism. That is why the US State Department pushes “LGBT culture” so much.

These San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir people also want your children for the same reason that the “activist teachers” pushing “Critical Race Theory” want your children, to brainwash them into their ideology. Because what they are after is power – power over other human beings. It’s a basic human desire that expresses itself in all sorts of ways.

And if you have someone who is both sociopathic and also sadistic you are dealing with a very, very dangerous person.

They are a “cult.” It IS a religion, and “wokeness” and “leftism” – and the “Neo-Reaction” and plenty of “right-wing ideologies” are also religions, and also cults.

Remember – to our dismay – sociopaths are more charismatic and more sexy than normal people.

Scary, isn’t it?

Hide your kids, hide your wife, they are coming. It’s not a joke.

No one said it would be easy.

Totally related: another video by Imperial Teen, called “Yoohoo,” the theme song to an old 90’s movie with the actress – and now famous “#MeToo” activist, Rose McGowan.

It’s great art – it’s all about “kink” – BDSM – both in an obvious sense, but also with all sorts of subtle clues that most people will miss.

Remember what Nolen said, there is a European “subculture” that has been nurtured at the highest levels of European governments. It’s all about narcissism which is why it manifests as a “cult.” A major feature of the narcissist’s power-seeking is sexual power over others.

And there is also a feature of a sort of “Duper’s Delight” and “Revelation of the Method” thing. That is why the entertainment industry – which is “social pacification” and a major important part of the “Deep State” – puts all of these “occult themes” that so many “conspiracy theorists” freak out about.

Think about advertising. Isn’t consumer capitalism ALL about inducing narcissism in people and then manipulating them to purchase products?

The Cult – the Deep State – it is all power-seeking narcissist sociopaths and they think that you are an inferior if you aren’t one.

Remember Philip K. Dick’s Electric Sheep? The androids hated the religion of Human Empathy? They didn’t even believe that empathy existed, it was just a human bigotry against androids.

Do you see it yet?